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13 Best Lined Papers For School Kids [Ruled Papers]

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Students today require multiple materials and tools to perform their academic activities and tasks. One of them is ruled papers since writing and taking notes are part of their daily routine. Consider the acquisition of loose sheets to cover the needs of writing, is one of the things that can not be missing in the list for back to school.

What are the types of lined paper?

There is a wide variety of sheets of lined paper that have been designed for the different school stages of the student. Inside these can be mentioned:

1. Montessori Guideline.

It is the ideal scratch to start learning calligraphy. This sheet includes limits at the top and bottom that will serve as a guide for writing the ascending and descending forms of the letters.

2. Guideline.

It is the typical double line scratched sheet. It consists of a guideline that limits the writing space, the person or student will learn to write in a smaller and smaller pattern.

3. Grid.

It is mainly used for learning letters and numbers, they consist of large pictures that limit the space on all four sides, initially, the student will write the letters and large numbers but as he perfects his writing, the numbers and letters will be every time smaller size

4. Millimeter.

It is a sheet of lined paper that allows you to combine writing and graphics.

5. Horizontal (1 line).

It is the most used in all school levels, it is indicated just when the striped pattern sheet has been exceeded, it is perfect for daily writing.


1. Package of 500 sheets of lined paper with perforated holes

Megapack of 500 sheets of white paper filling with blue lines, perfect to ensure the amount needed for daily use for a long period. Each sheet is perforated with 3 holes to fit comfortably and easily to standard 3-hole folders.

Additional product feature:

  • Each sheet is 8 1/2 inches wide x 11 inches long.

Product benefits:

  • They are perfect for taking notes, writing freehand reports, making lists and any other writing activity.
  • They can be used for bookbinders.
  • Easily adapt to ring binders and folders with standard type fasteners.
  • Supports any type of pen ink, markers, graphite, and colored pencils.
  • Made with quality binder paper to offer a durable and resistant sheet.

2. 4 packs of 100 ruled paper reinforced

Option of high strength loose sheets ideal for taking notes and performing school tasks. You can write on both sides of the lined paper with total security since each sheet is strong enough that it does not stain or transfer the ink from one side to the other, this will allow your tasks and notes to always be clear and legible.

Additional product features:

  • The set brings 4 packages of 100 loose sheets each.
  • The leaves are double-sided.
  • Each sheet measures 11 inches x 8 and ½ inches.

Product benefits:

  • It has triangular holes for easy adaptation in ring binders.
  • It is designed with a reinforcement tape that makes it resistant to breakage by the rings of the ring binder.
  • The sheets remain secure inside the folders with rings.
  • The paper can resist bleeding by ink from pens and markers.

3. 3 packages of 200 single lined writing paper

Practical option for returning to school to provide the little ones and the university students with the necessary sheets of paper for their notes and their homework. Each sheet of lined paper comes with 3 wide holes to be able to protect them in the classic folders with rings.

Additional product features:

  • The package includes 200 loose sheets with wide stripes on a white background and the presentation includes 3 packages; that is, a total of 600 sheets.
  • The size of each sheet of lined paper is 10 and ½ x 8 inches.

Product benefits:

  • The sheets are double-sided, which provides enough space to write.
  • You can add the amount of sheet to your folder with rings as needed or use it in the loose jobs you need to do.

4. 100 sheets of Mylar-reinforced filler paper

Practical option and with enough quantity to start the academic activities of schoolchildren. The paper sheet manufacturing process includes Mylar as a reinforcement material to offer a quality and durable sheet.

Additional product features:

  • Each sheet comes with perforated holes for easy insertion into folders with rings.
  • The size of each sheet is 8.5 x 11 inches.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • The sheets of paper are acid-free.
  • The ink used for its manufacture is based on vegetable oil.
  • Made with a minimum of 30% recycling content.

5. 500 white sheets with stripes for school activities

Megapack of 500 striped white sheets easily adaptable in hole folders. The loose sheets are for everyday use so the acquisition of this package will give you peace of mind by not worrying about a long time of having to find more sheets for your activities.

Additional product features:

  • The sheets come with holes to fit 3-ring binders.
  • The measurements of the sheets of paper are 8 and ½ inches x 11 inches.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • Excellent for use at home, in the office and any other activity that requires taking notes or writing.
  • The binder paper with which the white striped sheets are made is of quality.
  • The sheets can be scratched with any pencil or pen ink.

6. 100 lined writing paper with varied background-color

Option with colored backgrounds to add a personal touch to your routine activities. The 100-sheet package can be conveniently placed in 3-ring folders since the left side of each sheet of paper is perforated to facilitate its incorporation into the folder.

Additional product features:

  • Each sheet has an 11/32 inch wide ruler format.
  • The paper has the following measures: 10.5 inches long x 8 inches wide.
  • The package has 25 striped sheets with a pink background, 25 striped sheets with a blue background, 25 striped sheets with a green background and 25 striped sheets with a yellow background.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • The lines are clear and with uniform space to make comfortable writing and so that the final result is readable.
  • Background colors are soft and delicate.

