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Round Tip Scissors – 9 Best Round Tip Scissors [Kids]

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Trimming with round tip scissors can be fun for children and dangerous at the same time. Both parents and teachers should be very aware and take care of them while doing school activities that require such a tool so that they are not injured.

In this sense, selecting a scissor that is safe for handling children can be a challenge perhaps for many, fortunately, in this article, there are safe options that you may like.

Why is the use of scissors important in children?

Although it seems a tool without relevance, executing activities where the use of scissors is involved provides multiple benefits to children:

  1. Fine psychomotor skills are strengthened, allow children to cut and perform continuous movements of opening and closing with scissors, makes the muscles used to strengthen, these muscles are important for multiple daily functions such as writing, brushing teeth, dressing, eating with cutlery, among others.
  2. Contributes to the development of hand-eye coordination, making paper clippings requires children to use their hands and eyes in a coordinated manner during the execution of each stroke. Developing and strengthening this ability makes it possible that in other activities such as picking up and throwing balls or putting cutlery in their mouths, children can function properly.
  3. Increased bilateral coordination, children when using one hand to grab the paper while with the other cut, use both sides of the body at the same time to perform the necessary manipulation and trim, this increases the ability to coordinate in their body that they will need in the future for multiple activities.
  4. Improves attention and concentration, so that a child can draw a perfect line with the scissors, a concentration and detailed attention is required to achieve success, cutting frequently makes these skills are strengthened and improved more and more.


1. Package of 3 5 inch scissors for school students

The rounded shape of the scissor tip makes children work safely on all school and craft projects. The ergonomic design of the padded handles with the textured surface which provides anti-slip, makes the scissors grip soft and comfortable so that children can handle it quickly and easily.

The flat-shaped blades are made of stainless steel which ensures a durable, strong, wear-resistant and antioxidant tool. The scissor wrap is a plastic sheath which is convenient for children to transport safely and easily in the school bag.

Additional characteristics:

  • They guarantee excellent performance when cutting paper thanks to its smooth blades.
  • The package includes 3 scissors with different and bright colors: red, blue and pink.
  • They allow children to easily cut various materials: paper, cards of all kinds, foam, photos, school supplies, and crafts.
  • They can be used for multiple functions, at school, in the office, for jobs or craft projects, and at home.
  • Its use is recommended for children from 4 years and older.

2. Safety round tip scissors with non-stick design

This scissor option provides the most important thing every child needs while doing their school activities: safety. Its design is developed to offer help to the hands as they grow and develop. Each pair of the blade that makes up the scissors has rounded and smooth edges and tips to avoid any possible drilling accident with these.

The scissor handle has an innovative coating with non-stick material created to prevent the accumulation of grease or sticky materials that prevent children from handling it easily. It has the peculiarity that the handles are universal and can be used by both left-handed or right-handed children.

Additional characteristics:

  • It is a 5-inch scissor ideal for use by children in kindergarten and up.
  • The smooth scissor blades are completely safe and reliable blades that protect the fingers while performing school and craft tasks.
  • Children can cut fabrics, papers of all kinds, cards, cardboard, among others.
  • The scissors allow children a perfect cut, simple and without much effort.
  • The scissor handle is colorful with a camouflage motif for a small fist.

3. Pack of 2 pointed scissors of varied colors

Perfect scissors for daily use at school, in the office, in extracurricular activities at home or outside the home. Its sharp blades allow a smooth and perfect cut without complications.

The scissor handle is specially designed for a light grip by a child, they are molded symmetrically so that they can be operated by a left hand or a right hand.

Additional characteristics:

  • 3 presentations to choose from: pink scissors with blue scissors, orange scissors with blue scissors, pink scissors with yellow scissors.
  • All scissors of all presentations come with a size of 5 inches.
  • Plastic handle for comfort in the hands of children.
  • The scissor blades are made of stainless steel to guarantee durable scissors.

4. Practical and comfortable round tip scissors for children

If you want a safe and reliable tool for your children to use in their kindergarten, elementary school, recreation center and for any activity at home or outside, this option offers high quality and consistent items for being manufactured considering excellent measures for compliance.

A product manufactured under the demands and requirements demanded to guarantee a learning environment according to the requirements that every school-age child needs.

Additional characteristics:

  • The scissor handle is blue and yellow, perfect for use by boys and girls.
  • The scissor blades are made of molded stainless steel to ensure a scissor for a long time.
  • The scissor handles are made of durable plastics and offer a soft and comfortable grip.
  • Children can use them with complete safety for 4 years.

5. Custom 5-inch scissors for school activities

Fabulous scissors for small school children with the peculiarity that they can be easily identified thanks to an identification plate that is located on the body of the scissors. You just have to lift the plaque and write the name of the child or student on the paper that is included and ready, it will be immediately personalized.

You can select between a wide and rounded point and a narrow pointed tip, everything will depend on the preferences or cutting needs you want to make.

