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The Ultimate Grade 1 Back To School Supplies [Final List]

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Time  flies isn’t it? And with kids, the speed just doubles up. From a toddler to playschool and now to first grade. You must be feeling overwhelmed by this quick growth of your baby.

1st grade is the first step of a child to an academic world. Kids are somewhat nervous about this new year. Prepare him in the best way possible. And preparation for stationery? leave it on us.

We are here to assist you. We have created a detailed grade 1 school supply list. Just grab this listicle and go on for a back to school shopping.


Your kid must have changed grades but some elements never change. So, basic elements like a spacious school bag, a lunch box, and a water bottle top the priority of grade 1 back to school list.

When getting back to school, have a new kit of basic supplies for the kid which suits his grown-up needs.

1Age-Appropriate School Bag (No Rolling Backpacks)1
2Lunch Box (With A Serviate)1
3Water Bottle1
4Student Headphones1

01. School Bag

A new year of school so why that old bag? It must have gotten worn out as well. Buy a bag that suits the needs of a 1st-grade student.

He will carry books, notebooks, and a few charts sometimes. His new bag should be able to accommodate all this. Keep in mind that the bag is lightweight. Straps should be padded and adjustable.

We suggest a bear school bag for kids. This bsg is simply adorable, it has big pockets, adjustable strap, and breathable fabric. The bag also features a removable safety harness and a chest buckle. Choosing this bear backpack will be best for your kid.

02. Lunch Box

Your kiddo has grown a little, this growth needs constant thrust. Homemade food gives a boost to healthy growth. Lunchbox is significant for this. Your kid will get a perfect diet which keeps him healthy and active.

A panda lunch box is best for kids. This lunch box has a two-tier structure. This keeps the flavors of every intact. The lunch box is dishwasher safe as well. The serviate with the lunch box makes eating easy for kids. The lunch box has a tight lid. Send your kid’s favorite dish without the fear of spilling.

03. Water Bottle

Water bottles keep your child fresh all day long. He will now spend his time learning and thinking. All these mental activities leave one feeling thirsty. Ensure that your kid remains hydrated all day long.

Penguin bottle is the choice for kids. This lovely penguin-like bottle has great insulation capacity. It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold for long. The leak-proof body and easy to carry design makes it perfect for your kid back to the school day. Little hands find it difficult to have a tight grip.

The bottle is designed in such a way that it doesn’t slip away from hands.

04. Student Headphones

Audio-visual is a new method of teaching. More and more schools are including smart classes and other digital ways of teaching. Headphones are required in such classes for the best learning experience.

1st-grade children require a headphone which is in accordance with the size of their ears.

Pick padded headphones for your kid. These headphones are geared with a mic, volume controller and can change music with a button. The headphone has audio sharing jack. Learning lessons or watching movies, this headphone is suitable for all. Spend some quality while watching a movie with your kid.


The stationery is integral to the school supply list.

It includes pens, pencils and everything else which a child uses in his school time. On his academic journey, stationery supplies are like his wheels.

Either you are at the start of a new year or in the mid of a session, stationery items are something that needs to be brought every now and then. A list of all important items will help you in your back to school shopping.

5Pencils (12 Pencils Pack)3 packs
7Handheld Pencil Sharpeners6
8Clip Board1
9Two Pocket Folders3
10Dry Erase Markers6
11Scotch Tape (40 Yards)1 roll
12Pencil Pouch Or Pencil Box1

05. Pencil Set of 12

1st-grade children now write a lot. They make alphabets and draw sketches in their curriculum. They need a set of pencils for this purpose.

He will write a lot so buying a few pencils won’t help.

Consider this set of premium quality pencils for kids. This set has pre-sharpened and unsharpened both kinds of pencils. Graphite and wood of these pencils are of top-notch quality.

Kids frequently drop their pencils while in school. This set has wood and graphite that will stay intact on frequent falling. This will prevent the lead from breaking.

06. Erasers

As a 1-st grade student, it is common to have homework and other stuff to write and so is making a mistake while writing. An eraser will make your child’s error-free. The eraser must be beautiful and work effectively.

This zoo animal eraser is perfect for kids. These erasers are non-toxic and erase easily any pencil marks. The erasers are good as the party items as well. Children can use them and play with them.

You can also use this set as a gift for your baby. Treat him with a small party on his successful completion of kindergarten.

07. Handheld sharpener

Sharpeners keep writing of your child neat and crispy. Also, it is tough to write with a pencil that has a blunt head. A sharpener will make his writing experience an easy one.

