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12 Best Coloring Books For Kids [Drawing Books]

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The kids coloring books contain figures or illustrations in black lines on a white background to be filled with colors, paintings, markers or any other tool that allows them to add color. Children enjoy coloring so offering them this option to do so will be to their liking.

Where do the kids coloring books come from?

In 1880 approximately the first coloring book appeared in the US and was called “The Little Folks’ Painting Book”, many years later in 1907 the book “Buster’s Paint Book” was published. From then on, the trend began to use coloring books, especially to advertise different products of that time.

In these coloring books used to use paint, it was from 1930 that its design began to be oriented for the use of colored pencils.

After 1960 it began to become popular in children and their designs were elaborated to please them and that the most common population to buy them were school-age children.


1. Fun drawing books for kids with figures, shapes, numbers, letters, and animals.

Young children should learn the language, strengthen physical skills and develop new ideas, so this wonderful and fun coloring book will provide their children with a large number of shapes, letters, colored figures, numbers and animals to help them learn and encourage them thanks to color and fun.

Additional characteristics:

  • The motifs and designs to be colored are inspired by young children, so its use is recommended for children 1 to 3 years of age.
  • The coloring book has 148 pages.
  • Drawings with shapes, numbers, letters, figures, and animals involve the child and teach them the variety that exists.
  • Its use allows the development of fine motor skills in children and helps them recognize the striking designs and large lines.
  • As your child colors and turns from one page to another, he will be learning the basics thanks to the more than 100 illustrations that come in the notebook.

2. Set of 3 coloring books for girls with Disney motifs

Do you want to give an educational and fun tool to the spoiled ones of the house? Well, these coloring books with Disney motifs that you like so much will surely fascinate you. This wonderful set includes 3 coloring books with prints of My Little Pony, Frozen and Disney princesses.

Additional characteristics:

  • The reasons that come in the set are the ones preferred by girls today.
  • Coloring with these books will be like a game while enjoying hours of fun and learning.
  • The set of books includes puzzles, mazes and coloring activities so that the little ones spend hours having fun while coloring.
  • The set includes the 3 giant size books for coloring, 4 crayons, 25 stickers to further increase the fun and color in your school and recreation activities and an additional game bag on the occasion of Disney princesses with mini funny book To color too.

3. Amazing drawing books for kids all in 1 for multiple ages

Charming and fascinating coloring book with 288 pages so that children can add color while having fun, enjoy and learn. The collection includes motifs of llamas, uni-creatures, cosmic cats and squad objectives. Perfect for giving and complementing homework.

Additional characteristics:

  • This option will keep your little ones happy while traveling, during rainy days, pajamas, meetings of friends or just to have a fun time.
  • Includes bright stickers with animal motifs so your children can have fun decorating their notebooks, school books and any other place that makes them happy.
  • The creative and imaginative characters that are included in this book are designed to inspire children to select the most appropriate color they consider according to their creativity and taste.
  • Children 3 years and older are the ones who will most enjoy the images and coloring figures included in this book.

4. Children’s coloring book with amazing animal motifs

A creative, fantastic and economical option to give children the chance to have fun and play while coloring fun animals. The book contains numerous pages loaded with the best images of the favorite animals. Designed with the tastes of children between 3 and 8 years old in mind.

Additional characteristics:

  • The book contains pictures to color from beasts in the jungle, funny furry animals, forest creatures, funny fish, animated pets, bright birds to lovely scenery of nature.
  • Developed and designed by experts in education and in specialists to create coloring books, which means that this option represents a great tool for children’s learning.
  • All coloring drawings are printed on one side only.
  • Each coloring page comes with a black page behind to prevent the next page withdrawing from being stained or marked with the previous drawing.

5. Drawing books for kids with unicorn motif for girls

Lovely coloring book with fabulous unicorn images inspired by the little dreamers of school and home. The images include drawings of smiling, beautiful, happy and funny unicorns. Perfect to give to the girls who love the unicorns that are so fashionable today.

Additional characteristics:

  • This edition includes 50 individual designs to be colored.
  • Each design is single-sided, includes beautiful unicorns with well-crafted and detailed backgrounds inspired by meadows, castles, mushrooms, rainbow houses and stars.
  • The coloring book includes 102 pages with creative motifs to add color.
  • The motifs of unicorns are appropriate for children of the school-age of approximately 4 to 8 years.
  • Its size is A4 so that the drawings are large and can be enjoyed by small hands.
  • Children 4 years and older can use it to complement their school activities.

6. Activity book with superheroes for coloring

What kid doesn’t love superhero animated characters? Well, the answer is simple so if your child is a fan of these characters, you should not overlook this option that will be very useful to your little one.

Additional characteristics:

  • There are 6 fabulous coloring books with 96 pages of different activities each.
  • Each book is from a different superhero with fantastic prints.
  • Spiderman, avengers, superman, guardians of the galaxy, Batman and Captain America are the superheroes who have inspired the design of this collection of coloring books.
  • Each book measures approximately 8 inches x 10.75 inches.
  • This collection will provide you with total security many hours of fun and entertainment for your little adventurers.

7. Coloring book for children with dinosaur motifs

For children who love dinosaur themes, this fantastic option is presented that includes different drawings about this wonderful prehistoric world.

