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Pencil Case for Girls And Boys -14 Cool Pencil Cases [Pencil Pouch]

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From the beginning of preschool until they reach high school and even after this, boys and girls need to carry school and office supplies to do their homework and office work. The only thing that is changing is the style when selecting cool pencil cases according to their needs.

What are the types of pen and pencil cases?

The types of pencil cases are mainly three:

  • Padel Lobb style. It consists of a kind of briefcase with zippers on the sides, usually open in book form and has elastic bands or fasteners so that pencils and pens remain fixed to the pencil case.
  • They are those that are made of aluminum, their hardness offers optimal protection to pencils, pens and other school items.
  • It is the most typical and the most common ones found in the market and they are usually the cheapest ones too. They consist of a bag with a main compartment and its opening and closing are by zip.


1. Cute kids pencil case reversible

Colorful and beautiful pouch for girls made with sequins, a fantastic choice for those girls who love color and glamor. They have the wonderful option of sliding the sequins with their hands and flipping them to create the pattern they want as a heart, a circle, a flower, among other shapes.

Additional characteristics:

  • 6 models with different colors: aqua blue, rainbow, pink, purple, fuchsia, and teal.
  • Count with a large main compartment to house pencils and school supplies.
  • It has a zipper for quick opening and closing.
  • Ideal for back to school, Halloween gift, birthday gift, Christmas detail, and any other gift.
  • Do not machine wash because the sequins could be mistreated.

2. School pencil case with a unique design

Amazing gift for the princesses of the house and school, its wonderful design and print makes it a cute pencil case that girls will love to see it. Its presentation is soft and light, it can accommodate a large number of pencils and school tools.

The upper part is a 3D pop-up, the zipper is wide and durable, which guarantees durability in its closing and opening. It is easy to clean thanks to the material with which it is manufactured.

Additional characteristics:

  • Beautiful and colorful unicorn motif with stars in pink background.
  • A very useful e-book comes with a gift with tips on how to keep the mess under control.
  • It has a large zippered opening to facilitate the entry and exit of pencils and school supplies.
  • Made with EVA material (ethylene vinyl acetate) and BPA free, which makes it a waterproof product.

3. Pencil box for girls with 3 compartments

Wonderful option with 3 pockets available, which makes it a cool pencil case capable of storing large numbers of items. Additionally, it has two pockets inside to place cards, tickets, paper notes or any other thin accessory. Its zippers, as well as its entire structure, is strong.

Additional characteristics:

  • Made with highly resistant canvas material.
  • Its size is small and guarantees a high storage capacity.
  • It is multifunction, they can store pencils, school supplies or any other accessory that they need to transport from one place to another.
  • It allows them to store up to 50 full-size pencils and other accessories.

4. Disney Frozen pencil case

Lovely frozen print of Disney princesses Anna and Elsa. The little girls will be fascinated by this wonderful pencil case where they can store their school supplies and keep them safe during their school day and daily activities.

Additional characteristics:

  • Made with resistant and durable PVC material.
  • Its opening and closing is with a secure and high-quality zip.
  • A beautiful image of Anna and Elsa with a frozen effect is stamped on the outside and the inside is purple.
  • It has a large storage capacity.
  • It can be opened like a book to facilitate the entry and organization of pencils and school tools.

5. Pencil pouch for girls of unicorn and llama

Delicate pencil cases for girls with the reasons they like best. They bring 2 leather ball keychains as gifts that allow them to be attached to the school bag or to any case. Its structure includes multiple compartments to securely and in an organized manner the school supplies.

Additional characteristics:

  • Various unicorn and flame motifs in green and pink colors.
  • Made with high-quality durable materials so that they can withstand continuous and intense use.
  • The zipper is metallic, double head and super easy to open and close.
  • The upper surface can be cleaned thanks to the ecological leather material that covers it.
  • Large size allows them to organize pencils, pens, markers, staplers, ribbons, erasers, scissors, calculators and stickers.

6. Pencil case with floral prints

Versatile and comfortable design that will allow the girls to store, transport and organize pencils, markers, pens and a variety of school supplies and stationery. When opened, it has a large compartment to protect a large number of pencils, the top cover has a mesh pocket that allows them to store notes, cards, tickets, and even additional pencils.

Additional characteristics:

  • 6 floral models to choose from: cyan, dark blue, light blue, pink, black pu, green pu.
  • Made with durable polyester material.
  • It has elastic straps that allow keeping pencils tight to the cartridge case.
  • It is made of a waterproof material which makes it a waterproof item.
  • Its size is compact which makes it useful for traveling in case they require it.

7. LOL Surprise in pencil cases

Fun and color in a single article. Let your girls play and enjoy while they go to school with these lovely pencil cases. Its structure is molded with a hard shell that makes it resistant to shocks and tears. Students will have space to store pencils, pens, scissors and a variety of small school items.

Additional characteristics:

  • Made with sturdy fabric suitable for use by minors.
  • 2 styles to choose from: pink and black, both with fabulous LOL Surprise prints.
  • Compact and comfortable size that makes it easy to transport and store in the school bag.
  • Its structure consists of a single fairly large compartment and zipper for easy opening and closing.