This owl sharpener is our choice for your baby. The sharpener has a container in which all dust ages collected. The functioning is also something to look at. It has a lever like a sharpening system.

This owl sharpener is a perfect back to school supply for kids.

Place it on the worktable of the kid or let the owl accompany your kid like Harry’s Hedwig. This sharpener is cool for all purposes.

08. Clipboard

A clipboard is that accessory that will help your child in his exams. 1st-grade children have to write exams and tests. Clipboards also help in keeping separate pages of a report at a place.

A storage clipboard is suggested by us for your child. This clipboard has a slim case that closes by using a latch. Your kid can use this case to carry his necessities like pen, pencil or erasers. The case has a superior quality latch. This latch keeps all things protected in the case. It doesn’t open up unnecessarily and seals efficiently.

Your kid will feel free with this clipboard as he will not need to carry a pencil bag. Just put all the things in the clipboard case and he is ready to go.

09. Two-pocket Folder

Schools provide a lot of paperwork to children. They have to do assignments, make projects and complete worksheets. These papers need to be kept safely. A two-pocket folder is helpful for this purpose.

A two-pocket folder with a lock is the best to choose from. The pockets are of good quality which will not get torn. The lock also is of fine grade. This pocket folder ensures that none of your documents gets lost on the go and apart from that, all papers stay organized.

10. Dry erase marker

Children use whiteboards nowadays. Markers are used for writing on whiteboards. Dry erase markers are best for use on whiteboards. Erasing them is easy. They don’t leave a mark and leave the surface neat.

A set of colorful and bright dry markers is perfect for young kids. It has a chisel tip that gives both bold and thin lines. The colors are non-toxic and washable. Draw pictures, color them or make projects. The dry erase marker will do it nicely. When finished, wipe it off with a simple cloth.

11. Scotch tape

Children carry books and notebooks in their bags. No matter how careful they are, it is inevitable to have torn pages and covers. Scotch tapes are useful at such time.

Buy this kitty scotch tape for your child. This cute looking kitty scotch tape with dispenser is perfect for your child’s work table. This item is an ideal gift item as well for young kids.

The kitty looks adorable and is durable. The design ensures that it stays firmly on the table while you use the tape.

12. Pencil Pouch

Kids keep different kinds of pencils, erasers and what not? They love to have them all. All these sweet little things can get lost in their bags.

A pencil pouch is very much needed to keep all the stuff in one place.

Buy a Pikachu pencil bag for your kids. This pencil bag has a lot of space to offer, plus it is adorable.

The Pikachu is a squeeze and lovely. Children can play with it in their free time. Kids will surely fall in love with this Pikachu pencil bag and thank you a hundred times.


1st-grade children have art and craft as a separate subject. They learn basic painting techniques, develop an interest in crafts, draw better pictures and create different crafts from materials. A rich art and craft kit this finds a space in the grade 1 back to the school.

13Colored Pencils (12 Pencils Pack)1
14Crayons (12 Pcs Pack)1
15Washable Classic Markers8
16Water Color Paints (8 Pcs)1 set
17Paint Brushes (4 Jumbo Brushes)1 set
18Glue Sticks Jumbo6
19Colored Papers (12 Assorted Colors)1 pack
20Plain Papers (100 Papers)1 pack
21Vinyl Table Cloth1
23Scissors (Blunt Tip)1 pair
24Play Doh (6 Assorted Colors)1 pack

13. Colored pencil

Colored pencils are suitable for every kind of sketching and drawing. Colored pencils offer a wide variety of colors. They have different shades and all possible hues.

Buying this set of 12 pencil colors would be best for your kid. This set comes in a handy cylindrical shaped box. The wood is of superior quality which does not break easily but gets sharpened easily.

14. Crayons

Crayons are used by professionals as well. Your kid will also need and love a crayon set to own. Crayons for 1st-grade children have a diverse range of colors.

A set of 12 colors in crayon is best for your kids. This set has a unique structure which makes it easy to hold and color evenly. The colors are bold and can be erased.

15. Washable Classic Markers

Markers are used for writing and coloring. Kids have a lot of projects to complete. The projects have to be colorful to make them stand out. Washable markers are best for this. If kids mischievously color any surface you can just wipe it off leaving the surface squeaky clean.

When choosing classic markers, why not have dot markers? These markers are best for kids to fill colors and make patterns. The body is easy to grip. The ink is non-toxic and washable.