7. Set of 750 lined paper for kids of 10.5 x 8 inch

A very versatile solution for all the students of today who constantly perform tasks and activities where they require the taking of constant notes. Your classes will be able to write them down conveniently and protect them where it is most convenient for them.

Additional product features:

  • The leaves have a white background and dark blue lines.
  • The set has 5 packages and each package comes with 150 sheets of lined paper, 750 sheets in total.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • Perfect for students of all levels, preschool, primary, secondary and university kindergarten.
  • Includes convenient perforations for storing in folders with rings.
  • Useful for quick annotations and for storing in any space.

8. 100 loose lined sheets of paper with 6 holes

Perfect option to reload the folders of daily activities of students, teachers, and professionals in general. Each page is perfectly aligned so that the writing is readable and pleasing to the eye. These sheets can meet everyone’s needs, they can even be used as kindergarten lined paper.

Additional product features:

  • The size of each sheet of paper is 5.75 inches x 8.25 inches.
  • Each line has a separation of 7 millimeters.
  • The paper with which each sheet is made is thick (100 grams of weight).

Benefit offered by the product:

  • The 6 perforated holes on the left side allow the sheets of paper to adapt to different types of folders with rings.

9. 500 striped sheets of assorted colors with soft colored backgrounds

If you want to change the classic white background option on your striped paper sheets, this option gives you the variety you are looking for. The package includes 5 bright and serene colors to give you a different writing experience. The separation between lines is quite wide which allows drawing orderly and clear writing.

Additional product features:

  • The size of each paper sheet is 11 inches x 8.5 inches.
  • The 5 soft colors that come in the package are pink, green, blue, yellow and orange.
  • Each color brings 100 sheets of paper with blue stripes.
  • The paper weight used in this presentation is 20 pounds.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • Its design is perfect for all ages and all professional levels.
  • The background color is soft enough to make the writing readable.
  • It uses will bring multiple benefits to your learning, some studies show that the use of colored papers improves attention, memory and helps the understanding of notes.

10. 150 sheets of ecological lined paper for your school notes

If you want to provide students with a tool that can help them improve note-taking, calligraphy, and writing in general, this option can help. It represents an ecological option with which students of all ages can take their notes and store them conveniently in their school folders.

Additional product features:

  • The horizontal lines for writing are blue and the margins are red.
  • Each sheet comes with 3 perforated holes on the left side.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • Made with 100% recycled material.
  • It does not have acids or chlorine in the components used in the manufacturing process.
  • It represents an essential teaching tool.
  • Allows controlled writing.

11. 100 sheets of wide ruler paper for writing

This 100-sheet package offers a sufficient amount to begin back to school and provide students with the supplies they need. Both children, youth and adults, always need a lot of paper lines to have at hand in their school, office and home activities.

Additional product features:

  • The paper dimensions are 8 x 10.5 inches.
  • The lines to write are blue and the margins are white.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • The paper offers a brightness quality of 92 providing a professional look.
  • Striped sheets of paper fit most letter-size folders.

12. Lined paper for kids with 6 holes for easy insertion

Perfect for your daily copywriting work, your note-taking, your filler paper for ring binders and multiple other office uses. This loose-leaf option can meet everyone’s requirements, they can even be used as kindergarten lined paper.

Additional product features:

  • The set comes with 45 sheets of lined paper.
  • They are available in sizes A5 and A6.

Benefit offered by the product:

  • Suitable for adapting to different types of folders thanks to the 6 holes it has on the left side.

13. 5 x 8.5 inch single sheets with blue lines

Paper sheets with high-quality lines to provide students and professionals with a writing experience according to their demands and expectations. It represents a very convenient option to acquire since it contains a fair amount to start or continue with your writing activities.

Additional product features:

  • The package includes 100 single sheets.
  • 3 holes are perforated laterally.

Benefit offered by the product:

  • It can be adapted to multiple folders and can be carried loose as well.

Frequent questions:

1. What is the usefulness of lined papers?

It represents an excellent alternative to write calligraphy or draw graphs since many people cannot write continuously in a straight line without a line as a guide.

Each straight line evenly spaced facilitates reading and writing, the final result will be a well-distributed and organized text so that all people who are going to read it can understand it simply.

2. Why do most scratched sheets have margins?

The margin represents the blank space left on each of the four sides of a page. It is usually used to promote the presence of a better organization of the text to make it more readable.

In general, the margin is the physical delimitation of the workspace with the intention that the final result is visibly organized.

Doodle Ideas for Lined Paper: Drawing in Notebooks

To write in an organized way

Lined papers represent a very useful tool for all students and professionals as they must write constantly. The use of this school and office article has become a necessity that never ends, so guaranteeing its supply today and the adequate quantity is essential.

Take a minute to send this page to someone who need this. They will love it!

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