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The 6 Best Pink Erasers For School Kids

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We all know the importance of supplies in any writing activity. Whether we are at home, at work, at school or at university, it is very important to have the right supplies. We always have to have a good pencil, a good pen and, of course, a good eraser. And the more eye-catching it is, the better. That’s why most people get pink erasers.

As we get older and the years go by, we stop using erasers so often. This happens because we begin to use more pens with ink and leave a little side, the pencil. But when we are children, pencils are everything to us. No matter what color of pencil we are using, the only thing that matters is what we manage to do with them.

A very important task for parents when they have children is to get all their back to school supplies. It is essential that a child starts classes with everything necessary to learn, but also to have fun. No child likes to be less than his classmates, and that is why, as parents, we have the obligation to acquire whatever supplies we consider necessary.

How can we choose a good pink eraser?

It’s an interesting question and I’m sure not many people do ask. When you think that you have to buy a pink eraser, you don’t stop to think about those qualities that make the eraser unique.

Mainly, when we acquire an eraser, we do it to amend or erase completely, any type of writing that we have done in pencil. Many people are unaware of the existence of erasers for when we write with pens. (learn more: Why Erasers Are Pink)

That is why, when we have to buy an eraser, it is important to analyze certain factors such as can be: The material with which it is composed, the design of it, the grip, on what type of ink works and, of course, the price in the market.


There are so many erasers and they all have different qualities. The most common and the most bought in the market, are the pink erasers. In most cases they meet the basic needs and, in addition, their color is extremely striking for children. We are going to detail the 6 best pink erasers:

1. School Smart Latex Free Block Eraser

Within the world of erasers, is one of the most purchased by parents to complete the school supplies list. For the beginnings of learning, it is an extremely effective eraser. It erases completely and without difficulty, any type of writing that we have made with a pencil.

A positive aspect of it is that being smaller than the others, it does not occupy much space in the pencil case. They are usually sold in packages of large quantities. With which, with buying a single package, we will be calm for a long period of time. Some of its main features are:

  • It is a very strong rubber and does not wear quickly after a couple of erasing.
  • It is a good choice for school or office work.
  • It easily erased pencil writing.

2. Paper Mate Pink Pearl Eraser

It is one of the most classic pink pearl erasers on the market. It has a different design to the one we have evaluated previously. With this design, the ability to erase is much more effective. That’s why it’s composed of more rounded edges.

This eraser is only for pencil writing. It is not recommended to use it with ink writings. In addition, this eraser does not contain latex material. This ensures that those allergic to it, will not suffer any problems when using it. Some fundamental aspects of it, can be:

  • We can acquire it in three types of sizes: Small, medium and large.
  • This eraser is very flexible and easy to control for children.
  • It is very resistant to stains and is also self-cleaning.

3. Sargent Art Pink Rubber Eraser

Another high-quality eraser that allows learning to develop in a more fun way. This eraser is ideal for young children. For professional artists, there is other type of erasers with better features.

It is a great tool for quick and easy erasing of any pencil writing. It takes care of eliminating the plumb left by the pencil, in a very effective way. It does not leave any type of trace in fingers or paper. The main features are:

  • It’s a very durable eraser.
  • It completely erases the pencil writing and does not break or hurt the paper during the process.
  • Its material is not made of latex.
  • Ideal for first grades or preschoolers.

4. Paper Mate Arrowhead: Cool for Kids

This eraser doesn’t seem to be one of the most requested, at first sight. But, the form and design with which it is made and its pink color, make all children who are beginning with their learning, want to acquire it. Thanks to this, it has managed to survive for years in the market.

They are not among the most resistant compared to others, but they are quite effective in erasing pencil writing. A good tip is to keep it in a zipper bag, so that it doesn’t dry out and abrade more easily. Some of the features are:

  • With a delicate glide, the eraser will do its job without any problem.
  • It can be used on colored pencils or graphite pencils. It is ideal for both.
  • They are usually placed on the back of the pencil to work faster and easier.

5. Bazic Pink Bevel Eraser

This pink bevel eraser, is one of the most recognized and with more years in the market. It has a flat design in almost all the eraser and with the tips a little more curved. It allows a simpler grip for children and the facility to erase in a faster way. It is a very durable eraser and allows the erasure of any colored pencil or graphite. Its main characteristics are:

  • It can be used on any type of surface or any type of paper.
  • It does not generate any kind of damage on the paper, at the moment of erasing.
  • It erases the entire pencil and leaves no marks.

6. Ticonderoga Pink Eraser

This eraser is similar to the previous ones. It is a little more robust and bigger in design and its pink color is not so intense. Even so, the way in which it is made allows a cleaner and more effective erasure. It is an eraser that can be used by children, adults or art professionals. Its main characteristics are:

  • It allows a complete erasure without leaving any kind of mark.
  • It is not made of latex materials.
  • It does not present any toxic material that could harm children.
  • It has an eraser number 2 for those yellow pencils.

EXTRA: How Do Erasers Erase?


It has become clear that erasers are one of the most necessary materials when it comes to complete the back to school shopping list. Without a doubt, we should start with them when we go out to buy our kids school supplies. We recommend purchasing an eraser that will allow your children to learn and also have fun. That way, their days at school will be more rewarding.

Whether you are kids in Preschool, Kindergarten, Middle School or High School, the School Shopping List website aims to help all students, teachers, and parents to find and buy best back to school supplies for both kids and adults. (check our other recent lists, Pencil GripsDry Erase MarkersScotch TapesGlue SticksColored Papers) Thanks for reading and sharing our post best pink erasers. for more visit our home page. Happy Schooling!

Take a minute to send this page to someone who need this. They will love it!

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