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20 Best Glitter Papers [Glitter Washi Tapes, Stickers, and More..]

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Many times we want to develop an artistic project and we want to add or a striking touch that makes our work of art stand out from the others. For this, a perfect option is to use glitter papers, foam sheets or any other material with bright features that fill our creation with light.


What can be made with papers, adhesives, foam or glossy cardstocks?

These materials are widely used for decorative purposes and are useful for many creations such as:

  1. Paper pompoms of different sizes.
  2. Papercraft flowers and any other craft pattern.
  3. Paper balls to decorate.
  4. Flower wrappers.
  5. Colorful party toppers.
  6. Giant Collages.
  7. Package designs or commercial boxes.
  8. Birthday piñatas.
  9. Gift wrapping.
  10. Costume design.
  11. Fillers for gift baskets.
  12. And any other decoration.



1. Package of 120 Glitter papers with 6 different metallic colors

Papers with bright colors perfect for gift wrapping, invitation cards, crafts, flower making, and many more applications. The colors that come in the package are: gold, silver, copper, aquamarine, pink and amethyst, all in metallic tones.

Additional product features:

  • The leaves are double-sided.
  • The package brings 20 glitter papers for each metallic color.
  • Each sheet of paper measures 8.5 inches x 11 inches.

2. Package of 24 silver glitter papers

Perfect for preparing party invitations, business cards, decorative posters and many more applications that require a bright and outstanding style.

Additional product features:

  • Each sheet is single sided.
  • The sheets measure 8.5 x 11 inches.
  • The paper weight is 180 gsm.

Product Benefit:

  • It provides brightness and elegance to art projects.

3. 120 glitter sheets of bulk tissue paper with 12 assorted colors

10 sheets of shiny tissue paper for 12 different colors; that is, a great variety to create artistic projects, decorations and endless creations with this wonderful and complete option. The amount of bright colors will awaken the imagination and creativity of small and large artists.

Additional product feature:

  • Each sheet of tissue paper measures 20 x 26 inches.

Product benefits:

  • Perfect for fun creating crafts with friends and family.
  • Add dynamism and fun to existing creations.
  • It has a dazzling finish thanks to the gloss impregnated on each sheet of paper.
  • The price of the package with the 120 sheets of paper is very convenient.

4. Rainbow glitter sheets tissue with 24 colors

The package includes 24 beautiful colors to provide joy and elegance to your projects. 5 sheets of tissue paper are included for each color; that is, the package brings 120 units in total.

Additional product feature:

  • The size of each sheet is large, measures 20 inches x 26 inches.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • Each sheet of tissue paper is easy to cut, tear, fold, glue, shape and handle at your convenience.
  • It is easy to work with each sheet of paper due to its flexibility and lightweight.
  • It can be used in different applications: pattern making, party decoration, gift wrap, costume design and many more.



5. 30 rolls of 15 mm glossy adhesive tape

Unique design that combines beautiful prints, paint, and tan. All the patterns that come in the rolls are fresh and include plants, nature animals, tropical fruits, geometric figures and many more.

Additional product feature:

  • The package includes 30 rolls 15 millimeters wide and 4 meters long each.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • The adhesive tape is sticky and can be easily removed.
  • Once the adhesive tape is detached, debris can be easily cleaned without leaving a trace of dirt.
  • Beautiful patterns with gold paper are perfect to meet any creative need.

6. Set of 20 rolls of thin foil adhesive tape

Adhesive tape for multiple uses with 2 designs to choose from: a classic style with white, gray black and cosmic elements and another design with floral patterns and geometric patterns that will attract a lot of attention. Any presentation will give a special touch to your works of art.

Additional product features:

  • Each roll is made with natural fibers that are friendly, high quality and non-toxic.
  • The set comes with 3 different sizes, 0.39 inches x 13 feet (4 rolls), 0.59 inches x 13 feet (12 rolls) and 1.18 inches x 13 feet (4 rolls).

