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Colored Paper – Top 9 Best Colored Paper Sheets [Supplies]

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When it comes to your kids school supplies list then you must take multi-colored A4 paper into consideration as it is one of the most basic things in your school supply list. We already know that the use of A4 color paper is quite common among kids and adults alike. Smartness is in utilizing your resources well and always opting for something that is great for your back to school list.

A4 size colored sheets not only gives a pleasant look to your work but also you enjoy working with them because colors can really make a difference you need. Color A4 sheet simply adds to the beauty of your already wonderful work. It is a very good practice to give your school kids an exposure working with A4 color sheets as a basis for their initial upbringing.

Colorful A4 size paper is most common among various papers that you will find around in the market place, so you will always be saved from the hassle of searching for long hours to find one of your favorite A4 size paper in color.

What makes colored papers so important?

First, one can never deny the importance of papers as they provide you the canvas on which you can put your thoughts on whether in the form of your writing or your drawing that solely came out of your imagination. But again this is supposed to be your back to school supplies list so you should be quite selective with your A4 size paper color.

To make things easier for you people, we have put our efforts into finding some best paper sheets so that you can choose the best for your school kids.

Best Colored Paper Sheets

1. Cardstock

Cardstock is the paper that is not too light or heavy, it weighs something in between which makes it rather easier to handle or to make artifacts out of it. It is sold in a variety of colors. It can also be acid-free, a perfect material for scrapbooking. Cardstock is the most known kind of paper for its crafting abilities. Some of its main features are usually:

  • Retain its quality if exposed to water.
  • Pretty stiff so very easy for you to write on.
  • Ideal for professional.

2. Construction Paper

Construction paper is a favorite among children, paper cannot be folded easily so it is better suited for making art models more preferably toys that kids can make on their own, which ultimately gives them the full confidence of constructing objects which they were never able to make before. School teachers normally use construction paper as A4 color sticker paper so it is easier for the kids to learn to play with art and apply their skills to the fullest of their potential. Some of its main features are usually:

  • Best for cutting shapes as you cannot give it any other form.
  • Can be useful with A4 size paper color.
  • Even better if given the shape of a4 construction paper.

3. Crepe Paper

Crepe paper is a kind of tissue paper which has a very thin layer of coating on it and is often sold in rolls or sheets. Crepe paper is mostly used for flower making which gives stunning results. Crepe paper streamers are well suited for party décor. Always keep in mind to use the higher quality of crepe paper, one that is of Italian standard which gives your paper flowers a very realistic look. Some of its main features are usually:

  • It gives high quality to your work.
  • Your flowers maintain a long-lasting look.
  • Keeps your masterpiece intact for a long time.

4. Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is a brown paper by nature which is commonly used for packaging (usually birthday gifts among children). This kind of paper can also be used for crafting paper bags which are used in grocery stores. It is always good to tell the kids about the wide usage of this Kraft paper, so they can try out the stuff on their own and making environment friendly material becomes something which they do as a hobby. Kraft paper also has numerous other usages such as card making, scrapbooking and also flower crafts for the kids entertainment. Some of its main features are usually:

  • It can also be in the form of a4 color sticker paper.
  • You should have good knowledge if you are to use this one.
  • Crafting can be difficult at times.

5. Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is the most sophisticated kind of paper you will see around as this paper is extremely foldable and a good thing about this is you can buy a bundle of it for just a few bucks. Tissue paper is a fragile paper that is seen in a variety of colors. Some tissue paper is used for wrapping items while colored tissue paper is used for gift bags, paper flowers and even for painting.

Even if you are amateur tissue papers are always the most reliable kind of papers on which you can practice your art. In the case of children, you already know they are totally safe as you don’t even have to worry about the budget in hand. Some of its main features are usually:

  • It can be used for cleaning as well.
  • It Can even find in the A4 size paper in color.

6. Newsprint

Newsprint is the form of paper used for printing newspapers. It can also be close to white photocopy paper but not exactly that, as newsprint paper is hard enough to be printed on both sides and still not that expensive. As a good practice or say to experiment on we can use A4 colored paper 500 sheets to print news related to school only to give children an insight of what real world newspapers look like. Some of its main features are usually:

  • More like for commercial purposes.
  • You can use it for other purposes as well.
  • Try making a model newspaper.

7. Origami Paper

Origami paper is a very specific kind of paper which does not support crafting well, so we often have to stick to only origami to make what we desire. We are aware that crafts can be made out of any paper that can fold well. They usually have other paper designs on one side and there is a white background on the other. The paper is usually a square and folds very well. Some of its main features are usually:

  • Not an easy thing to find around.
  • Its handling will prove if you are a pro or not.
  • Increases your creativity level.

8. Scrapbook Paper

Scrapbook paper is available for sale at many of the craft stores. This paper usually comes in uncountable patterns and designs. The choices can be difficult to make. Papers come in wide variety, some thick while others thin and some are printed on both sides. Standard scrapbook paper sizes are 12 x 12 inches but you can find in various sizes depending on what you want. Although scrapbook paper is sold primarily for the purpose of scrapbooking only, but you can include it in back to school list to give children some variety. Some of its main features are usually:

  • Fun activities.
  • Giving children a great time in art class.

9. Washi Paper

Washi paper is a Japanese brand and was invented for the purpose of displaying Japanese art in its traditional form. Working with Washi paper means you are already a professional artist and has a good understanding of how to mold the paper in order to get accurate results because playing around with the paper of such quality isn’t a child’s play. Some of its main features are usually:

  • Must know how to handle the delicate parts of the paper.
  • If you are eager then you may let your kids practice their hands on it.
  • You have to be an enthusiast to use it.


Mix up of colors like yellow color A4 paper and green color A4 paper can earn you a great collection of your kid’s school supplies. It not only gives a new spirit to your children but also motivates them to study. Lucky star color paper is another type that the kids are absolutely going to love because they are a combination of most of the A4 size colored sheets.

At last colorful A4 size paper is the fundamental part of your school kids inventory and they should be found in every kids school bag too. Because in the end this is how you can make study fun for them.

Whether you are kids in Preschool, Kindergarten, Middle School or High School, the School Shopping List website aims to help all students, teachers, and parents to find and buy best back to school supplies for both kids and adults. (check our other recent lists, Pencil Grips, Pink ErasersDry Erase MarkersScotch TapesGlue Sticks) Thanks for reading and sharing our post best colored paper sheets. for more visit our home page. Happy Schooling!

Take a minute to send this page to someone who need this. They will love it!

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