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Top 36 Beautiful My Little Pony Backpacks (School Kids)

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Are you planning for the memorable big event of your child’s life, the first day of his/her school? Then, choosing the kid’s most favorite My Little Pony Backpack would be a great surprise for him/her. You will see your child’s smiling face while going to school, and even when coming back after school, as all of his/her classmates would praise his backpack, and it would make your day!

When choosing your child’s my little pony bookbag, finding the perfect size with enough compartments, strong zipper, the color combination according to your little one’s choice, compact design to keep lunchbox and school accessories, all these are very crucial to keep in mind. We summarized the best 36 beautiful My Little Pony Backpack, some including lunchbox for school, considering all the essential features needed for all the precious children. Therefore, no need to think twice and take some time to choose your kid’s favorite My Little Pony Backpack. Let’s have a look!


How Many My Little Ponies Are There?

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” – a cartoon that emphasizes friendship, is one of the best tv shows ever made for children. Every kid loves this show and every character is their favorite. Although there are many little ponies in this famous kids’ show, the major and recurring characters from the series are six, namely Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and, Rainbow Dash. In most episodes, at least one of these My Little Pony is focused.

36 Best My Little Pony Backpacks

1. Magic Rainbow My Little Pony Backpack

It is excellent for a kindergartner and school kids specifically for girls. This 16” h * 12” w * 5” d my little pony looks beautiful with its sparkly glitter and 3D hair. 

Its exterior features adjustable, padded straps that make it comfortable for kids and multi-compartment for the storage of all accessories needed.

Additional characteristics:

  • It has Standard sized front zip-pocket for lunchbox and mesh side-pockets for carrying a water bottle.
  • Its flexible locker handle is handy.
  • It is easily washable by hands.

2. Friends Special My Little Pony Bookbag

This small-sized has a lovely design, including all of the children’s favorite ponies with clear graphics and vibrant color. It is an excellent mlp backpack for small kids under 8 years old and school usage. 

It features both velcro close and mesh side pouches. It measures 12in length and 10 in width.

Additional characteristics:

  • Its three compartments are well-organized in descending size. 
  • It has very durable pockets and cup holders on the sides.
  • It looks super cute and is perfect for a day out or daycare use.

3. Friendship is Magic Rolling Backpack

“Friendship is magic” is another illustration of my little pony backpack, painted on the front of this backpack. 

The front comprises two spacious compartments. One of them is generally for stationeries, and the other is for the use of a lunchbox. Water bottles and pencil boxes are to be held in two mesh bags.

Additional characteristics:

  • This mlp backpack measures 16 inches that are suitable for kids.
  • It has self-stands like luggage that is very helpful, and its ergonometric handle is easy to use. 

4. Rolling MLP Backpack

It is a rolling my little pony bookbag with a little suitcase design and luggage carrier with handle, perfect for 7 to 12 years old. It comes with a beautiful purple and pink color combination that every girl adores. 

This 16-inch backpack features padded, easily adjustable shoulder straps. With its carrier, kids can carry it everywhere on their own.

Additional characteristics:

  • It has one large zippered compartment.
  • Its two sturdy meshed side pockets are suitable for carrying water bottles.
  • It can be used either as a rolling or backpack.

5. Let’s Go Everywhere Together MLP Backpack

Its canvas is made with style and is well crafted with a cute little pony, printed on the upper front compartment’s exterior. 

It has a wide main compartment and a front compartment. Its key compartment with internal foam is safe for carrying school accessories.

Additional characteristics:

  • The two mesh pockets on the side enrich its features.
  • These mlp backpack dimensions are 16*12*5 inches.
  • Its adjustable padded straps are comfortable for children. 

6. Sparkle and Shine My Little Pony

This small-sized toddler’s backpack has a cute pony design, especially for girls. It has two large zippered pockets at front, one to keep lunch box and another for pencils, pens and small accessories.

Additional characteristics:

  • It has a main compartment with a robust zipper.
  • Its shoulder straps are easily adjustable and have padding for comfort. 
  • It is perfect for preschoolers and daycare kids.

7. My Little Pony Selfie Backpack

This my little pony book bag and lunchbox is designed keeping in mind the preferences of both girls and boys. Its durability makes it perfect for rough usage at school.

