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The Ultimate Grade 2 Back To School Supplies [Final List]

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Congrats! Your little baby has now completed another milestone in his academic journey. Isn’t it exciting? Well amid all this excitement, there is a lot to prepare.

You must have to buy books, a uniform and what not? And what about the back to school shopping?


We understand you must be overwhelmed with this much work. But, relax, we are here to assist you in this work. We have prepared a grade 2 school supply list with every possible item that your child may require.


Change is constant. But not with stuff like a school bag. This evergreen item is an integral part of kids’ school supplies. And hey! What about the lunch box and water bottle? Aren’t they important? The following list is dedicated to all such basic elements of grade 2 kid’s school supplies.

1Age-Appropriate School Bag (No Rolling Backpacks)1
2Lunch Box (With A Serviette)1
3Water Bottle1
4Student Headphones1

01. School Bag

Buying a school bag must be a task in your back to school shopping. The bag must be age-appropriate and should be bought with much care. A misfit bag can cause him to have a backache.

Your kid must have grown a little more and so had his needs. He will more to study, note and understand. This will surely increase the number of books and notebooks or even the thickness.

A bag which can carry all his important stuff is important to buy.

We recommend this dinosaur school for your tiny one. The bag has breathable straps which can be adjusted according to his height. The bag is lightweight and waterproof. Buy this lovely dinosaur for your child and gift his happiness.

02. Lunch Box

A lunch box is not only a good carrier but a packet of health and love from you for your kid. Don’t you think it should look equally lovely as your child?

A lunch box that has a serviette is best to buy for kids. The serviette serves two purposes, you can send two items( or more) without them being wrestling with one other and, it is easier for the kid to eat also.

If one serviette is that good, why not have a lunch box with two serviettes? Pack him some lettuce cup filler with pasta and some sweets in this hamburger-shaped lunch box. Prefer this lunch box and send him love in his lunch time. This lunch box has a set of spoon and fork with it also.

03. Water Bottle

Kids are like jelly beanballs, cute, soft and needing hydration from time to time. Like the balls, if left without water shrink and loose their charm, so are the kids, they must have water from time to time. Water keeps them fresh all day long.

Water bottle must be an item in your grade 2 back to school shopping list. This item makes it a point that your baby is hydrated all day long. The child whenever feeling thirsty can drink water from the bottle.

This hello kitty water bottle is best to buy your young one. This is transparent which makes it easy to find the water level and refill as soon as needed. This hello kitty water bottle is the perfect choice for your child.

04. Headphones

Digitalization is the new fad in schools. Kids learn through smart classes, Ipads, and other digital mediums. Kids at such time have to wear a headphone. It ensures that they get the lesson in the best way.

Headphones for kids are designed keeping in mind their small and tender ears. The headphones are made with food-grade material which makes it best for kids.

Consider this unicorn headphone which comes in cute colors. The headphone has been FDA approved which makes it best for kids. The material of this headphone is of superior quality. It has an audio share jack also so that you can share some quality time with your kid. It is the best choice as a headphone for your child.


Stationary elements excite the children most. Colors, sheets, pencils, kids love them all.

The stationery is also the most important part of a grade 2 school supply list. Kids want to have colorful items in their stationery supply. Following is a list of all useful stationery elements.

5Pencils (12 Pencils Pack)2 packs
7Handheld Pencil Sharpeners6
8Clip Board1
9Two Pocket Folders2
11Dry Erase Markers4
12Scotch Tape (40 Yards)1 roll
13Pencil Pouch Or Pencil Box1

05. Pencils

Pencils are quite important for kids. They write and believe us, they need to write a lot, apart from that, some children have this interest in writing. They love to have their thoughts in writing. Some maintain a diary as well. For all these purposes, a pencil is required.

Choosing a pencil which is attractive and serves the purpose is tough, don’t worry, we have a suggestion. Choose this bear pencil. It is fun to look at and at the same time easy to grip for small hands. The bear on these pencils add to the beauty of pencils instead of hurting the kid’s hands.

06. Eraser

Erasers are the bestie of a pencil. An eraser makes it sure that your kid’s notebook is neat and error-free.

When buying an eraser, keep in mind that it must be of superior quality, should not produce much dust and doesn’t breaks on erasing.