16. Water Color Paints (8 Pcs)

Watercolor paints are best for painting purposes. Children make basic paintings and landscapes. These art come to life by watercolor.

This set of 25 non-toxic watercolors is the perfect choice for kids. These colors are bright, dry fast and are easy to clean as well. Bonus, you receive a paintbrush with this set.

17. Paint Brushes (4 Jumbo Brushes)

Though your kid has gotten a year senior, he still has his motor skills in initial stages. Paintbrush with broad and thick handles are best suited for the kids of this age.

Consider this set of jumbo brushes that come along with coloring cups. The cups can be used to hold the brush and store water for coloring. 4 cups with matching colors of the brush are best for your kid.

18. Glue Sticks Jumbo

Children often have a collection of their favorite pictures. Kids also have this hobby to paste posters they like in schools or their rooms. A glue stick jumbo will be helpful for this purpose.

Jumbo glue sticks in roll-up style are best for kids. The adhesive is of fine quality. It is non-toxic and dries clearly. This glue stick works fine on all kinds of surfaces. For DIY or for regular use, this glue stick jumbo is the best.

19. Colored Papers (12 Assorted Colors)

Kids create crafts and write on colorful papers. Cut-outs made from these sheets are loved by kids. Kids also make origami from these sheets.

This collection of 200 sheets of paper in assorted colors should be chosen for your kid. The paper in this set are of high quality and made from all-natural pulp. The sheets are excellent for both DIY and printing purposes.

20. Plain Papers (100 Papers)

Kids write on plan sheets. They prepare projects( your kid might have to write a simple project, like write a letter to your grandmom). He will need a bunch of plain sheets for this purpose.

Pick a pack of plains sheets. The loose sheets in this pack are perfect for writing and sketching. The sheets are of top-notch quality. You can print on the sheets as well.

21. Vinyl Coloring Tablecloth

A table cloth keeps your kid’s tables neat and tidy. He learns table manners as well, like how to arrange a table or what order must cutlery be kept. A vinyl coloring tablecloth should be in your kid’s stationery kit.

Make food time a fun time. Buy this ocean-themed table cloth which can be colored. Yes! Why buy a table cloth which stays the same when you can change it according to your wish. Let your kid’s imagination flow and color this table cloth as he wants. Use washable markers. You can wash it in the machine.

22. Apron

1st-grade children start to have hobby class, it is quite possible that he chooses cooking, painting or pottery. All these hobbies can leave the dress dirty. An apron will ensure he leaves the class in a tidy dress and manner.

A bright-colored Apron is a right pick for kids. This apron has a tie design which makes it easy to wear. The sleeves are long and have elastic at the end to ensure that no portion of the dress gets dirty.

23. Scissors (Blunt Tip)

As discussed, he can choose art and craft as a hobby as well. This will involve a lot of cutting and pasting. Scissors will be in his hands most often. Blunt top scissors should be your choice for this purpose.

Cute scissor with cover is perfect for kids. Kids tend not to be careful. They can pick the scissors from any side. A cover will keep their hands safe. This cute scissor has a unicorn handle that is loved by kids.

24. Play-Doh (6 Assorted Colors)

Kids who have an inclination toward creativity often do clay modeling. Clay modeling is best done with play-doh clay. This clay is perfect for young potters.

Play-Doh in a set of 6 assorted colors is right for young children. The set has non-toxic clays in 6 colors. The clay is easy to mold and makes an adorable model. The set is excellent for kids who have pottery as a habit.


25Hand Sanitizer2 bottles
26Lysol Wipes2 packs
27Zip-Lock Quart-Size Bags1 box
28Zip-Lock Gallon Size Bags1 box
29Large Tissue Box2 boxes
30Paper Towel1 roll

25. Hand Sanitizer

Curiosity and kids, appear like synonyms, right? Kids have this habit to investigate and for this, they touch a lot of things and do not wash hands afterward. It can make them fall ill. Hand sanitizers make sure this doesn’t happen.

This lovely hand sanitizer is the choice for kids. It has to have attachable to it. This hand sanitizer has adorable bodies. It makes your kid’s hands clean and hygienic without drying them.

26. Lysol Wipes

Lysol wipes are wipes treated with Lysol. These wipes clean a surface in few wipes and disinfect the surface. Your child will sit at benches and chairs. Make sure he cleans the surface before sitting on it.

A pack of Lysol wipes should stay with your kid all the time. The wipes will make surfaces hygienic and remove most allergens. The wipes will keep your kid healthy all the time.