Benefits offered by the product:

  • Printing remains colorful over time without deteriorating the print.
  • It can be used on many surfaces, always recommending that they are clean for optimum adhesion.
  • The tape can be adhered and removed as many times as necessary without leaving traces of dirt or debris.

7. Pack of 12 rolls of the glitter washi tape for art projects

Adhesive tape sticky enough to remain fixed in place and decorate your artistic projects. It can be easily removed leaving the surface clean without sticky debris or dirt.

Additional product features:

  • The package includes 12 different colors, each roll comes with a unicolor tone.
  • Each roll is 0.59 inches wide by 118 inches long.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • Made with non-toxic quality paper in compliance with environmental protection requirements.
  • The colors printed on the tape are lovely and bright.

8. 50 rolls of glitter washi tape with patterned motifs

Ideal for daily use in craft and art activities. This decorative tape provides bright paper and unique motifs that will allow you to add color, magic, and fun to any environment or work to decorate.

Additional product features:

  • Made of plastic material.
  • The package includes 50 varied prints.
  • Each roll is 15 millimeters wide by 3 meters long.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • Quality adhesive that guarantees long life.
  • Its texture is soft and water-resistant.
  • It can be removed and pasted again without leaving any residue.



9. Set of 30 pieces of glitter sticker papers for multicolored art

Thin self-adhesive glossy paper, ideal for versatile uses such as banners, lettering, home decor, stickers, stripes, window graphics, gift wrapping, and many more applications. Each sheet has a coating to protect the adhesive until ready to use.

Additional product features:

  • The size of each glossy self-adhesive sheet is 12 inches high x 8 inches wide.
  • Each set comes with 10 different colors that are randomly selected.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • Self-adhesive sheets are water-resistant.
  • It can be applied in glass vases or any glass.

10. 30 A4 sheets of the self-adhesive sticker with purpurine

Adhesive paper constructed with purpurine and made with high-quality craft paper to provide a soft, bright, elegant, dazzling and durable texture.

Additional product features:

  • There are 10 different colors available that are randomly selected to complete the 30 sheets.
  • The package includes 30 self-adhesive sheets, 1 double-sided tape and 1 safety scissors.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • The adhesive is easy to cut and handle.
  • It is suitable for making large size patterns.

11. Glitter sticker papers permanent made of Vinyl

If you want to complement your crafts, projects, and works of art, this option offers brightness, delicacy and easy manipulation to add along with your creativity, the touch you want.

Additional product features:

  • The package includes 40 sheets of vinyl with adhesive.
  • The colors that come in the package are assorted and bright.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • Each vinyl sheet is sturdy and durable.
  • The lining that each sheet has is easy to peel and maneuver.

12. Decorative set with 60 self-adhesive sheets and 10 rolls of transfer tape

With this set of self-adhesive sheets, you can create and design personalized stickers according to your creativity and imagination. Its manipulation is simple so you can decorate multiple surfaces such as cups, walls, glasses, windows, cars, photo frames and many more.

Additional product features:

  • Each sheet of paper is 12 inches large x 12 inches wide.
  • 30 different colors are included in the set.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • Provide high-quality adhesive backing that includes a liner for protection.
  • Each sheet comes flat without rolling.
  • They are waterproof and can be used with confidence since they are non-toxic.



13. EVA glitter foam paper with a soft sponge

Foam sheets with a glass lining to provide a bright look to your works of art. The foam sheets are soft to the touch, easy to handle, non-toxic, have good water resistance and thermal insulation.

Additional product features:

  • More than 10 colors available to choose from.
  • Made with EVA foam paper.
  • 2 sizes available: 21 centimeters x 29 centimeters and 40 centimeters x 60 centimeters.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • It is widely used, it is used to make manual stickers for various uses, DIY, interior decoration, art projects and many more.
  • It is antibacterial which favors non-contamination.

14. Package of 85 glitter foam sheets with 17 assorted colors

The foam sheet set allows children to express their creativity with the plain and bright colors they offer. They can create foam puppets, fun toys, lettering for posters, invitation cards and many more works.