It comes with three exceptional designs: multi-color, black cute hairy teddy with big beautiful eyes and elegant blue color. 

Additional characteristics:

  • It has a uniquely designed side mesh pockets.
  • Its big pocket in front helps in carrying a lunchbox.
  • It will make your kid star of the class as everyone in his/her class will love it.

8. Magical Friends MLP Backpack

It’s a black, colorful mlp backpack containing one wide zippered compartment that may be used for purposes of one-day travel or paper, laptop holding. 

Additional characteristics:

  • It has adjustable padded straps that are suitable for teenagers.
  • This mlp backpack measures 16*11*4 inches.

9. MLP Rainbow Dash Benties Backpack

This my little pony rainbow dash benties backpack are available in the colors of pink and purple designed with sleek and elegant two front zippered compartments for keeping typical accessories such as school books, multimedia items, etc.

This shiny, and quick to clean bookbag is so much user-friendly and has so nice-looking colors combination that it makes it a great gift-able item for children.

Additional characteristics:

  • The canvas material used for this mlp.
  • This rainbow dash benties backpack dimensions is 16*13*5 inches.

10. Believe My Little Pony Backpack

It is a large, 16” full-sized backpack with two front pockets for the lunchbox, pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, or small equipment. 

This mlp backpack features two-sport side mesh pockets for carrying bottles. It has a standard dimension of 12 inch W *16 inches H * 6 inch D.

Additional characteristics:

  • It is made of durable 100% polyester material.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and comfort back padding
  • Designed with five beautiful ponies in front of different colors

11. Rainbow Dreams MLP Toddler Backpack

If you want a wide pocket backpack for your child to carry more books, then you should go for this my little pony backpack.

Its main compartment with double zipper is unbelievably wide. It has two front pockets with zipper closing. For additional facilities, it contains one side meshed pocket and one side vecro-closure.

Additional characteristics:

  • This my little pony toddler backpack measures around 12*10*4 inches.
  • It has padded shoulder straps that are customizable.

12. Multi-Compartment MLP Girl Backpack

This MLP backpack is for girls, in particular with the multi-compartment facility. The light fabric nature provides children with a comforting feeling. 

The main compartment is well zipped, and it has two side mesh compartments for the water bottle.

Additional characteristics:

  • This mlp backpack is well cushioned and has adjustable shoulder straps.
  • These mlp backpack dimensions are 16*11*5 inches.
  • It is made of excellent and sturdy canvas material.

13. Twilight My Little Pony Bookbag

It’s an adorable sparkly Pinkie-pie mlp backpack for girls with a large pocket at front. It has a gorgeous dark purple color with a huge main compartment.

It features one zippered pocket at the front and two mesh pockets on sides. Its dimensions are 11 W * 14 H * 4 D inches. 

Additional characteristics:

  • Its fabric is 100% polyester made.
  • It has a compatible 14-inch shoulder strap.
  • It has versatile glittery designs with Applejack, Twilight-sparkle, Fluttershy, Rainbow-dash, and Rarity. 

14. 3D Molded My Little Pony Backpack

This durable polyester fabric, zippered, large 16” backpack features adorable, rainbow dash faces Pony designs right on the front, focusing one beautiful blue pony with 5 friends at the back, an image of the school group that will make kid’s first day at school memorable forever. 

This backpack comprises 1 large chamber for the storage of notebooks and 1 smaller pocket with metal zippers at front for keeping school items.

Additional characteristics:

  • It has padded, curved, adjustable back-straps and rear panel to provide extra comfort to your child. 
  • Its handle is specially designed with light-blue colored Nylon locker-loop for carrying and hanging easily.
  • Kids can store water bottles in two supplementary side-pouches.

15. My Little Fairy Pony Backpack

This 16-inch, my little pony backpack has an exceptional design in blue color with 3D sparkly wings that stays upright and aren’t droopy. 

It suits a 48 inches tall teenager perfectly, and all the folders and lunchbox fits nicely in it. 

Additional characteristics:

  • Its chambers have 2 high-quality zippers with a stunning puller.
  • It has 2 friendly and handy outer, meshed bottle-holders.
  • It will ideally fulfill all the regular needs of grade school students.

