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13 Best Rated Dry Erase Markers [Fine Tip – Washable – Expo]

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We already know that education, when we are children, is the most important element, we can count on to develop in the best possible way. The factors that influence the correct education are many. From our parents, through our friends, teachers, brothers, and sisters, among others. All of them are important and decisive for a child. But, we must not forget something as basic as the study supplies. When we begin a new educational year and must fulfill the back to school shopping list, there are many things to keep in mind. These include dry erase markers.

Dry erase markers are one of the most important materials when it comes to catching up with our studies. Markers are often linked to younger children as they are often used for coloring and drawing. Their great variety of colors allows for capturing the attention of children. But we must not forget that they are also used by adults, both in their work and in their homes.

What are the advantages of dry erase markers?

Let’s detail some of the benefits of dry erase markers. These are:

  • They are much easier to use compared to chalk.
  • They do not emit annoying or irritating sounds as is usually the case with chalk.
  • Their cleaning is super simple. Just use a cloth.
  • They are usually stored in a personalized box and very easy.

Two main types of markers for whiteboards

Chisel markers (broad tip cut at an angle) and fine markers (fine tip) learn more about these here.

13 Best Dry Erasers Markers

1. Avery 24411 Dry Erase Marker

They are high-quality markers that stand out in the market. They are very practical because the tip of the same allows the drawing of fine lines allowing interspersed with thick lines. In addition, they are very easy to clean. Any eraser, cloth or soft tissue can be used. Some of the main features are:

  • It is extremely easy to clean.
  • They are ideal for children as they do not present toxic chemicals.
  • Ideal for use on non-porous surfaces such as glass or whiteboards.

2. Modern-Twist Kidz Dry Erase Marker

These markers are known in the market for being sold in packs of 6 units. The color ranges are very varied and the packs can be assembled any way you want. An interesting aspect is that they are made with recyclable components. This means that they do not harm the environment, something very important nowadays. When they begin to wear, just place the tip of the marker on alcohol, to make it look like new. Its positive aspects are:

  • Made of 70% recyclable materials.
  • They do not contain toxic materials.
  • They do not stain.
  • It can be used on any surface.

3. EXPO Whiteboard Markers

These expo dry erase markers are ideal for those university classrooms. They are often used on whiteboards and come in basic colors such as black, blue, red and green. In addition, 4 packages dry erase markers, an eraser, and an ideal cleaning spray is available. The complete package has a very convenient market price. Its features are:

  • The spray that comes in the package takes care of removing all kinds of stains.
  • It is often used by adults for their exhibitions at the university.
  • They are not toxic. Therefore they can be used by children too.

4. Shuttle Art Dry Erase Markers

These markers are ideal for art professionals. Their packages usually include fifteen unique colors with such fine tips that they will make those delicate strokes very easy. Its advantage is that after having used them, the ink dries quickly. Even so, your writing can be removed with any cloth or eraser you have. Its characteristics are:

  • Fine or thick lines can be drawn without any problem and very quickly.
  • They can be used on any surface and are easily erased.
  • They are environmentally friendly and do not emit any unpleasant odors.
  • It is recommended to store them horizontally and in their packaging so that the ink does not spill.

5. June Gold Dry Erase Markers

These markers already have their history within the market. They are usually sold in packages of thirty-nine units and thirteen colors. In other words, we have three units of the same color. Its design allows a simpler grip and, at the same time, softer and more delicate writing. It has a much larger ink tank than other markers. This allows them to store more ink. The features are:

  • They are not toxic and do not emit an odor that could be harmful to children.
  • Ergometric design.
  • They are often used in whiteboards and glass.

6. Artellius Fine Point Dry Eraser Marker

It’s a sensational marker as your package comes with a total of forty markers. Twelve colors with three markers for each color and seven different shades of black. The thin tip dry erase marker is so effective that we do not need to change the positioning of the marker during writing for better quality. They are usually used in school classrooms. Some characteristics can be:

  • Its tip is so effective that it can also be used on porous and non-porous surfaces.
  • It does not present toxic elements.
  • They emit almost no odor when used.
  • Its tip is in the shape of a bullet. This makes it easier to draw fine lines.