Additional characteristics:

  • 2 scissors package, 6 scissors package and 12 scissors package available.
  • The colors that come in each package are varied.
  • Ideal for children over 4 years.
  • The scissors are made from stainless steel.
  • Able to cut multiple stationery, school, craft, and artistic activities materials.
  • Its ergonomic design on the inside of the loops where the fingers rest, allow comfortable handling while making a perfect cut.
  • Its blades are resistant to wear thanks to the processing material, which offers a scissor in good condition for a long time.

6. Package of 30 bulk round tip scissors for students with a comfortable grip

A wonderful option that offers multiple scissors to be able to supply a complete room or to give to children and guarantee them this tool so important for the execution of their school tasks.

The option of acquiring all these scissors in a single package provides you with money savings while being supplied at the same time. Its blades are sharp enough to guarantee numerous quality cuts.

Additional characteristics:

  • 3 color combinations: green with blue details, blue with pink details and orange with purple details.
  • The package brings 10 units of each available combination.
  • Ideal for beginner children because of its ease of use and fun colors that motivate the little ones to use them.
  • Sharp durable blades made of stainless steel.

7. Set of 3 safety scissors with different cutting styles

Safety scissors that guarantee a reliable layout thanks to its plastic blades, children can carry out their crafts and school tasks calmly and safely. The tips are rounded to avoid unwanted perforations.

Its design is specific for small hands, children can only cut paper due to the material of its blades, they can not cut hair, skin or any other material. Ideal for younger children since the possibility of accidentally cutting themselves is few.

Additional characteristics:

  • Scissors allow them to draw 3 different cutting styles: wavy, straight and zigzag to offer a wide variety of applications in art and craft projects.
  • 3 different colors: the red scissors offer a straight cut, the blue scissors offer a wavy cut and the green scissors offer a zigzag cut.
  • Perfect for kindergarten and nursery children where the chances of cutting tend to be greater.
  • It is safe for children 36 months and older to use.

8. Set of 6 colorful round tip scissors

Do you want to feel calm and safe while your children manipulate a scissor during the execution of their school activities, works of art and creativity? Well, this is a challenge but it is possible if the right scissors are selected with the specific characteristics and materials.

This option provides a safe cut for children thanks to the safety blades that it has, these blades are made of stainless steel which guarantees a durable tool and a perfect cut in all the works of art to be elaborated.

Additional characteristics:

  • The package includes 6 scissors of varied colors, the available colors are: red, yellow, pink, blue and green.
  • The tips of the blade have plastic protection to prevent children from accidentally puncturing paper or their skin.
  • Scissors can perfectly cut paper, cardboard, ropes and any other handmade material.
  • Its design is ambidextrous; that is, it can be used by left and right-handed children.

9. Safe babies and children with a pack of 3 safety scissors

Colorful easy-to-handle scissors for young children, ideal as a school supply for returning to kindergarten classes and for extra-academic activities of crafts and arts.

Additional characteristics:

  • The design of its blades is round toe which provides a safe school tool for children to use.
  • Blades are stamped with a tape measure to allow quick and low scale measurement if required.
  • Scissors cuts are novel and creative.
  • The use of these scissors is not recommended in children under 36 months as there is a high risk of suffocation.

The use of scissors in children is usually a matter of great care by parents and teachers, the following article provides some tips to help children develop skills with the use of scissors:

Frequent questions:

1. How to use scissors safely?

The use of scissors in children can be dangerous but by encouraging the application of the following tips, possible injuries or accidents can be avoided:

  • Concentrate on the activity that is being executed.
  • Do not take the eyes off the paper or material being cut.
  • Move the scissors and the material being cut away from the body.
  • Do not attempt for any reason to throw or grab scissors that fall.
  • Have a good source of lighting while cutting.
  • Do not play or run with scissors.
  • When children need to pass a scissor to another child, always offer a scissor handle and not the tips.
  • Always keep the scissors in a specific place for this purpose and do not keep them loose since they can cut their hands when looking for it, it is best to store them in a plastic, cloth cover or simply protect the blades when storing them.

2. What skills can the little ones develop when using scissors?

As children become familiar with the tool and trace their first paper cuts, they acquire and develop certain skills, everything happens gradually and some children learn faster than others.

The first thing they learn is to open and close the scissors, then little by little, they learn to cut the paper, first, they make cuts of straight lines, then they learn to lean with the other hand while they cut with the other.

Later they learn to draw cuttings of curved lines, in the form of a circle, in a square shape and so on different shapes and more complex figures. Letting them make cuts according to their imagination and creativity makes them loose and acquire greater skill with the tool.

How to Teach a Preschooler to Cut with Scissors

To trim safely

Parents should select the appropriate round tip scissors for their children at each school start or at any time they need it. Selecting a safe scissor for them involves evaluating the manufacturing materials and the shape of their design; fortunately, there are multiple safe and economical options to choose from.


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