16. My Little Furry Pony with Cute Ear

This Rainbow Blue small backpack perfect for a young child, both girls, and boys. Even boys would love it more for its blue color. Its size is 9-in(W) * 12-in(H) * 3.5-in(D)

It features ultra-soft plush material and adjustable, padded shoulder straps.

Additional characteristics:

  • This toddler rainbow-dash backpack has 1 Main Zipper-closed compartment.
  • Its 1 velcro-closed front pocket is spacious.
  • It is perfect for a Pony fan with its surprisingly soft, furry, fluffy, unique pony design that gives toddler the comforting feeling of holding a teddy.

17. Pony Toy Backpack

This 33-inch tall, blue-colored my little pony backpack is adorable. Kids love playing with it and giving it a piggyback ride for its pony toy shape with soft fabric. 

It is made of 100% Polyester and intended for teenagers of 14 and up. It has 2 Cute little 3D wings and tail. 

Additional characteristics:

  • Being a stuffed animal bookbag, it’s got a surprisingly lot of space.
  • It can store several books and binders necessary for a school-aged child.

18. MLP Dr. Hooves Backpack

This Beige colored, Dr. Hooves anime-themed, the fluffy pocket backpack is stunningly gorgeous. 

This cool bag is easily usable by kids, and they love it for its exceptional design of Dr. Hooves, especially the boys, adore it.

Additional characteristics:

  • This backpack’s customizable strap is about 35 inches, and its pocket’s depth is 5 inches.
  • It is made of 100% polyester.

19. Rainbow Dash and friends MLP Backpack

Most kids are drawn by this multicolor style, my little pony backpack with one outer zippered pocket. 

Children can take their lunch in their lunchbox at the time of lunch break. Moreover, it has a wide central compartment for general types of equipment.

Additional characteristics:

  • It is made with sturdy polyester canvas material.
  • Its outer dimensions are 17*12*5 inches, and it weighs 12 ounces.

20. Sea Ponies Wave Cooler Backpack

This school backpack best to keep snacks and drinks cool for all sorts of events and gatherings such as schools, picnics, parks, and other popular parties. 

With a comfortable zipper top, the main compartment of this bag is tightly insulated. Smaller objects can conveniently be placed in the front pocket bag, for example, spoons and napkin, which is also well zippered. There are two mesh pockets to hold bottles.

Additional characteristics:

  • Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Flutter shy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, and Spike are my little pony backpack are available images in its design.
  • This backpack dimensions are 11.5*2*14 inches and weigh 11.2 ounces.
  • It is made of excellent and adorable BPA free material.

21. Cute Characters Print Canvas Backpack

This multi-purpose backpack for teenagers is perfect not only for day trips but also for preserving most portable devices such as smartphones, laptops, and iPads. Its separate spaces matchbooks, wallets, and other personal objects. Small shoes and treats are zipped in the outer compartment, and the side pockets are for an umbrella, water bottles, or sunglasses.

It comprises high standard sturdy fabric and insulated storage compartments. Its flexible braces for the back, the double zipper style, and the top mount handles are perfect.

Additional characteristics:

  • Black (Hello Kitty), Blue (Thomas Train), Gray (Totoro), White (Mickey Minnie), White (Gudetama), Multi (Super Mario Bros), and Pink (My Little Pony) designs are available.
  • This canvas backpack has double zippers that are easily accessible.
  • Dimension is perfect for 15 inches’ devices and laptops.  

22. Pink Heart Multi-Pony Backpack

This backpack’s 3” handle drop is very versatile. Its side mesh pockets are ideal for water containers. Its exterior zip pocket can be used to keep pencils and other things in the stationery.

It is great for girls from first to third-grade level and saves girls school works on a rainy day.

Additional characteristics:

  • It is well-made and has a cute design that girls fall in love with.
  • This pink-heart backpack dimensions are 12*5*16 inches and weigh 1.15 pounds.
  • It is a good hold up for school-year. 

