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12 Best Hot Glue Guns & Hot Glue Sticks [Reviews – Buyers Guide]

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Hot glue guns are an excellent adhesion option thanks to the quality, strength and final finish that provides its use. If we do not have this tool at home, its acquisition should be considered.

What are the advantages of using the best glue gun?

Hot melting offers numerous unique advantages that differentiate it from other types of glue, some of which are:

  1. Strength and durability.
  2. Material is almost not wasted.
  3. Glue drying once applied is fast.
  4. Once the glue has cured, the thickness is not lost.
  5. Environmental precautions should not be taken for material disposal.
  6. Glue guns are simple and not expensive.
  7. It has no volatile organic compounds.
  8. It is capable of creating seals to offer resistance to handling.
  9. Additives can be added to provide color and combine with the objects or materials that are intended to be joined.


1. 40-watt high-temperature glue gun

A practical and versatile hot glue gun that supports standard size glue sticks (7/16 inches in diameter). This high-temperature glue gun has unique safety features that make it an efficient and safe tool for proper handling.

Additional characteristics:

  • The package includes the hot glue gun and 20 all-purpose glue sticks.
  • Includes an insulated nozzle together with a fuse as safety measures, this creates peace of mind and confidence while handling.
  • The support is retractable, which facilitates work and placement on the work table while it is not being used.
  • Perfect for use in any craft, DIY, wood gluing, household projects, school projects, toy repairs, home repairs, and many other applications.
  • This tool allows meeting many needs in the future thanks to its construction and materials used which provides high quality.
  • Its design and construction meet the corresponding hot melt standards.

2. 60-watt anti-drip hot melt gun kit

Fantastic hot melt tool manufactured with high PTC heating technology which allows the glue stick to reach the necessary temperature in a stable and fast way. It has been prepared taking care of the necessary details to offer a safe and suitable tool for its use.

Additional characteristics:

  • The hot melt tool comes with 12 units of glue stick.
  • The gun is made from aluminum and ABS plastic.
  • To use it, it is recommended to preheat the gun for 3 to 5 minutes, then you can safely press the trigger to release the hot glue.
  • Its design has a strong and reliable support to prevent the gun from falling while it is being used while reducing the possibility of burning.
  • The gun cable is 145 centimeters.
  • The size of the glue sticks is 0.28 x 5.9 inches.

3. 60 watts / 100 watts dual hot glue gun

Excellent dual option to offer 2 different and quality finishes. With 60 watts you can get a colder and thinner glue, ideal for fine and delicate work. With 100 watts you can get a faster, stronger and stronger fusion, ideal for gluing wood or objects that need to be stuck very firmly.

Additional characteristics:

  • The package includes the hot glue gun and 10 units of glue sticks so you can start your projects at once.
  • Offers rapid heating, 1 to 3 minutes are enough to preheat and start using it.
  • It has an intelligent control to regulate the temperature and prevent overheating of the tool and protect it.
  • The trigger for supplying the glue can be controlled so that the glue sticks move alone towards the exit.
  • The glue sticks offer high-performance viscoelastic, odorless and of great strength so that all projects are well glued.

4. Mini 20 watt hot glue guns

Small and practical option that will never disappoint you, ideal to carry out simple projects and to take anywhere in a practical way thanks to the size of your presentation. It is very easy to use for any type of project and daily repairs, the adhesive is strong enough to stick the different parts to stick.

Additional characteristics:

  • The package includes the hot glue tool, 30 pieces of glue stick and the user manual.
  • The mini hot glue gun cable comes with a 55-inch long cable.
  • The tool must be preheated 3 to 5 minutes before using it to ensure that the glue has melted correctly.
  • The support with which the gun comes can keep the glue gun stable, firm and upright.
  • The nozzle of the gun is of high quality which allows the hot glue to be ejected quickly and smoothly.

5. 80-watt high strength hot glue guns

Made with high-quality plastic to offer an efficient and safe tool, capable of withstanding high pressure and high temperatures without deforming. The support that is included is flexible allowing to keep the tool in an upright position and always stable to be able to use it comfortably and safely from any angle.

Additional characteristics:

  • Its design is ergonomic, which makes it possible to use it comfortably without getting tired.
  • The package comes with the hot melt gun and 36 glue sticks.
  • The power cable with which the gun comes is 53 inches.
  • It is recommended to preheat the gun 3 to 5 minutes before using it.
  • It has an intelligent temperature design that makes it possible for glue sticks to melt constantly quickly.
  • The gun trigger can control the flow of the glue so you will not have unwanted glue drops in the work you are going to do.
  • The insulated nozzle that is located at the top can withstand high temperatures for a long time so it is guaranteed that it will not deform.

6. 60-watt hot glue guns

Hot melt tool of 60 watts that will allow you to execute your craft projects safely and comfortably, leaving a clean finish and offering a resistant job when applied to the glue. It has a led indicator light along with the nozzle that can change color to notify when the glue is hot to start using it.