8. Magnificent pencil case in the shape of a camouflaged car

Multi-pocket pencil cases that will allow students to store different additional school items to pencils and pens. They can store scissors, staplers, notepad, erasers, tape, compasses, correction tape, solid glue, among other materials.

Additional characteristics:

  • 3 models to choose from: gray camouflage, green camouflage, and yellow camouflage.
  • It has a storage capacity of up to 50 pencils and pens.
  • It can hold school and stationery items that do not exceed 20 centimeters in length.
  • Its design includes elastic bands so that pencils and stored material are held in place.
  • Larger materials can be stored on the roof of the vehicle.

9. Boys pencil case with motifs of sports balls

Simple and fun design where boys can protect their school materials in an organized and simple way. They can lodge from pencils, pens, erasers, small rules, to calculators, staplers and slightly larger items. Its patterned patterns with sports motifs are perfect for kids who love sports.

Additional characteristics:

  • Made of resistant polyester material.
  • They can store items and school tools up to 22 centimeters long.
  • 10 sports models: baseball, soccer, billiards, football.

10. Box for storing spiderman pencils

Ideal for back to school and to give small spiderman and adventure fans. Its brightly colored print will make your child fall in love with this pencil case and attend his motivated school with his new school item. They can protect pencils, markers, colors, crayons, erasers, pencil sharpeners, among others.

Additional characteristics:

  • Spiderman printed with vibrant colors in blue and red.
  • Its size is small, so it is convenient to carry in their school bag.
  • Made of molded PVC material.
  • They cannot store stationery items larger than 7.4 centimeters in length.
  • It has a single main compartment with a zip.

11. Pencil cases with Dragon Ball Z motifs

Fabulous option for Dragon Ball Z and comic fans. Its presentation with zipper case, lightweight, and large size makes it a convenient option to store and keep organized all those school instruments for daily use.

Children will not only be able to store their school items, but also small-sized toys or accessories that they wish to store in one place and be able to transport them from one place to another.

Additional characteristics:

  • 17 models with electrifying colors and Dragon Ball Z prints.
  • Made of 300 D polyester material.
  • Easy to wash and maintain item to always keep it in optimal condition.
  • Smooth zipper with easy grip.
  • It has a single main compartment capable of housing school materials up to 22 centimeters.

12. High school pencil cases of high impact skulls

Amazing large cases for storing pencils with a rigid roof, shock resistant and lightweight for transport. High school students will love this fabulous skull print with a black background and green lines that highlight and generate visual impact.

Its structure consists of open mesh pockets with enough space to store stationery. It has a central flap with 5 pencil slots, under the flap there is also enough space to store additional pencils and pens.

Additional characteristics:

  • Made with ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA).
  • They can store larger school items such as rules, calculators, compass and many others.
  • Its approximate dimensions are 8.7 x 5.9 x 2.2 inches.

13. Pencil cartridge cases in the form of school buses

Fantastic presentation of cartridge cases to store and transport school supplies and stationery in the form of school buses. Its design is composed of a single large main compartment. The shape of the pencil case is in the form of a parallelepiped with a zipper on the top.

Additional characteristics:

  • Made with Iridescent Laser PU material.
  • The zipper opening is wide which facilitates the entry and exit of school items.
  • It has a storage capacity of approximately 40 standard size pencils.

14. Custom pencil cases with ninja

Fabulous personalized option in which you can include the child’s name on the front, ideal to easily identify the pencil case and prevent it from being lost easily. It can be customized with another image if you wish. Its structure consists of two black interior compartments with zippers on both.

Additional characteristics:

  • The pencil case is black with an overlapping lid with a ninja printed on a green background.
  • The image is printed by the sublimation process, which guarantees that the image will not fade or crack.
  • Its front carcass is covered with velcro material.
  • Pencils, pens, and school supplies up to 22 centimeters can be stored.

To learn a little more about the origin and history of the pencil cases, it is advisable to review:


Frequent questions:

1. What materials are most of the teen pencil cases made of?

There are a variety of materials used to build school bags, but basically, there are fabrics, plastic, and aluminum. That fabric can vary their texture, there are canvas, leather and countless fabrics that can be used to manufacture them.

There are also pencil cases that carry more than one material; for example, those whose body is constructed of aluminum and have a fabric covering to give it another impression.


2. Can students store other items differents to school supplies or are only used for school supplies?

The pencil cases are multifunction, they can protect any material as long as they enter them. Children usually store their favorite toys so they can be transported from one place to another.

Women often store cosmetics and makeup items in pencil cases that are originally for pencils. They are also used to store old but important jewelry or accessories.

Notes, papers, cards with old information but that need to be stored can also be stored without problems in pencil cases.


What’s in my pencil case?


Pen and pencil case for everyone

Both girls and boys have school instruments to store and store, fortunately, there are a variety of cool pencil cases to choose from. It is convenient for parents to guarantee all necessary school resources to students so that they can perform in the best possible way throughout their school trip.


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