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Top 7 Best Craft Felt Papers For Your DIY Craft Projects [Origami]

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Colors are one of those first things that play a vital role in grabbing our attention, be it the color of your clothes or simply the kids school supplies. Why do you think advertisements with more colors have a greater tendency to become successful over the plain ones? The answer lies in the perfect combination of colors they use which compels our eyes to look again and again. That’s why craft felt papers are so important in your back to school shopping list.

Colors don’t have ages or genders; an attractive color will remain cool to the eyes of every age or among every gender. When we are making a school supply list for our children, we should be extra careful while selecting colors for them to maintain or bring back their interest in school. It is indeed a very tough job choosing an appropriate back to school supplies list while keeping your children both enthusiastic and energetic.

Taking your kid out for back to school shopping can be cumbersome because kids usually dislike especially when they know the purpose is to buy them new school items. Here is the real test for you as you have to try out new ways of keeping your child in disguise and make them believe that you are here for just some kind of enjoyment.

Why include craft felt papers?

Colored sheets as compared to plain sheets drive the attention of the child towards itself, because colors are the only source of getting a child’s attention, therefore it is very important to include them in kids school supplies to lure your children to studies.

Colored sheets were and will always be the essential part of back to school supplies list as they will help in inclining your children towards studies and making them love their school stuff more.

Best Craft Flet Papers

1. Outstanding Craft Felt Paper

That kind of material of paper that is used for crafting shapes out of the hand-drawn images by children or even by you to provide some level of entertainment to the kids in school. Basically, this paper is a lot helpful in creating pieces of art just by your ordinary drawing and then cutting out the different shapes and adding them to kid’s inventory. This is a kind of paper you would surely want to make a part of your kid’s school supplies.

  • Qualities vary (separate for crafting and different material for making only shapes).
  • Rates are pretty cheap and easily affordable.
  • Easy to deal with.
  • It is very easy to cut, fold and glue at the time of use.

2. Felt Paper Michaels

This felt paper michaels is another very good option to have in your school supply list as this is always a tremendous option when dealing with kids, and gives you true flexibility because you are always open to many possibilities before your eyes, considering the situation before you, you can maneuver the paper in any style you like. Some of its main features may be:

  • Very stiff material so that you can shape it easily.
  • The quality doesn’t differ much, just the colors you want to choose from.
  • Best for the kids to try their creativity on.
  • It has a harder texture than others but still, is very easy to cut.

3. Felt Paper Arts Craft

This felt crafting paper is the most common you will find in the market; its wide availability almost everywhere gives you an ease of access as it happens to be the final choice of most. Always comes in handy as you do not need any special artistic skills as you can create anything out of your imagination, giving it a unique look every time. Some of its main features may be:

  • It can be obtained in more than forty tonalities.
  • It is extremely easy to cut, fold, glue and staple.
  • Can be molded into anything.

4. A4 felt paper

This A4 felt paper sized papers normally regarded as computer papers, which means better suited for print quality on an already colorful background, just adds to the beauty of it, giving the kids a pleasant experience of seeing their digital drawing in physical from in their hands. That’s not it, this paper can also be used for the kids to write short notes or any little interesting story. Some of its main features may be:

  • Available in different thickness.
  • Wide variety of colors.
  • Easy to pile up when you have to collect and store the work of kids.

5. Translucent Vellum

Translucent Vellum paper is quite thin and is used for making fancy greeting cards or maybe invitation cards for wedding or for any other event, keeping in view the high quality of the paper. Surely a very effective way of teaching kids to utilize their available resources and that not relying on going to the market and spending bucks which they could easily save. Some of its main features may be:

  • Could be little expensive, but buying in bulks can give numerous benefits.
  • Need little artistic skills.
  • Helpful in learning.
  • In addition to the typical colors, it has transparent tracing papers.

6. Mulberry Paper

Your school supply list shouldn’t be lacking this wonderful addition as it is a handmade paper which is often used for scrapbooking which all the kids around the world love to do as a pass time. This paper is extremely lightweight making it rare to find as not everyone can handle the texture of the paper. Some of its main features may be:

  • It’s very hard to find. That’s why it’s one of the most expensive on the market.
  • Material is quite unique and of ultra-high quality.
  • Not suitable for beginners.

7. Amazing craft felt paper

If you want to take your kid’s artistic skills to the next level or you feel it is about time to expose the kids to something more professional then this craft felt paper should be your only choice as this type of paper usually has two thin outer layers, along with a fluted sheet of paper in between. It made from very thick material because it is an incredibly robust type of paper. Some of its main features may be:

  • Recommended for professionals.
  • Very easy to use as it cuts and sticks easily
  • Best suited for making models.

Best crafts made of felt


After giving this a thorough read, we have already come to know that we are always open to unending choices when it comes to completing our DIY craft projects. It not only gives us the leniency but also lets us try our creativity with every single material out there which is shouting at us to be tried out.

Not to forget that all this is essential for your school supply list, cause playing with craft felt papers around in the most creative manner can really help in making the kids who they really are and this ultimately is the first step in their character building.

Whether you are kids in Preschool, Kindergarten, Middle School or High School, the School Shopping List website aims to help all students, teachers, and parents to find and buy best back to school supplies for both kids and adults. (check our other recent lists, Pink ErasersDry Erase MarkersScotch TapesGlue SticksColored Papers) Thanks for reading and sharing our post best craft felt papers. For more visit our home page. Happy Schooling!

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