23. Kid’s Pony Pals Rolling Backpack

This is perfect for the children of school-goers; they’re usually attracted by this color of my little pony backpack. With this one kid can go on a trip to their grandpa’s house. It comprises two zip compartments that can be used for books and tablets, including two extra water bottle pockets.

Its adjustable strap with a 2.3-inch drop handle and 12.5-inch telescopic handle make it easy to carry anywhere.

Additional characteristics:

  • Its Material is polyester with a pink and purple color combination.
  • It has a great price.
  • This backpack measures 16 inches.  

24. Lovely My Little Pony Backpack and Lunch-box

Lovely my little pony backpack offers a sweet and durable lunch box with a fitting handle for holding. It has padded belts on the neck that are very flexible to use. Its two side mesh pockets are used to hold water bottles.

Since this backpack is 16 inches, you can carry your books or tablet very comfortably, which makes your child’s school life easier.

Additional characteristics:

  • It has polyester canvas material that is easy to handle and use. 
  • It is durable and economical.
  • Its backpack size is 16*12*4 inches, and the lunchbox is 8*9 inches.  

25. Adorable Pony Pals Backpack

This trendy, streamlined backpack is for children. The compartment of this my little pony backpack is ideal for book and stationery transport.

While this does not have a water container on the side of my little pony bag, the spacious interior can be used for this reason.

Additional characteristics:

  • Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity are reversely screen printed on PVC.
  • It is a reasonably priced great backpack.
  • This my little pony size is 16.2*13.2*0.5 inches and 9.6 ounces. 

26. MLP EVA 3D Effects Backpack

This is trendy for my little pony 3D girl’s backpack. MLP backpack may be used for work, school, or kindergarten. It is well-designed with stylish zipper-added beauty to it. It has a customizable strip lined.

This bag is manufactured with high-quality cloth, and the 3D print image is sturdy.

Additional characteristics:

  • ‘I’M EVERY PONY!’ is 3D printed nicely that will attract children easily.
  • This backpack dimensions are 33*27*9 cm.
  • It includes a suitable carrying handle that makes it more user friendly.

27. My Little Leopard Ponies Backpack

This mlp backpack has a fantastic design that mostly includes leopard ponies with leopard shade background. As a result, it also attracts boys beside girls. 

It has one zip and two slip exterior pockets for water bottles. Its handle drop is 3.5 inches with adjustable shoulder straps. 

Additional characteristics:

  • It is lightweight and has an adorable design.
  • This leopard ponies backpack dimensions 10*5*16 inches and weigh 12.8 ounces.
  • It is durable and sturdy – good for a preschooler. 

28. Equestria Girls My Little Pony Backpack

This My little pony backpack is widely used for its high-quality material. There are two wide compartments where you can store books, stationeries, or a laptop. One large pocket can be used as a keeper of a lunchbox. 

Its two mesh side pockets are for water bottles. In addition to these facilities, its padded back is made of breathable materials to allow children to breathe smoothly.

Additional characteristics:

  • Equestria Girls 2D color image is printed on the front part of the bag.
  • This backpack dimensions 14.5*11*6 inches.
  • It includes Ergonomic broad adjustable shoulder straps and carries handle.

29. My Little Pony Luggage Set Backpack

It is planned primarily to make transportation enjoyable for kids. It has charming drawings with my little pony printed on it. It has a special reversed curved handle device which makes the handle more manageable and more secure for kids inward and upward and a unique skateboard to make riding easier.

It features a puller with a zipper closing device, which has both a beautifully lined interior and a divider for internal organizations.

Additional characteristics:

  • The materials for luggage and backpack are ABS/Polycarbonate.
  • It comprises sturdy, durable, and lightweight material.
  • The dimension of luggage 18*12.5*9 inches and backpack is 12*10*6 inches. 

30. Besties Animated Little Pony Backpack

This lovely little fake backpack is made of 600D sturdy nylon. Its 3D front panel with rainbow dash style makes this bookbag enticing for children.

It is designed with a Nylon handle in blue, making it easy to pick, pack and hold.

Additional characteristics:

  • Its adjustable back straps feature a custom fit for a growing child.
  • This besties backpack is 10*7.5*2 inches.

31. Adventure Backpack with Essentials Kit

This 16 Inch My Little Pony Backpack comes with all essentials kit your child needs for school.

