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18 Cool Unicorn School Supplies (Full Updated List)

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On the way back to school, parents make efforts to encourage their children to properly use school supplies, such as unicorn pen, unicorn water bottle, among others. Within this range of articles are also the covers, which are boxes of various materials used to store pencils, colors, pens, erasers, markers, pencil sharpeners and all the material used by children for their activities.

In the market, there are a variety of containers such as lunch boxes and beverage holders, which present designs with comic characters on their covers. These are made with varied materials and sizes that allow the transfer of food, juicy drinks and liquids from children to school. (tips on lunch box)

Pencils and pens are also part of those essential tools for the development of our children’s activities to improve their education. These allow the writing of their first letters and designs of drawings and important strokes to improve their motor condition.

What are the benefits of choosing school supplies with only one theme?

  1. Children will be happy for their return to school when choosing their school supplies of the character or reason of their choice, which will result in them wanting to always keep and take their utensils, meals, and drinks to school.
  2. Have only one theme in school supplies and necessary identified with their names, make them more easily found in the case of loss inside the house, school or classrooms.

Unicorn School Supplies

1. Multicolored unicorn pen

This beautiful pen is designed for the girls of the house, offers diversity in its bright and fun colors.

This allows the little ones to be able to make drawings and write as they wish, in addition to having an attractive design capable of filling everyone’s eyes with charm.

Additional characteristics:

  • Bring an included case that is used to store the pen.
  • It has more than 8 different colors.
  • There are versions of flamingos and dinosaurs in case other alternatives are sought.
  • It has a fine tip and easy to use for writing.

2. Unicorn pen perfect for party gifts

Ideal to give and give joy to those who will use it. Favorites for both girls and women for their great color. They have a frosty finish and a furry ornament located at the top.

Additional characteristics:

  • The set includes 12 pens.
  • It can be found in 2 versions: With frost and pink ink and the version without frost with blue ink.
  • The size of the pen is about 26 cm high and the unicorn ornament of about 6 cm.
  • Designed for ages 3 and up.

3. Unicorn lunch box with shoulder strap

This beautiful lunch box will allow girls to bring their food without going out or spilling and keeping their temperature. The material with which it is manufactured, has the properties of insulating food and keeping it hot or cold for up to 8 hours.

Additional characteristics:

  • Available with different themes and designs.
  • Includes an adjustable strap to carry it comfortably.

Benefits of the product:

  • It is easy to clean due to its square design.
  • The use of 2 closures facilitates its opening and ensures that the content does not come out of the lunch box.

4. Water bottle for children with 0.1 gallon capacity

It represents an excellent gift for children as it adapts to the different types of activities they usually do. It has an anti-spill system, which makes it one of the best options in the market.

Additional characteristics:

  • It is made with safety elements using a valve that prevents the liquid from spilling and this causes children to transfer juices and different liquids practically and safely.
  • You can store up to 350 ml.
  • Recommended for ages 4 to 7.
  • There are multiple models available with different children’s themes.

Product Benefit:

  • It is made with non-toxic materials and is also easy to wash and resists the dishwasher.

5. Double closure cartridge case with compartments

With a nice design and great utility, this holster offers a combination of adorable appearance and the ability to store both school supplies and cosmetics, all covered by a high-quality material and durability. Designed for children under 12 years old.

Additional feature:

  • This product measures 21 cm long, 7 cm wide and 10 cm high.

Product benefit:

  • Apart from its zippers, it has a double layer inside that functions as compartments to take more advantage of the space.

6. Stainless steel water bottle for children

With its rotary closing system, it prevents the liquid from leaking out and causes some unwanted inconvenience. It is also important to mention that thanks to its construction material, the bottle is made to be durable and resistant to different situations and scenarios. Recommended for school-age children.

Additional characteristics:

  • Its storage capacity is up to 350 ml.
  • Available with other designs, for different tastes.

Product Benefit:

  • Its stainless steel manufacturing makes the liquid inside the bottle retain its internal temperature.

7. Unicorn pencil holder

A great gift option for all girls who enjoy coloring and drawing. This colored pencil holder also serves as a pretty ornament that girls will love to have in their room. Includes 10 unique and vibrant colors.

Additional characteristics:

  • It measures 15 cm long, 20 cm wide and 5 cm long.
  • Highly recommended to girls between 4 and 8 years old.

8. Unicorn pencil case zippered

This beautiful holster brings a wide variety of uses since it can store colors, makeup, small accessories and any other school supplies necessary to transport and safeguard.

Additional characteristics:

  • Available in 4 different colors.

