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24 Best Backpacks Brands for School [In Depth Analyzing]

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Before purchasing a backpack, you should consider picking one from top listed school backpack brands. Although it’s all about your personal preference, the reliability, and classy look you’ll get from a branded school backpack, it’s hard to get anywhere else. After in-depth research, testing process, and going through reviews and recommendations, we have sorted out this list of school backpacks’ best brands. We assure you that you’ll never be disappointed with purchasing a school backpack from one of these most popular brands.

Best School Backpack Brands

1. JanSport

The first reason why Jansport backpacks are so popular for over 50 years is their sustainability and durability. They are dedicated to manufacturing great backpacks for the pursuit of daily life and outdoor adventures. They make sure of it by using the materials of the highest quality. Their backpack’s straps won’t easily give up on you, and the smooth zippers stand the test of a lifetime. In short, their backpack’s durability is remarkable. They also have an amazing collection of backpack accessories (Accessory Pouches, Pins, Patches, and Pompom).

Moreover, thinking about teenagers’ rough usage and getting their bags destroyed, JanSport offers a great deal. If your JanSport bag gets destroyed, they will repair it or even replace it if they can’t fix it.  The backpacks of JanSport have a price range of around 26 to 73 US Dollars.

2. Champion

Champion is one of the first major brands that used the strategy of influencer marketing. It is considered as one of the coolest brands worldwide. It has surged as a historical brand with a vintage accessories demand. Products manufactured by Champion include Backpacks (For School Students, Teenagers, Adults), casual wear clothing (t-shirts, sweatpants, hoodies, shorts, leggings, jackets, undergarments), footwear (sneakers, sandals, socks), and other accessories (hats, collectibles). The price range of Champion Backpacks varies from 24 to 70 US Dollars.

3. The North Face

The great irony behind North Face’s popularity is that it manufactures versatile products altogether for different purposes and many disparate subcultures. One backpack has even inspired a novel. Its backpacks are embroidered with different designs, iconic multi-colored, and drawstrings pattern.

However, they are a little overvalued; some are over 100 US Dollars, but they are extremely reliable, comfortable, and feature well-situated pockets. If you prefer wider shoulders, venting panels, and weight distributing straps for your school-going children, then you can consider North Face backpack a good pick.

4. Herschel Supply Co.

Whether you want a reasonably priced backpack for school, fashion, or travel, – Herschel can provide you one of the finest quality backpacks. Its backpacks are a classic symbol of escape and adventure, from which you can guess why they’re everywhere. Including the famous Little America Backpack, Herschel has more than 40 backpack models available in various styles and colors. Herschel focuses on producing functional backpacks for teenagers, everyday school, and travelers. Within the 40 to 60 US Dollars price range, Herschel School Backpacks have a vintage design inspired with a modern twist.

5. Himawari

There’s no denying how dedicatedly Himawari designs and manufactures stylish, high-quality backpacks for girls, ladies, and women. Most of its backpacks come in a durable, well-padded, comfortable, sleek, compact design and rectangular shape that never drops or falls out of shape like traditional backpacks. Therefore, for your girl’s going back to school, go out with friends, or travel, you’ll find one that goes with your or your girl’s style within the price range of 30 to 50 US Dollars.


MATEIN supplies a wide range of smart, stylish, comfortable, and durable backpacks that can even survive the most arduous commuters’ daily use. Being designed by professionals, its backpacks look perfect for professional users. You can get the best laptop backpacks for travel and business from MATEIN. Most of its backpacks come with lots of handy pockets with anti-theft design, convenient built-in USB charger ports, external chargers, etc. The top reason why people like MATEIN is because of its electronic gadget-friendly features. Its backpacks are perfect for Adults, College, and University students within the reasonable price range of 19 to 42 US Dollars.


For over 30 years, FUEL supplies backpacks, and this brand is dedicated to manufacturing backpacks for school-going kids. Its backpacks have a large and spacious capacity, stylish and available in lots of colors, constructed with s-curve technology, and ensures your kid’s safety. Some backpacks come with Lunch Bag and school essentials set as well. Besides school backpacks, you can also find Tech Bags, Sports Bags, and Casual Daypack for everyday use. FUEL is mostly famous for supplying high-quality school backpacks at a low price.

8. Fjallraven Kanken

If we have to name one thing for which Fjallraven Kanken products such as backpacks and jackets are famous, the most prominent reason is that its products last for a long time, but the products are expensive. Its products come in a minimalistic design, and also thanks to their quality and performance, for that reason, its backpacks are famous among school and college students.

It manufactures all types of backpacks (For Laptop, Campus, Commute, Outdoor, and Travel), and all of them are comfortable to carry and maintain their shape commendably over time. It is most suitable for school, but if you’re looking one to carry heavy weights, then you should go for a sturdier design to carry heavy loads and distribute weight evenly on the body.