We suggest this rubber stick eraser for your kid. The stick has retractable erasers. It is refillable as well so that whenever your kid runs out of eraser you can just open the stick and refill it with a new one. Using this is easier than the normal erasers as the kid can have a better grip and erase exactly where they want.

07. Sharpener

Sharpen the pencils, often you must have said this to your kid. But have you paid attention to the sharpener he uses? The sharpener might be small or your kid could not get enough grip on that, why not use a sharpener which is suitable for him?

Consider this animal set of sharpeners, the sharpeners are big and somewhat round in size which makes it easy for kids to hold it and use it. The sharpener also has a case that keeps all dust at a place. This zoo set of sharpener is also a great choice as a gift. Present your child with this lovely set on his beginning of a new academic year.

08. Clipboard

Having a test? Or an exam? Do not forget to get that clipboard ready with you. A clipboard now is not only thick support for your sheets. It is much more than that.

Clipboards that have a pocket are best to pick for grade 2 children. This clipboard is ideal for your kid. The pocket will help him to get his things organized. He will never forget his pencils and pens because wherever his clipboard is his instruments. The lock keeps all his belongings safe. He will never loose them and find them easily when needed.

09. Two-Pocket Folder

To make a lot of projects and at the time set to carry a lot of sheets to school as well. Make sure that such time is all the sheets in a proper manner. The pocket folder is very helpful for this purpose. The folder has two pockets as the names suggest. It organizes work in the best way possible.

We suggest you use these animal print two-pocket folders for your kid. The folder has a perfect measurement for the A4 sheet and can carry up to 28 sheets at a time. The material does not gets crumbled and stays in its best shape even if manhandled. Choose the one which is your kid’s favorite or pick the complete set to have a neat and clean work table.

10. Folders

A folder is similar to the plastic case for important documents that you find useful. Folders are useful for segregating projects and keeping documents at the same place so you do not lose them and can find them easily whenever they are needed.

Picking a folder for your child can be tough but we are here to help you pick a colorful folder for your kid. It has different pockets so that you can keep all sorts of documents in a single folder without the stress of getting them mixed.

11. Dry Erase Marker

Dry Erase markers are colorful markers that are used for writing on the whiteboard. dry erase markers can be wiped off the whiteboard using a simple plain cloth. these markers do not leave any mark and are excellent for use on the whiteboard.

Children extensively use a whiteboard for their learning purposes. Buying a set of dry erase markers would be the best choice for them. Choose this set of 8 colorful dries to erase markers. The ink of these markers is low in odor and bright in color. class 10 markers come with an eraser on their cap’s tip. the markers have a magnet that makes them stay at the same place so that your kid does not lose any one of them

12. Scotch Tape

Sticky tapes are handy tools for school going kids and what is better than a scotch tape for your grade 2 kid. we will use the step in his artwork in repairing his books or wherever he finds it necessary.

Pic this kitty scotch tape for your child. This adorable Kitty will perfectly fit on your child’s work table and company him in all his projects and artworks that he sets to make.

13. Pencil Pouch Or Pencil Box

We understand the fact that your kid is now a grade 2 student. He has a lot to write about. be n the school or at home. for this I need to carry his pencil and pen everywhere he goes. now to carry them all in his hand or by keeping them in the bag is not possible as they can get lost.

Having a pencil bag is thus important. consider this lovely pencil bag which doubles up as a pencil stand when kept on a table. It has a cylindrical shape that is suitable as a pencil bag and when you keep it vertically on your table it acts as a pencil stand.


Art and craft, every kids favorite class. A kid loves to imagine and make sketches and crafts. All his imagination will be hampered if he does not have a perfect set of art and craft supplies. Grade 2 kid’s school supplies have a special place for art and craft kits.

14Colored Pencils (12 Pencils Pack)1
15Crayons (12 Pcs Pack)1
16Markers Fine Tip (12 Pack)1
17Water Color Paints (6 Pcs)1 set
18Paint Brushes (4 Jumbo Brushes)1 set
19Glue Sticks Jumbo4
20Colored Papers (12 Assorted Colors)1 pack
21Plain Papers (100 Papers)1 pack
22Vinyl Table Cloth1
24Scissors (Blunt Top)1 pair
25Play-Doh (6 Assorted Colors)1 pack

14. Coloured Pencil

Each one of us has owned a colored pencil set in our childhood. These Cute looking pencils were an important part of our art and craft kit. Now it is the time for your kid to own one such set.