Your little ones will find in this book all types of popular dinosaurs that you can imagine. It represents an alternative to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination while offering you an option to take it off the screens.

Additional characteristics:

  • The book has 33 unique pages for coloring, there are no figures or images of duplicated dinosaurs so your little one can enjoy various motifs in the same book.
  • Each drawing is printed on an individual page to prevent bleeding and stains or marks another drawing.
  • Each design has been carefully and detailed so that it can be interesting and entertaining for children between 4 and 8 years of age.
  • All designs are simple, complex images have been avoided so that children can easily color it.
  • Share the passion with your dinosaur fan child while having fun and playing for hours.

8. Pack of 8 assorted drawing books for kids

If you are looking for an option to give gifts to several children, this option is ideal because it includes 8 wonderful activity books so that children can add color and have fun. Perfect as a gift in raffles and surprises for birthdays or any other children’s celebration.

Additional characteristics:

  • Perfect for children of all ages over 2 years of age.
  • This assorted option of books in bulk will provide hours of fun, learning and play to the spoiled of the house.
  • The books have puzzles, numerous coloring activities, games, mazes, and many fun options.
  • Each book has numerous coloring pages, from 32 to 96 pages, this depends on each book.
  • The books are large enough for children to comfortably color each image, its dimensions are 8.5 inches x 11 inches.
  • The characters included in the activity books are Sesame Street, Winnie the Pooh, Disney Frozen, Peanuts Snoopy and many more.
  • The package includes a Princess Castle door hanger as a gift.

9. Coloring books with super sweet motifs

Healthy and fun entertainment where the magic of color and creativity will take hold of children’s creative hands to free themselves and color in a pleasant and fun way. Each page is full of impressions of beautiful desserts such as ice cream, cupcakes, popsicles, cookies, donuts, and more goodies.

Additional characteristics:

  • Its use applies to all ages, from kindergarten, preschool, primary school, teenagers and even adults who want to share with their children.
  • The book has 53 pages with lovely motifs and figures to color.
  • Between each page to draw, there is a black separation page to prevent a drawing from staining another after coloring.
  • The use of these books allows both children and young people and adults to relax, have fun and relieve stress while drawing and sharing a pleasant moment accompanied by color and imagination.
  • Designed under the inspiration that children can develop the ability to color until they become experts.
  • They are excellent as birthday gifts or for special occasions.

10. Perfect drawing books for kids for Paw Patrol fans

Children who are paw patrol fans will be fascinated with this coloring option that includes all the characters in this wonderful series that is very fashionable and that children love.

Additional characteristics:

  • 2 presentations to choose from: a package of 2 books and a package of 12 books.
  • Each book has 96 pages with fabulous drawings of Paw Patrol’s people.
  • Prints include drawings by Ryder, Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Rubble, Zuma, Skye, and the rest of the characters that bring the animated series to life.
  • Each book measures approximately 8 inches x 10.75 inches so prints are great for children to be motivated to color them.
  • Books include a word search, games with paw patrol, mazes and many other educational activities to color.
  • The presentation of the package of 12 coloring books is perfect to give to a group of children from the same classroom or as gifts in raffles or children’s party contests.

11. Activity book for coloring and learning letters, ABC and words

Inspired by the theory that children can learn while playing and having fun at the same time. Its presentation is very exceptional and illustrative, it also has many interactive pages that provide the opportunity for the little ones and their parents to share a pleasant and unique moment.

Additional characteristics:

  • There is no need to worry about the indentations of the markers since the drawings below will not be ruined.
  • The lines of each drawing are thick so that the little ones can keep their crayon and colored pencil strokes inside them.
  • Their reasons prepare children to acquire basic knowledge before entering school.
  • Each book has 110 pages with drawings that are printed on glossy white sheets with a unique finish.

12. Nature-inspired coloring book

Wonderful coloring book for adults and children designed with beautiful landscapes of nature. Ideal to de-stress and relax while your imagination and creativity are disconnected from everything else and surrender to enjoy the colors and the landscape you are drawing.

Additional characteristics:

  • The book is inspired by national parks belonging to the United States.
  • The parks embodied in the book range from the Everglades, Mammoth Cave, the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest, the Great Smoky Mountains, and many more.
  • Perfect for children of all ages and adults.
  • Ideal for children to draw with their parents and have a good time while they know and learn about these parks.

The tools and activities that encourage children to color are recommended at all levels and provide many benefits in them, if you want to know what these benefits are, I invite you to read the following information:


Frequent questions:

1. Are coloring books good for children?

Definitely yes, they provide wonderful benefits such as developing fine motor skills and encouraging children to educational activities.

There are options for coloring books where children are taught vowels, alphabet, numbers, and some basic words. In general, coloring books are a learning tool for children.


2. How to choose the best drawing books?

Most coloring books are made under the same characteristics and materials. Your selection is going to depend a lot on the taste of each child, it is best to provide the impressions that each one likes most so that they take care of them at the outset and do not see it as a task but as a game.


Toddler Coloring In Kids Coloring Book

To have fun and color

It is fun for children to fill in blank drawings as they can express freedom in their imagination by selecting the colors of their choice and start drawing. It is convenient for parents to contemplate the supply of the kids coloring books as it represents a fabulous learning tool as part of the necessary school complement for their children.

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