Additional characteristics:

  • The support that includes the gun is quite strong, this makes it possible for the tool to remain fixed and prevent it from falling.
  • It can heat the glue stick quickly.
  • The handle and the trigger are ergonomic which allows the person who manipulates the tool to work with it for an extended time without feeling fatigue or tiredness in the hand.
  • The nozzle is non-stick so the glue line is fixed once in the project you are doing without leaving traces of unwanted glue.

7. Multi-purpose hot melt glue gun sticks

Do you constantly do school, craft or home repair projects where you need hot glue to join two or more pieces? This option offers you a long-term solution to have the hot melt glue sticks that you need so much and not worry about buying them for a long time.

Additional characteristics:

  • 2 presentations available: 200 glue stick pack and 600 glue stick pack.
  • They work perfectly with hot melt guns at low, medium and high temperatures.
  • Its formula is elaborated to offer a long duration and high quality in terms of its adhesion, allowing at the same time that the bars can stick with great flexibility to the desired surface.
  • Glue sticks are 0.27 inches in diameter and 4 inches long, fit most hot glue guns.
  • Perfect for a wide variety of projects and activities of crafts, DIY, homework, fabric adhesion, foams, and even daily home repairs.

8. Package of 45 full-size hot glue sticks

Hot melt glue sticks with guns, these bars are incredibly strong and provide excellent long-term adhesion even on surfaces that are very difficult to adhere to. They can melt with hot glue guns of different powers, be they low, medium or high temperatures.

Additional characteristics:

  • You can choose 1 package (45 units) or 2 packages (90 units).
  • It is suitable for use outdoors and indoors.
  • It can be used on surfaces that are difficult to stick such as glass and metals.
  • Its impact is strong, which guarantees that all your projects will be durable.
  • The time needed for the materials to be well glued will depend on the size or amount of glue placed and the temperature reached by the glue stick once it has melted.

9. 50 units of clear glue gun sticks for hot melt

Glue sticks to merge into a gun, perfect for any creative project at school, at home, DIY, crafts and even simple home repairs. Capable of operating on any hot glue gun.

Additional characteristics:

  • 2 presentations to choose from: single package with 50 units of glue sticks and four-pack of 50 units of glue sticks each package.
  • The size of each glue stick is 4 inches long and its diameter is 0.44 inches.
  • Each glue stick is transparent enough to look through it.
  • Glue sticks can easily paste synthetic materials, metals, wood, cardboard, plastic, cardboard, glass and any other everyday used in crafts and art projects.

10. 80 units of mini hot glue sticks to melt

Ideal for projects and homework, crafts and any other that requires to adhere to 2 materials or objects. Each glue stick offers excellent flexibility and a glossy finish.

Additional characteristics:

  • 2 presentations to choose from: package of 80 units and package of 190 units.
  • Each mini glue stick is 4 inches long and has a diameter of 0.27 inches.
  • Glue sticks are suitable for use in 99% of hot melt guns on the market.
  • They heat up quickly so they can be available for use.
  • The final finish is a clean, strong and durable job.
  • The bars are easy to use and guarantee a stable glue.

11. Package of 72 pieces of thin hot glue sticks

Hot melt glue with strong viscosity to ensure quality and long-lasting work. Each bar is made with EVA resin that guarantees handling safety. It provides strong adhesion without odor and respecting the environment.

Additional characteristics:

  • Its appearance is transparent.
  • Its presentation is thin, 0.27 inches in diameter and 3.9 inches long.
  • It provides brightness and great flexibility which allows durability in stuck objects.
  • It can be used in multiple materials and surfaces: wood, glass, metal, fabrics, cards, felts, cards, ceramics, plastic, office, school, DIY, crafts and household projects.

12. Hot glue sticks for fusion gun

Practical option to select the desired amount of glue sticks according to the particular needs of each. They offer a strong and lasting adhesion so that all your projects last over time without taking off.

Additional characteristics:

  • 3 options to choose from: 10 pieces package, 20 pieces package and 30 pieces package.
  • Made with ecological material, high quality and safe for handling.
  • Made with light white synthetic resin.
  • The diameter of each glue stick is 0.28 inches and the length is 7.5 inches.

If you want to delve into the properties of hot-melt adhesive and its materials and applications, the following article will be useful:

Frequent questions:

1. Is the best glue gun waterproof?

The hot melt glue sticks melt at high temperatures and after a rest time without receiving temperature, these are easily dried leaving a solid and hard consistency so that said glue product bond is water-resistant.

If the surfaces to be glued are porous and some moisture enters them before the glue cools between them, there is a risk that the bond with the glue will not be of the desired quality and will take off in a short time.

2. What are the best materials to bond with guns and hot melt glue sticks?

The glue with bars that melt at high temperatures can glue many types of materials than any other type of glue but in general, the best materials that can be glued with them are paper, wood, plastic, fabrics, foam, glasses, metal substrates, ceramics, and organic substrates.

How To Use A Hot Glue Gun (Full Tutorial)


To stick safely

The hot glue guns and the necessary bars for its use are tools and supplies that should not be missing in our home since they serve to solve many inconveniences and for any project that requires the adhesion of 2 or more objects.

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