When choosing a set of colored pencil set for your child prefer this set of 12 assorted colors which comes in a cylindrical case. the wood used in these pencils is of high quality and is free from any toxic material.

15. Crayons

Crayon Ir wax color is used even by prominent artists. this method of coloring is equally attractive for kids and for adults. Especially for kids, they make bold designs and patterns in their drawings. crayons are best for coloring such art.

When buying a set of crayons for your kid keep in mind about his little hands. these adorable hand grip crayons are excellent for your child. The colors are nontoxic and lovely. the colors are washable as well.

16. Marker

Markers are used for doodling, making notes and writing on whiteboards. Kids love and use markers extensively in their curriculum.

Pick this set of 18 markers with each one being in a different color. The tip of these markers is fine and works well on every surface be it paper or whiteboard. The ink is water-based which dries quickly leaving zero impressions on sheets beneath the one on children write.

17. Watercolor Paints

Watercolor adds color to your kid’s artwork. The scenery that he drew will appear like a real photograph with the help of watercolor.

Buy this water color set for this effect. The colors are non-toxic and confirm to ASTM D-4236. This set has vibrant colors which blend easily with one another to make new colors. Also it has a place for keeping the brush.

18. Paintbrush Jumbo

Poster Colors, Oil Paints all require a paintbrush. The paintbrush required by kids to color has to be easy to handle, have bristles that work efficiently.

This set of jumbo brush fits is the best choice for kids. It has a big, easy to grip handle with bristles that are of top-notch quality. The bristles get cleaned easily making it perfect for kids.

19. Glue Stick Jumbo

A glue stick is useful for every purpose. Be it the work of art and craft or if you had to repair those torn pages of the books. Even in case, your kid wants to decorate his room with a lot of posters. You can use these glue sticks for the best results.

A pack of glue sticks is best to buy for kids. Choose this color disappearing glue stick for your kids. He will remember where he has used the glue and stick papers neatly. This will keep his projects and sheets

20. Colorful Sheets

Making a fun craft from colorful sheets is loved by every child. They make planes, flowers, and every other possible stuff from the sheets.

Give your child’s imagination wings by buying him a set set of 100 colorful sheets. Use them according to his will. You will surely fall in love with the origami made by your child.

The sheets are of superior quality and are available in 12 assorted colors.

21. Plain Sheets

Making crafts is not the only work that has to be done with sheets. Sheets are used for writing as well, at times of tests, sheets are used extensively. Your kid needs to have a bunch of plain sheets.

The sheets must be of high quality. Pick this pack of environmental friendly sheets for your child. The sheets are multipurpose, which means, no need to buy another set for that project which needed a printed picture. Also as the sheets are recyclable, you contribute to the betterment of the environment.

22. Vinyl Table Cloths

Kids use a vinyl table cloth when they have a day out, a picnic or simply during their lunchtime. Kids nowadays have a separate table for themselves. A vinyl table cloth can be used to cover the table and keep it clean.

Choose this alphabet print vinyl table cloth. This piece has a beautiful and bold design which makes it stand out. It can be washed in the machine easily.

23. Apron

Cooking, painting and pottery, some of the most loved hobbies among grade 2 kids. Children love to indulge in all these activities and play with all the tools. In this playtime, they can easily make themselves dirty. An apron is thus important.

Buy this adorable pink kitty apron for your baby. The apron will fit on your kid’s body in just the perfect way and keep him neat and clean all day long.

24. Scissors

Scissors are frequently used by kids in their art and craft classes. The cut different shapes and make all sorts of fun figures.

Scissors are much in use at such times, give your child blunt-end scissors. The scissors do not have sharp edges which makes them perfect for kids. They can use it in any manner without the fear of getting cuts.

25. Play-Doh

Unless the sculptor in your child. Play along with him with play-doh. The clays can be squeezed, squished and molded-in whatever shape you want.

Play-Doh is a colorful set of clay that is non-toxic and skin-friendly. The clay is available in a rainbow assorted colors. The clay is excellent for kids and will enhance his imagination power.


Health and Hygiene go hand in hand. It is not possible to stay healthy when one us dirty. Kids need to be taken greater care of when it comes to hygiene. A list of all required to maintain your child’s health and hygiene is provided for your help.

