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7 Best Jumbo Colored Pencils For Kids [Coloring Pencils]

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During the initial school years, children generally learn about color and perform many activities that involve the use of jumbo colored pencils. It is impressive how the ability to identify and manage colors represents an aspect that defines the cognitive process and is part of children’s educational development.

In this sense, providing them to kindergarten and preschool children is a mandatory task that parents must perform for every school start and their daily complementary school activities at home.

What are the benefits of using jumbo colored pencils?

Using them in school assignments is essential for kindergarten and preschool children, not only for complying with the program content corresponding to that school stage but also for the multiple benefits that it implies, within which we can mention:

  • Handwriting improves considerably by generating force while coloring, this helps their writing improve by becoming clearer and prettier.
  • The need to concentrate so that the lines are good, helps in the coordination of hands and eyes.
  • Coloring makes children relax and gain patience.
  • Children improve their ability to concentrate and focus while spending time coloring.
  • Finishing a complete drawing makes the child feel satisfied with their work, which creates confidence in them.
  • The movements involved while drawing lines and coloring, make children improve their motor skills.
  • The creation of works of art and wonders full of color, encourage the imagination and creativity of small artists.
  • Represents self-expression in children, drawing helps to know their thoughts and feelings, since the drawings say a lot about them, evaluating their drawings will allow them to know what they feel and think.
  • It helps them recognize colors, their mixtures and everything they can achieve with them.
  • Many experts recommend coloring frequently as therapy for children, this helps them express their feelings, frustrations and any emotion.
  • Beginner children are helped to improve proper grip and control over writing and coloring tools.


1. Package of 12 jumbo colored pencils for kindergarten with the hexagonal shape

Its design is inspired by the fact that children are fascinated to color and make works of art with their colored pencils on blank sheets or in drawing books created for coloring.

The circumference of 11 millimeters in diameter is perfectly designed so that the small hands of kindergarten and preschool students can easily grasp them.

The color strip of each colored pencil is thick and smooth enough to offer an easy and pleasant coloring on the paper. The colors included in the package are preferred by children to create their fantastic works of art.

Additional characteristics:

  • The twelve colors included in the package are orange, black, red, yellow, pink, purple, light blue, light green, dark brown, dark green, light brown and dark blue.
  • Its construction material is durable and resistant to breakage.
  • Built with hexagonal shape and large size to facilitate the grip with the hands by children.
  • The strip of each colored pencil is soft and thick with 5.4 millimeters in diameter which guarantees an easy placement of the color on the sheets of paper and the drawing books.

2. Box of 24 jumbo colored pencils for preschool with triangle-shaped structure

Incredible economic option to give color to the children of kindergarten, preschool and even primary school. This option of 24 colored pencils will be practical for their drawings, homework and all daily school activities in which they need to fill their sheets of paper, notebooks, and sketchpads with color.

The design of the structure of all the pencils is elaborated with a triangular shape to allow children to easily grab it and make the position of each colored pencil manageable for them, especially for younger children who are just learning to grab the pencils.

Additional characteristics:

  • Made with non-toxic material so that it is suitable for handling and use by children.
  • The wood with which the colored pencils are made is of the highest quality which allows easy sharpening and at the same time guarantees a durable product.
  • The 24 colored pencils come with a pre-sharpening 7 inches long full size.
  • The leads of colored pencils are extra thick.
  • They are conveniently stored in a sticky box.
  • The length of each colored pencil is approximately 11.8 inches.

3. Kit of 15 jumbo colored pencils for kindergarten plus eraser, pencil sharpener, and organizer.

Built on the premise that colors and art help children create, express themselves and connect with the world through colorful games. The 15 pieces of colored pencils that include this option represent an indispensable tool both in the classroom and at home.

The quality of these colored pencils can be felt when coloring with them and see how they color quickly and smoothly when they have contact with the sheet of paper. By manipulating and drawing, they move like a canvas without breaking or splintering. Ideal for drawing fine lines, detailed strokes and images, creating maps, making signs, billboards and any school project.

Additional characteristics:

  • 2 styles to choose the organizer of colored pencils: whale and elephant.
  • The kit includes 1 pencil eraser, 1 piece mini pencil sharpener, 1 pencil case made of wool material and 15 colored pencils.
  • Within the 15 pieces, there are no duplicate colored pencils.
  • Its thick and soft tips provide children with better control when handling them.
  • Its construction material prevents them from breaking easily.
  • The intensity of the colors is vivid.
  • When the colored pencils are rolled up in the wool organizer, they can easily enter the school bag or portable bag because of the small size they acquire.

4. Box of 12 or 24 jumbo colored pencils for pre school triangular

The triangular-shaped colored pencils provided by this option are great for the smallest artists in the house and school. The design of its structure is ergonomic so that it is easy to hold by small artists and its triangular shape prevents them from rolling around the entire table and desk while children are drawing.

The tips of the colored pencils are highly pigmented that allow mixing with ease while the children are drawing and wish to combine colors, besides, the pigments do not come off easily from the paper.