9. Timbuk2

Timbuk2’s bags were initially manufactured for bike messengers, but now they supply bags for larger customers by designing Messenger Laptop Bag, Sling Bag, Tote Bag, Travel Bag, and Rolling Luggage Bag.  It designs all sizes of messenger backpacks (Mini, Small, Medium, and Large), and the price ranges from 39 to 179 US Dollars. A versatile design and widely-used fabrics in their backpack materials ensure outdoor protection against different environmental conditions.

10. Nike

Everyone knows that the Nike brand is one of the biggest and most successful brands in the world, and that’s because they manufacture a variety of products that fit everyone’s style and desires. Nike is the most dedicated in manufacturing sports shoes, but besides that, their clothing for men and women, kids’ shoes, clothing, and backpacks are so great that you must use their products at least once in your lifetime.  After utilizing Nike’s products for a long period, you’ll know you can count on them blindly in getting a top-quality product. Most amazingly, their products, especially backpacks, do not cost much either.

11. Adidas

Whether Adidas shoes are better than Nike or not is one of the most controversial topics ever. But today we won’t go down that road.  We know how popular Adidas sports shoes are. The reason behind it is that those are manufactured after discussing with athletes and taking into account their specific requirements and preferences in particular games.

Adidas backpacks are also famous, and you can get one for your or our kid at a reasonable price. Adidas designs backpacks based on kids’ age, such as for Youth (age 8-14), Children (age 4-8), Baby and Toddler (Age 0-4), and adults. They also have a pretty huge collection of back to school accessories for both girls and boys.

12. Under Armour

Under Armour is perceived as an extremely masculine brand, and men love its products. It is an American company that supplies footwear, casual outfits, and sports apparel. To be more specific, products designed by Under Armour include athletic shoes, jackets, t-shirts, pants, hoodies, shorts, leggings, and accessories such as bags, caps, gloves, and protective gear. They also produce American football, basketball and soccer, and uniforms for sports. In the backpack category, it includes Adults backpack, school backpack, travel backpack, roll-top backpack, studio backpack, and gym bag within the price range of 19 to 94 US Dollars.

13. Carhartt

Carhartt is known for its Backpack with special features (such as Water Bottle Pockets, Laptop Sleeve, Rolling Backpack, Backpack Bundles, and Internal Organization) and work clothes (such as jackets, coveralls, coats, overalls, vests, jeans, shirts, dungarees, hunting clothing, and fire-resistant clothing).

Carhartt’s specialty in backpacks is its patented duck brown, making it one of the most vintage looking and durable backpacks. The most common problem with regular backpacks is that their zippers get stuck or break quickly. However, Carhartt has solved the problem by producing heavy-duty backpacks with secured, smooth, non-stuck zippers that’ll last you a lifetime.

14. Tomtoc

If you want to protect the tech devices you rely on and lead a happy digital life, then you should go with Tomtoc. The designed backpacks of Tomtoc is dedicated for tech-savvy people who like innovative and fashionable designed products. They manufacture backpacks, ensuring that it’ll protect your digital gear, such as laptops and cellphones, and focus on every small detail regarding the device protection and functions. The price range of backpacks for school, college, university, and travel varies from 24 to 96 US Dollars.

15. Mancro

Mancro is fully dedicated to manufacturing bags to carry laptops, tablets, Ninetendo switches, gadgets, and travel essentials. Their bags feature weather-resistant materials, Anti-theft built-in locks, and USB ports that make them unique and stand out in the market. We recommend Mancro backpacks. The different types of bags that Mancro offers are Travel Backpack, Rucksack, Daypacks, Drawstring Backpacks, and Laptop Backpacks that are spacious enough to work perfectly for school, camping, hiking, or even business trips. The prices range of school laptop bags from Mancro are quite cheap, ranging from 16 to 29 US Dollars.

16. Abshoo

The specialty of Abshoo brand is that they gave undivided and dedicated attention to girl’s and women’s backpacks. Their bags’ designs are so colorful and come with so many stylish and cute prints that Abshoo has become one of the most favorite brands to ladies in recent years. Their backpack collection includes Sequins backpacks, Mini Backpacks, Purse, School backpacks set, and many other fashionable daypacks. The laptop backpacks for both men and women are available within a reasonable price range of 24 to 42 US Dollars. Their other bags are also quite affordable.

17. SwissGear

SwissGear manufactures travel accessories, wallets, luggage, watches, clothing, and backpacks. It is extremely popular among the budget-conscious travelers, and some of their particular suitcases are widely purchased for its high-quality with great reviews. SwissGear backpacks are the perfect pick for school-going children and teenagers, and those are affordable priced, durable, and comes with a 5-year warranty. Despite having a cheap price tag, SwissGear backpacks are reliable and compatible with rough usage. The travel bags and Swiss Army backpacks are water-resistant for protection in light rain.

18. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is Women’s one of the most beloved brands. Along with supplying ladies backpacks, mini backpacks, purse backpack, and school backpacks, Victoria’s Secret is also widely recognized as the most popular brand for supplying women’s lingerie and other clothing. Teenagers mostly love the backpacks supplied by this brand. And Victoria’s Secret boutique designed products have a target market of women with the age group of 21 to 49. Victoria’s Secret PINK school backpacks collection is available within a 32 to 94 US Dollars price range.


JOSEKO supplies products both for men and women. Still, the attention they give to every single detail of women’s backpacks, wallets, and purse to make them look more fashionable and stylish is highly commendable. In their fashion backpacks category, they only design backpacks with PU Leather, Canvas, and Nylon’s materials. They have Crossbody bags in their collection as well. However, the unique backpack category they have is their Straw Bags. All of their Straw Bags look so fashionable; it becomes irresistible to pick one after seeing them. The price range of all of their products is quite cheap compared to its quality, fashionable look, and sturdiness.

20. Coofit

Here again, comes a reliable backpack brand for girls, ladies, or women, Coofit. It manufactures a wide range of types of bags (For Laptop, Travel, School, Crossbody, Rolling, Leather, Canvas, Nylon, Anti-theft Backpacks) for schoolers of all grades and classes, teenagers and adults, travelers and commuters, professionals or jobholders. They also supply Luggage (Carry-on, Rolling, Kids’) and other accessories (Make-up and Lunch bag, CD, and Pencil Case).

They deliver backpacks that provide not only a fashion statement but also satisfy the customer by providing the joy of quality living within a reasonable value. Therefore, if you’re looking for a high-quality bag in a timely fashion, they go for Coofit.

21. Wildkin

If you’re looking for a backpack brand that’s fully committed to developing and delivering school accessories for your kids, then Wildkin is the name. They offer fantastic backpacks for school-going children and toddlers, such as lunch boxes, sleeping bags, bedding, and more for children of all ages! They even have cute furniture collections for kids. It’s guaranteed that you’ll love their designs, product quality, and pricing!

The main reason behind their popularity is all of their backpacks are of innovative designs, useful, colorful, and fun. Furthermore, they focus on designing super-safe gears for children of all ages, especially for kids.

22. Modoker

Modoker was founded in 1993, and this brand is dedicated to providing you with a quality backpack and products with the latest fashion trends to make your life more stylish and easier. All of their products are manufactured for people of all ages, and all their items are very useful. Their wide range of products includes a Female handbag, genuine leather backpack, Messenger bag, Luggage Bag, Tote bag, Lunch bag, laptop backpack, cardholder wallet, travel organizer, etc.

They have recently become extremely famous with the supply of products with great quality ensuring that those are comfortable to use, practical, and have a minimalistic design that looks quite appealing to most people. Modoker school backpacks have a price range of 26 to 38 US Dollars.

23. Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley is globally popular as one of the top leading purveyors of high-end designer backpacks and luggage. They design all their collections based on fashion taste, style, and practical functions to fulfill the requirements of people of all ages, especially teenagers.

Furthermore, it is famous for understanding what their customers truly want from them, and their products collection includes luggage (carry-on, rolling, hard-shell, compression-expansion, trunks), Briefcase, tote bags, Crossbody bag, weekend bags, cabin bags, duffle bags, garment bags, cargo backpacks, and many more. However, their backpacks are quite expensive, covering the price range of 139 to 329 US Dollars.

24. Vaschy

Vaschy backpacks have some special features (such as waterproof or water-resistant) and have a simple casual design that makes their backpacks perfect for school usage and carrying laptops. While designing their bags, they focus specifically on the materials so that the bags can resist damage by water. To be more elaborate, the Vaschy backpack’s material features a coating with a light substance to help improve their capability of enduring regular water exposure.

Other than being waterproof, Vaschy backpacks are globally recognized for their high quality, incredible durability, and skilled craftsmanship. Their backpacks come in 12 colors, including multi-color printer designs for school-going children, and all of them are completely water-resistant and sit comfortably on the kids’ shoulders. The backpack’s price is quite reasonable within the price range of 18 to 47 US Dollars, depending on extra features such as laptop compartment, anti-theft facility, and so on.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we would say that finding a school backpack that fits your choice, budget, and your kid’s specific needs is a tedious and frustrating process. So, we would recommend you to check out the school backpacks from the best brands for school backpacks enlisted in this article and save your time and energy. Don’t forget to have a look at the price range before deciding which brand you would go for so that it doesn’t hurt your wallet.

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