27. Zip-Lock Quart-Size Bags

Young kids collect buttons, flowers or pebbles. Everything they find cute has to be collected. Zip-Lock Quart-Size Bags are perfect for these collectors.

Zip-Lock Quart-Size Bags in a set should be bought for kids. This set has 216 bags that have fresh shield designs to provide complete protection to carried items. The bags are small in size so he can carry two-three of them easy to carry his favorite stuff wherever he wants.

28. Zip-Lock Gallon Size Bags

Zip-Lock Gallon Size Bags are for carrying stuff like a lunch box. The bags are also excellent for picnic days, you can fill them with cookies, chips and other edibles.

A pack of Zip-lock gallon size bags is suitable for your kid. He can carry any kind of stuff in two or three of them to his school. The bags will keep things in an air-tight environment. For picnics as well, he can stuff edibles liked by him and mane his day out a memorable one.

29. Large Tissue Box

A tissue is useful for cleaning. At times when he cannot have water to clean himself. Tissues are best. In case he has a cold or flu, he can clean himself easily and just throw away that tissue. Also, it is better than a handkerchief.

A Rubik cube large tissue box is just perfect for kids. It looks great and serves the purpose. This tissue box will enhance your kid’s interest.

30. Paper Towel

Kids love playing in the water and when it is swimming time, they just cannot control themselves. They bath till they are not pulled out of water. Paper towels are needed for such days. They need to be dried so that they don’t fall ill.

The set has colorful paper towels that are appropriate in size which is suitable for kids. The paper towels have a bumpy structure which gives better cleaning experience.


Kids have this tendency to play, that too a lot, they run, they jump and have fun and frolic all day long. Kids in these activities are prone to falling and having injuries. First-aid supplies are important for these hurts to heal. Also, having a first aid kit with them enables them to help a child, in case he needs immediate medical attention. Make way for this important stuff in kids school supplies.

31Small First Aid Kit1
32Sterile Dressings2
33Cotton Wool1 pack
34Washproof Tape2 rolls
35Tubular Support Bandages2
36Conforming Bandages (Different Sizes)1 in each size
37Sterile Burn Gel Sachets1
38Safety Pins1 set
39Forehead Thermometer1
40Surgical Mask3
41Instant Hot And Cold Pack2

31. Small First Aid Kit

A small first aid kit contains bandages, pins and other stuff that is used in giving someone a first aid. Such kits have all things that can counter everyday hurts and injuries.

Buy this small first aid kit for your baby. The first aid kit has a compact yet organized design. It has 6 pockets that can accommodate everything your child can need or can provide in the case demanding first aid.

32. Sterile Dressings

Sterile dressings hold a special place in the first aid kit. They are used to tie a tourniquet, making a temporary sling and for keeping cotton at the place.

The sterile dressing is best for kids. These dressings do not get rough ends on cutting the dressings and stay smooth. The dressings also have a highly absorbent texture which makes it perfect while tying a tourniquet with medicated solutions.

33. Cotton Wool

Cotton wool is cotton swabs in a sterilized keeps checked-in bandages. Cotton wool must be sterilized so that it keeps a check on the infection.

Cotton wool should be kept in a first-aid kit.

Cotton wool which is non-pilly should be chosen for first aid kit. This cotton is of superior quality and is quite long. It is perfect to use in a bandage or for cleaning purposes. You can use it as a tiny cotton ball to clean your kid’s ear as well.

34. Washproof Tape

Tapes that are wash proof are best for kids. Children play and can have cuts or bruises. Wash proof tapes keep this hurts away from the water which can cause further damage to their cuts.

Get a pack of cartoon-based waterproof tapes for your kid. This pack has cute printed waterproof tapes which are of high quality. The tapes are latex-free. Compilation of food and hygiene standard is also taken care of in these tapes.

35. Tubular Support Bandages

Tubular support bandages are useful for kids to provide rest from pains. Kids can have pain in legs and arms by playing all day long.

Buy a roll of the tubular support bandage. This bandage has ample length and breadth which will suit a kid’s all requirement. The pressure is just perfect and evenly spreads on the tired surface. Cut generously according to the need and use. This bandage is good for every portion of the body, be it thighs, arms or limbs.

36. Conforming Bandages (Different Sizes)

Conforming Bandages are made especially for just areas, they make a tight grip on the joints and give relief from pain. The bandages are quite helpful in a twisted ankle as well.