Additional characteristics:

  • 3 options to choose from: box of 12 colored pencils, box of 24 colored pencils and a school package of 240 colored pencils (20 sets of 12 colored pencils each).
  • Approximately 10 inches is the length of the colored pencils.
  • The colors of all presentations are highly pigmented.
  • Made with reforested wood and provide high durability.
  • They are suitable and safe for children to use since they are not toxic or contain acids in the manufacturing process.
  • The tips are glued to the entire body of the colored pencil, which makes it resistant to breakage and facilitates sharpening.

5. 48 pieces of jumbo colored pencils for kindergarten with storage wrap

Vibrant and unique colors so that children in kindergarten, preschool, primary school and even adults who love to color, can be inspired and elaborate their creations from this wonderful option that provides outstanding pigments.

Its presentation provides sharp pencils with durable tips. The choice of wrapping for colored pencils is fantastic because it offers unique protection against damage to all the pieces, it also allows its transport to be simple and practical while saving space at the same time.

Additional characteristics:

  • There is also a 50-piece box, 80-piece box, 100-piece box but presentation of smaller colored pencils (3.5 inches) and a 12-box package with 12 pieces each box.
  • The set includes 1 pencil sharpener and an additional color pencil wrap.
  • The wrapping material is made of resistant woven canvas, guaranteeing protection to all colored pencils to be protected inside.

6. Dual option: classic color pencils and double-pointed color pencils.

Fantastic dual option that combines 2 colored boxes to offer comfort to artists who are fascinated by colors embodied in paper.

This option offers a practical tool of classic colors and dual colors so that the students have a lot of pigments and can arrange them for school, for home, for traveling and any other colorful adventure.

Double-pointed pencils are ideal for artists who are constantly in motion and must always have a variety of colors on hand as they offer 2 colors in only a color pencil.

The 50 colored pencils provide all the tones that small and large artists need to feel calm and fresh when developing their drawings.

Additional characteristics:

  • This presentation includes a box of 50 classic color pencils and a box of 12 double-pointed color pencils.
  • There are 3 additional presentations: a box of 36 double-pointed colored pencils, a box of 24 gel colored pencils and a box of 100 colored pencils.
  • Ideal for drawing fine points in drawings that require that kind of coloring details.
  • Made with strong and durable materials, which provides colored pencils of high durability and resistance.
  • Made with non-toxic materials, which represents a safe option for handling.
  • They offer a smooth arrangement of intense, vivid and bright chlorines to create the favorite designs of students and color lovers.
  • Its tips come perfectly sharp to use with confidence immediately.
  • The presentation includes a pencil sharpener to keep the tips of the colored pencils always sharp.

7. Jumbo colored pencils for pre school multicolored magic

Fantastic option of special pencils that allow multicolored and varied strokes with a single pencil. By turning the tip, these pencils have the peculiarity that they create traces of various colors.

Perfect to achieve special finishes that cannot be achieved so easily with a classic colored pencil; for example, for shading techniques where the final drawing is for the case of these colored pencils, a dazzling plastic effect that arises when alternating several shades of color.

It has an ergonomic triangular design so that children and all those students and fans of color can grab it comfortably and can easily guide all the strokes with the colored pencils.

Additional characteristics:

  • Variety of options to select: 6, 12 and 24 pieces of pencils, which include a mixing pencil.
  • Made of 100% certified wood of sustainable rule with high-quality tricolor lead included.
  • Each color pencil has 3 shades of color.
  • The length of each colored pencil is approximately 175 millimeters.
  • The diameter of each colored pencil is approximately 10.4 millimeters while the diameter of the lead is approximately 5.6 millimeters.

We have discussed in this article a little about the importance and benefits of colors as a school tool if you want to deepen a little more on the subject I recommend you read: Learning.4kids.net

 Frequent questions:

1. What is the ideal amount of colored pencils to buy?

The general thing is to buy a color box of 12 pieces since with that amount the basic colors and the most used ones are included. The more color pencils come in the box, the more variety of available artists will have to create and color.

It is convenient to consider that the amount of colored pencils per box is directly proportional to the cost; that is, a box of colored pencils of 12 pieces is much cheaper than a box of colored pencils of 50 pieces.

2. What criteria should parents consider when buying their children jumbo colored pencils?

Parents should think hard about the safety and health offered by colored pencils. Those made with wood should be always preferred instead of plastic, plastic ones use plasticizing elements and children often put pencils in their mouths, so natural wood is more convenient.

They should also check the quality labels and certificates, to rule out harmful substances in their manufacture and precautions by the manufacturer.

Coloring Belle Beauty and the Beast Coloring Book Page Colored Pencil Prismacolor

To fly the imagination with color

There are many options in the market to review and choose the most appropriate presentation regarding the needs of each student or artist.

Within the school supplies of children in kindergarten, preschool and even for artists of all ages, you should not miss a box of jumbo colored pencils to put the imagination and creativity to fly with all the works of art and creations that can be created with them.


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