 Additional product features:

  • The package comes with 17 different colors: black, white, gray, red, yellow, orange, golden, purple, pink, lavender, light salmon, roasted, royal blue, sky blue, light blue, lime green, and forest green.
  • 5 foam sheets come for each different color.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • Its texture is spongy and soft.
  • The material is easy to trim.

15. Set of 20 colorful glitter foam sheets self-adhesive

Set of 20 foam sheets with purpurine for your craft projects that offer 20 different colors to cover all your art and creation needs.

Additional product features:

  • The size of each sheet is 8.5 inches x 11 inches.
  • The thickness of each sheet is 2 millimeters

Benefit offered by the product:

  • It can be easily folded and cut to allow you to create your projects.

16. 24 pieces of self-adhesive glitter foam paper

This presentation of 24 units of self-adhesive foam sheets makes it easy to add a bright and shiny appearance to art and craft projects. They can be used in multiple works and are easy to use.

Additional product features:

  • The set includes 3 foam sheets of each color: black, red, yellow, green, pink, light blue, purple, and dark blue.
  • Each foam sheet is 11 inches tall x 8 inches wide and 2.25 inches thick.

Benefit offered by the product:

  • The purpurine touch incorporated in each sheet gives your projects a unique and bright accent.



17. Package of 20 sheets of glitter cardstock paper for crafts

Glossy cardboard paper perfect for crafts, home decor, packaging, card making, scrapbooks, school projects, and any other artistic use.

Additional product features:

  • 10 different colors are included per package.
  • The size of each sheet of cardboard is A4.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • Cardboard paper is easy to punch and cut.
  • It provides a high-quality multi-colored shine in all your applications.

18. 50 pieces of glitter cardstock for school and craft projects

Multipurpose cardboard paper set for all your decorative projects. You can make stars, trees, flowers, and any other decorative figure. It is very useful in school projects as they provide a distinctive personality touch.

Additional product features:

  • The set comes with 10 different colors, 5 units for each color to complete the 50 sheets of cardboard.
  • The size of each sheet is 9.84 inches x 9.84 inches.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • The surface is easy to cut, fold and manipulate thanks to the specialty of the paper.

19. 24 sheets of glitter cardstock paper with unicolor and multicolored options

Pack of 24 bright sheets of paper cardboard ideal for personal, corporate and craft use. You can choose between the different colors available: blue, gold, orange, silver and multicolored.

Additional product features:

  • Each sheet of paper has the following dimensions: 8 x 12 inches.
  • Made with a heavyweight of 250 gsm.

Benefit offered by the product:

  • Each sheet of paper is elegant, thick and of high-quality

20. 40 pieces of ultra-bright A4 size cardboard

Multicolored cards with an exceptional brightness that will dazzle everyone with their bright appearance. This option offers 10 different colors to provide joy and fun to your school and craft projects.

Additional product feature:

  • The construction material is made from craft paper.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • It can be easily cut with die-cutting machines.
  • The paper is soft to the touch and durable.


Frequent questions:

1. What material washi tape made of and what is it for?

A washi tape is a type of adhesive tape made from washi paper and is mainly used as decorative purposes. It is sticky, but it can be removed from the surface where it has been glued and will not leave sticky residue.

The washi tape is used for many applications: personalized art, wall decoration, make invitation cards, decorate glass jars, make personalized stickers, organize file tabs to improve their classification, create cupcake toppers, decorate gift wrappers and many more.


2. What is purpurine and what is it used for?

Purpurine is also known as glitter and is a product that is available in many craft and art items. They usually come in small jars or sachets and are sold in different colors.

They are often used in costumes, makeup, children’s products, school activities and especially in art and craft projects as they provide a bright look wherever they are applied.


DIY: Best Ways To Use Glitter Washi Tapes


To shine

If we want to give a lively look at all the craft and art projects we undertake, the various options of the glitter papers presented here constitute an excellent alternative. They are economic and multifunctional solutions that adapt to any work of art to be made.

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