26Hand Sanitizer2 bottles
27Lysol Wipes2 packs
28Zip-Lock Quart-Size Bags1 box
29Zip-Lock Gallon Size Bags1 box
30Large Tissue Box2 boxes
31Paper Towel1 roll

26. Hand Sanitizer

While on a go, it is not possible to keep in mind about the hygiene thing. It is quite possible that your kid can also do this, he can fall sick because of that. But do not worry hand sanitizer is there for your help.

Choose this cute emoji-based hand sanitizer for your kid. The hand sanitizer comes with a carrier pack. The pack has 3 emoji-based hand sanitizers which all are lovely and handy.

27. Lysol Wipes

Lysol wipes are the tissue-like cloth that is treated with Lysol. The wipes efficiently make a surface squeaky clean and disinfected.

Let a pack of Lysol wipe accompany your kid in his everyday adventures. He will use the wipes wherever he needs to clean the surface.

28. Zip-loc Quartz Size Bag

Let your kid carry his favorite goodies wherever he wants. A Zip-loc bag will help him with this.

A Zip-loc Quartz Size Bag is excellent for a picnic and for every other outing. You can use the bags to send his loved cookies and chips with him.

Also, unravel the collector in your child, he can pick those cute shells and pebbles and have a cool collection.

29. Ziploc Gallon Size Bag

Pack your kid a fresh sandwich on his beach day. He can also have those pretzels.

But how to carry them? Ziploc Gallon Size Bag is the answer. These plus size bags are ideal for everyday use along with using them while having a day out.

30. Large Tissue Box

Changing weathers bring cough, cold and flu along with them. A large tissue box is handy at such times.

Kids can clean themselves up whenever they feel the need to.

31. Paper Towel

Spending all day long on that community cleaning project demands to wash oneself and when washing one needs to have a towel.

Send a paper towel with your kid. After all, sending a cloth towel is not an option. A paper towel is best for such a purpose.

Pick this cotton-based paper towel for your kid. The texture is soft and colors are such vibrant that it is just the perfect choice for your baby.


Accidents can occur to anyone and at any time. Getting minor cuts and wounds is something that happens often. At such times, a first-aid kit must be nearby. First-aid speeds up the recovery rate and keeps infection at check.

32Small First Aid Kit1
33Sterile Dressings2
34Cotton Wool1 pack
35Washproof Tape2 rolls
36Tubular Support Bandages2
37Conforming Bandages (Different Sizes)1 in each size
38Sterile Burn Gel Sachets1
39Safety Pins1 set
40Forehead Thermometer1
41Surgical Mask3
42Instant Hot And Cold Pack2

32. Small First Aid Kit

It is important to have a first kit handy all the times and when there are kids around, you just cannot ignore its importance.

A first aid kit must have enough space which can accommodate every item that is needed in an emergency. Pick this bus small first aid kit. The kit has big pockets along with net which segregates the item while making them easy to see.

33. Sterile Dressing

The sterile dressing is used for all purposes. To make a temporary sling, to tie a tourniquet or just to support the band-aid.

Choosing the right sterile dressing for your kid is thus imperative. Pick this latex-free dressing for your kid. The dressing is perfect in size and can be used by cutting it according to the requirement. The fabric is of high quality which comes out neat on cutting.

34. Cotton Wool

Cotton wool is a cotton roll that is used in bandaging. This cotton is also used to clean wounds before applying ointments.

Consider this soft cotton wool for your child. The wool has superior quality mushy cotton. It is pill-less which makes it ideal for choosing it over any other cotton wool. You can this wool easily for cleaning any wound as it has a super-absorbing capacity.

35. Waterproof Tape

Kids have this habit to run and play all day long. At times they are quite adventurous and end up getting cuts and hurts. A band-aid comes to help at these times.

Buy these cartoon theme-based band-aid for your kid. The band-aid is made from food-grade material so that even if he puts his fingers in his mouth, it doesn’t harm him. It has a non-latex and non-toxic formula which is best for kids.

36. Tubular Support Bandages

It is possible that after a hectic day of school your kid ends up getting painting arms and legs. We understand it is painful for you too to see him in such a condition.

We recommend you to buy this tubular support bandage roll. This roll has an elastic which makes it suitable for every size of arms and legs. Cut generously according to the need and provide relief to your kid.

37. Conforming Bandages

Conforming bandages are used to keep bandages at the right place. It happens that due to an active lifestyle the bandages may slip from the right place.