7. Arteza Dry Erase Markers

It is a very practical purchase for those organizations or schools that require a large number of markers and tonalities. The Arteza package has fifty-two markers with different tonalities. Its colors are extremely bright and brilliant and its ink is odorless. It can be used on any surface and its cleaning is easy, fast and effective. The characteristics can be:

  • They comply with the necessary safety certifications.
  • They can be used by children because they are not toxic.
  • Their ink resists stains and extreme rubbing when writing.

8. Crayola Washable Dry Erase Markers

Of these Crayola dry erase markers we must emphasize that its ink does not stain the clothes in any way and that it is also easy to clean. These markers are ideal for children up to 3 years as they can be used on any type of surface and clothing. Their colors are extremely bright and leave no stains or affect the skin of children when they enter in contact with it. Its main features are:

  • It has a round tip that allows drawing fine and thick lines in a perfect way.
  • Its main audience is young children.
  • It can be used on any surface as it can always be completely cleaned.

9. U Brands Low Odor Magnetic Dry Erase Markers

These markers are very different from the traditional ones. First of all, their design is extremely strange and U-shaped. In addition, they contain a magnetic material that allows them to stick to the boards on which they are going to be used. These magnetic dry erase markers also have an eraser on the cap. This eliminates the need to have at hand, a cloth for cleaning it. Its features are:

  • They can be purchased in five different types of packages and with different color variations.
  • They are non-toxic and odorless.
  • Magnetic adherence to any metallic surface.

10. Board Dudes Dry Erase Markers

These markers are quite similar to the others as they do not emit any odor and can be used on any non-porous surface. Unlike the others, it includes a small clip that is in its cap. The objective is to be able to grab it to our shirt and jacket so we don’t lose it. It has a larger than normal ink deposit. Other features may be:

  • Its package contains six units of different tonalities.
  • It can be cleaned with any delicate cloth or paper.
  • Bright and eye-catching colors for children.
  • They are not toxic or harmful when they come into contact with the skin.

11. Quartet Dry Erase Markers

These markers are already of higher quality and are often used by companies for important presentations. Their package usually contains the four classic colors. The main virtue of these markers is that they have an ink indicator. This way, when using them, we will know exactly how much ink we have to complete our work. Other features can be:

  • They have multiple packages. You can buy in a variety of colors or only black markers. Packs of four or twelve units.
  • Simple to erase and remove. It can be used on any glass or whiteboard.
  • No toxic chemicals or unpleasant odor.

12. Magnetic Dry Erase Markers [EXPO]

These markers are of unbeatable quality. They are ergonomically designed and also have a magnetic magnet that allows them to adhere easily to metal surfaces and blackboards. In addition, it comes with the eraser incorporated to the cap of the same one. They can be very useful for young children who often misplace objects. With the magnetic magnet, that will not happen again. Features can be:

  • They have two packages on the market. Four and eight units.
  • Its ink is easy to dry and is easy to clean.
  • Fine tip to make a fine and elegant layout or thick and remarkable one.

13. ZenZoi Dry Erase Markers For Kids

These markers were taken into consideration within the market and today, are among the most recognized. They are made entirely by recycled components with the aim of protecting the environment. Their design allows a more secure grip and a simpler and clearer writing. They are often used by kids for their elegant design and durability. Their features are:

  • Their package comes with thirteen unique and extremely bright colors.
  • Practical, safe and efficient storage case. Prevents them from drying out quickly.
  • Tip that allows fine, medium and thick strokes of high quality.



As you may have noticed, there are many types of dry erase markers on the market. Any of these can meet your expectations and needs. It is a mandatory requirement in the back to school list, and also, for any company or organization. The durability and variety of tonalities will facilitate in a great way the day to day activities.

Whether you are kids in Preschool, Kindergarten, Middle School or High School, the School Shopping List website aims to help all students, teachers, and parents to find and buy best back to school supplies for both kids and adults. (check our other recent lists, Pencil Grips, Pink ErasersScotch TapesGlue SticksColored Papers) Thanks for reading and sharing our post best dry erase markers. for more visit our home page. Happy Schooling!

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