Choose a tight-fitting conforming bandage for your kid. The bandage will make the twisted muscles stay at the right place. This is the best treatment for dislocations. This conforming bandage is tightly knitted which makes it perfect for twisted muscles.

37. Sterile Burn Gel Sachets

When going back to school, kids may be very excited about their first day. In this excitement, they can end up being your assistant in everything you do. Cooking is one of them and kids, we’ll, it is plausible that they end up having small burns. Sterile born gel sachets will surely help your kid in such situations.

Buy a pack of burn gel sachets. The sachets provide instant relief from burn and pain due to them. These sachets are good for cold scales as well. The sachets have an appropriate size which makes it best for kids. Just apply them on the affected area and have relief from pain and burn.

38. Safety Pins

Safety pins keep things together, whether you need to piece of cloth or a bandage at the same place. Safety pins are helpful for both purposes.

Safety pins in a set are ideal for kids. Buy a colorful set of safety pins for kids. The pins are non-toxic and environmental protective. The locks of the pins are superior in quality which keeps your kid’s skin protected from getting punctured by pin.

39. Forehead Thermometer

A forehead thermometer should be an item in your child’s first aid kit. We all have temperatures at some point, a thermometer makes it easy to judge whether it is a matter of concern or not. Kids do not stay still, forehead thermometer is ideal for kids.

A forehead thermometer with a dual degree facility is the right choice. It can change Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice verse. This thermometer has a backlit screen and memorizes up to 32 readings at a time. Just touch it on his forehead to get the perfect reading.

40. Surgical Mask

Pollution is now becoming the no 1 cause of illness. It causes asthma, respiratory infection among kids and other problems. Dust, irritants, and smog present in the atmosphere cause all these health issues. A surgical mask ensures that your kid does not get any such health issues. It filters the air which reaches your child.

Choose a cartoon print mask for your kid. The mask is highly efficient in keeping dust and other irritants away from your child’s lungs. The strings attached will not break and fit properly on his mouth and nose.

41. Instant Hot And Cold Pack

An instant hot and cold pack makes it a point that your kid does not suffers pain and swelling for long. Kids can get injuries or insect bites which is painful and leads to swelling sometimes. Important is to have an instant hot and cold pack which will make his pain go away in no time.

This emoji-like instant hot and cold pack is just what your kid wants. Kids will stay engaged in the emoji design of the pack and forgot about the pain. You can tell them different stories of the emojis while giving them medicine. This will lessen their suffering.

The packs have a bead-based function which is suitable for both hot and cold packs. The beads roll-on skin giving a soothing feel.


Fitness and sports go hand in hand. Fit bodies home to a healthy mind. Sports and fitness are important in the curriculum. For these sessions, sports gear is important. Wearing sports shoes in one of them. It ensures that your kid’s feet remain safe.

42Tennis Shoes For Gym Class1 pair

42. Tennis Shoes For Gym Class

Tennis is quite a popular sport. It is vigorous and builds stamina. Tennis involves quick movements that are to be done while maintaining balance. This sport demands an alert body and mind with a suitable dress up.

For this, shoes must be included in grade 1 back to school shopping. Shoes should be bought with care off. As if they are ill-fitted or are not for sports, the kid might get injured.

Pick a pair of tennis shoes for your kid. It makes your kid ready for these movements.

The gym is another important part of a fitness regime. Tennis shoes work here as well.


Other supplies include an item that does not get in any particular category. The item in this list is a subsidiary to all kids school supplies but does have an important place within school supplies.

43Spare Dress1

43. Spare Dress

A spare dress is important. A child has to wear the same uniform every day in school. Having two dresses will be handy.

Washing it daily and getting it ready for the next day every time is not feasible. It may happen that he gets his dress dirty or torn while playing. A spare dress will come to your rescue at such a time.

A spare dress takes away a lot of headaches of being ready for everyday school. Also, if in any situation he needs a change of dress, he will have a pair handy.


We have added the Grade 1 Back To School Supplies checklist that you can download and print. check in the download section below to download the Grade 1 School Supplies Checklist.




You can download these Grade 1 school supplies checklist files, and print them at home or get it printed at the local copy shop. It is best to print out the image verion, it’s more clear and easy to use. Also, we have added Grade 1 supplies checklists in diffrent formats. You can download any format separately, or you can download all formats at once as zipped file.

Phew! Kind of exhaustive right? But never mind, your kid deserves this. We dug down and found all the items which should be bought in grade 1 back to school shopping. How do you feel about this list? Comment below and let us know, also do tell your suggestions. Wish your child a happy school life!

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