Pick this elastic based conforming bandage for your kid. The bandage is a must, why? Because kids keep on touching their band-aids also even if you advise them to have rest, they play. This removes the bandage from its place, this conforming bandage will keep it at the place and ensure a speedy recovery.

38. Sterile Burn Sachets

Is cooking your baby’s hobby? Or he is a science buff? Always up for new experiments? We know how it feels when your kid comes to you running with burnt fingers or arms.

That is why choose this sterile burn sachet. The sachets are medicated so that your kid does not develop any other infection. The burn sachets are useful for cold scales also which makes them your go-to treatment for burns.

39. Safety Pins

Keeping handkerchief on place or just the bandage on its place before finding the tape all require a safety pin. Your kid will need one at times.

Safety pins to be chosen for kids must be picked up wisely. We suggest you buy these plastic head safety pins. The pins are best for locking the pin. Stainless steel has been used as material for this pin which makes it immune to rust.

40. Forehead Thermometer

Getting a fever is a common thing but still not common to avoid, a fever can be a symptom of some other illness or well.

To ascertain that your child has a fever or not, it is important for you to have a thermometer. Buy a forehead touchless thermometer for your kid. Using that simple thermometer is tough with kids, they will constantly move which will disturb the reading. This touchless thermometer is good for judging the temperature of food and milk as well.

41. Surgical Mask

Air pollution causes a lot of diseases. Kids are a soft target of these diseases. They develop allergies and other lung diseases.

A surgical mask keeps your child away from such diseases. It keeps all allergens and dust particles away from his lungs. He breathes pure air.

Buy this cute looking set of surgical masks for your kid. These masks have nice fitting elastic supporters which keep the mask on the exact place.

42. Instant Hot and Cold Pack

Bee stings, swelling and other such mishaps, pretty normal, right? But no, they are not normal when they happen with your kid. An instant hot and cold pack us what needed at that time.

We suggest you buy these unique emoji-like instant hot and cold packs for your child. The packs have a bead-based function. The beads provide a soothing feeling. The packs can be used on every part of the body.


Sports and fitness go hand in hand. A healthy mind stays only in a healthy body. Especially, kids, they have a vigorous schedule and love to indulge in sports and games.

While engaging in sports and games, kids must be in special attire.

43Tennis Shoes For Gym Class1 pair

43. Tennis Shoes For Gym Class

Walking, running, gymming and playing, all are parts and parcels of a grade 2 children’s life. They run all day long and create chaos. Even if they walk, they skip all the time.

A kid for these activities needs a pair of sports shoes which aids in quick movements of feet. Tennis shoes are the best for this purpose. Kids can sport tennis shoes for every sports activity.

The gym is another part of this vigorous schedule of the school. Tennis shoes are useful for this class, the gym can cause twisted anklets or dislocations if ill-fitting shoes are worn. Tennis shoes keep feet safe.


Certain items like a spare dress do not fall under any category of school supplies. The items are important and your assistance is covered under this list. Include them for sure in your grade 2 back to school shopping list.

44Spare Dress1

44. Spare Dress

School uniform is something that turns into a headache at times. It needs to be clean and tidy every single day so that your child is presentable always.

A spare dress is important for this. This spare dress keeps the stress of laundry, torn dress and emergency situations( like spilling breakfast on the dress) at bay. Also, it may happen that your kid needs a dress change on a day in the school itself, he can get splashed by a car or get all dirty in saving that puppy, a spare dress will rescue him in such situations.

Pick a suitable spare dress which is just as perfect as the original one.


We have added the grade 2 Back To School Supplies checklist that you can download and print. check-in the download section below to download the grade 2 Supplies Checklist.


Grade 2 School Supply Checklist


You can download these grade 2 school supplies checklist files, and print them at home or get it printed at the local copy shop. It is best to print out the image version, it’s more clear and easy to use. Also, we have added grade 2 supplies checklists in different formats. You can download any format separately, or you can download all formats at once as a zipped file.

A lot of research and effort has been put in to select all these products.  So that you can shop in the comfort of your home. You can also make the little ones sit with you and shop for their supplies. They would love to choose for themselves. This list is very carefully created keeping in mind all the requirements of a grade 2 kid.

We have done our best to include all the products that can possibly be in a grade 2 school supply list. If we have missed anything please feel free to comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading and sharing, Happy Schooling!

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