It includes insulated folding Lunch Box, Water Bottle, Sling, and Pencil Case.

Additional characteristics:

  • The water bottle top is easier for 6-7 years old to open by himself/herself than most other sports bottles.
  • It has a cute and well made little drawstring pack.
  • The water bottle is BPA safe, labeled with number 2 inside the recycle-triangle.

32. Unicorn Backpack and Lunch Bag

The style of this my little pony backpack and lunchbox is perfect, and the lunch bag is simple to remove and hold alone by your child.

Its key feature is the backpack that is a comfortable and sturdy one.

Additional characteristics:

  • This 16” bookbag is suitable for all kids.
  • It has a unique design with Blue and Pink Unicorn.
  • The removable Lunch Bag is convenient to use.

33. MLP Backpack and Lunchbox

This backpack has a vibrant, sparkly color with plenty of room, mesh pockets, zippered lunchbox.

The lunchbox is padded and insulated, so you can keep your child’s food hot or cold for a more extended period. 

Additional characteristics:

  • Its durable top locker-loop is very handy. 
  • You can detach the lunch kit according to your convenience and carry it by hand.
  • Its shoulder straps are adjustable and fit perfectly.

34. All Set MLP backpack and lunchbox

Your child will be ready to go to school after buying this backpack set with all accessories necessary. Its main zippered compartment is fully insulated.

Its most attractive feature is the large popup, applique 3D Lunch Bag.

Additional characteristics:

  • Its adjustable, padded shoulder straps give your kid a personalized fit and comfort to wear.
  • It has a standard pencil case included.
  • Its BPA free water bottle is very durable.

35. Purple Multi-pony and Lunchbox

It’s an adorable, 5-piece functional Backpack set that will equip your child with all the essentials with his/her daily school.

This backpack features padded customizable shoulder-straps, front zipped-up pocket, and side mesh pockets. 

Additional characteristics:

  • Its PVC-free insulated lunch bag has a holding handle with hook and loop closed that keeps your food safe. 
  • It includes a pop-top closure water bottle.
  • Additionally, it has a zipper closure utility pencil-case.
  • It comprises a carabiner key-holder for everyday use.

36. Deluxe MLP Backpack with Lunch Box and Stickers

Your child will be prepared for any adventure with this my little pony backpack and lunchbox set featuring colorful artwork from the famous movie, My Little Pony. 

Its insulated lunchbox has a handle for an easy carry or toy carry case use.

Additional characteristics:

  • It measures 16in*12in*4in, the right size for school kids, and their books.
  • It includes adjustable Zip-closure padded shoulder-straps and top-loop for hanging.
  • The set comprises beautiful Stickers featuring colorful artwork of Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and other favorite MLPs.
My Little Pony Backpacks

How Much Does a My Little Ponies Backpack Cost?

There are varieties of the price range for My Little Pony Backpack in the market, starting from 5 dollars up to 80 dollars, depending on the included lunchbox, size, and additional kit. Most of these backpacks are available, ranging from 13 dollars to 29 dollars.

Is It Good to Wear My Little Ponies Backpacks for School?

Being a big fan of the “My Little Pony” show, every child loves to wear these backpacks to school, including both girls and boys. Although most of the colors are designed keeping in mind the color choice of girls such as pink, there are some colors in blue and black for boys as well so that your child can choose his/her favorite My Little Pony character’s adorable backpack.

How Old Should You Be to Wear My Little Ponies Backpacks?

These My Little Pony backpack are designed mostly for 3-16 years old children. Some of them also come with a size for 18 years old as it depends on how long the children love or have the fascination toward My Little Pony characters.  

My Little Pony Backpacks

Final Thoughts

My Little Pony Backpack is favorite to all kids, and all backpacks mention here focuses on their choice, some for boys as well. It has always been inspiring for every child to wear the famous, cute, his/her favorite My Little Pony character themed backpack, especially for children 3-16 years old ones. The prices of these backpacks are very reasonable for its durability, attractive look, accessories included, and, more importantly, the smile it will bring on your child’s face! Therefore, choose the perfect My Little Pony Backpack for your kids right away and make his/her day a memorable one!

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