Product benefits:

  • Its unique zipper makes access to the content inside the cartridge case simple and simple.
  • Its unicorn themed designs capture the attention not only of the little ones in the house, but also of many women who are attracted to this product due to its usefulness and attractive appearance.

9. Classic unicorn lunch box

It is a colorful lunch box that, being designed in a horizontal format, is presented as that perfect alternative for our girls of different ages.

Its interior is designed to maintain the temperature of food either cold or hot. It has a front compartment that adds even more space to place food or snack.

Additional characteristics:

  • It measures 25 cm high, 19 cm wide and almost 8 cm wide.

Product benefits:

  • Made with an exterior made of polyester which guarantees a durable cover.
  • Made completely free of toxic materials.

10. Wooden pencils from My Little Pony

Wonderful option that fans of unicorns will love. With this pack of cute pencils from the acclaimed children’s unicorn series My Little Pony, girls will be fascinated to return to class.

Additional characteristics:

  • Includes 12 pencils in its basic version.
  • Ideal for girls between 5 and 9 years old
  • The pencils are about 19 cm high.

11. Unicorn pens with liquid ink

These pens are a great option if what you are looking for is a smooth writing with style and a design that suits your personality rather than using the typical pens.

Additional characteristic:

  • This set includes 16 pens.

Product benefits:

  • Enjoyable by children and adults alike.
  • It contains liquid ink inside, which facilitates writing and gives a better final finish.

12. Set of 12 units of unicorn motif pens

A good gift for girls of any age, these pens are unique due to the high quality of their ink and their striking design, which will make any girl who is interested in writing want to use one of these.

Additional characteristics:

  • It has a measure of 18 cm and a tip of 0.5 mm.
  • This set contains 12 pens.
  • They have ink of different colors: pink, blue and purple.

13. Practical and comfortable anti-spill lunch box

Made with 5 anti-leakage compartments, this lunch box represents a great option for children to take their snack wherever they want without worrying that the content will come out and spill.

Additional characteristics:

  • It measures 17.5 cm wide, 17.5 cm long and a height of about 5.5 cm.
  • Available in different designs for all styles.

Product benefits:

  • The 5 compartments included are separated and children can organize their snack in the way they like best.

14. Unicorn lunch box with a heart-shaped bread cutter

Its interior is very spacious, allowing you to distribute the content in a better way. It has a front closure that provides extra space to take advantage of it in the most convenient way you want.

Additional characteristics:

  • This product includes a tool holder inside.

Product benefits:

  • It is made with non-toxic materials.
  • Its interior is constructed of insulating materials, which allows the content to remain hot or cold for a long period.
  • Available alternatives for different tastes.

15. Unicorn water bottle girls without BPA and leak proof

This bottle is a great option for both girls of school age, and even for adults, due to its innovative button opening system that does not lead to leaks.

It has a storage capacity superior to the majority of products in the market, which makes it very useful to carry a greater quantity of liquid to share in the school.

Product benefits:

  • It has a storage capacity of about 680 ml.
  • Thanks to its opening valve, there are no spills or liquid leaks.
  • Although made of plastic, it does not represent a toxic hazard, because it is constructed with materials free of bisphenol A or BPA.
  • Its wide mouthpiece facilitates the outflow of liquid for consumption.

16. Versatile unicorn pencil case and organizer

Versatility is what describes this product, since, apart from being able to store pencils or colors, it can also contain different school supplies. You can also store makeup and even office supplies due to its large size and number of compartments.

Additional characteristics:

  • It can store up to 30 colored pencils.
  • It has dimensions 22 cm high, 15 cm long and 5 cm wide.

Product benefit:

  • It is made of water-resistant materials and free of toxic components.

17. Unicorn pencils with multiple tips

A great present for almost any occasion, these pencils will make you want to write without stopping, as they contain 9 interchangeable tips so you can practice writing as much as you want.

Additional characteristics:

  • This set comes with 24 unicorn-themed pencils.
  • Apart from the top star ornament, it also includes an eraser just below.

18. Vacuum insulated stainless steel unicorn water bottle

With a sober, but equally attractive design, this bottle represents an excellent option for the vast majority of its children as it is a strong and durable product thanks to the stainless steel material with which it is made.

Additional characteristic:

  • It has a capacity of 350 ml.

Product Benefit:

  • It is manufactured with vacuum insulation inside, which allows the contents inside the bottle to maintain its temperature and avoid any visible condensation.

Frequent questions:

1. What type of holster or lunch box is best for my child?

You must choose the material according to the type and intensity of activity that your child performs, if your child performs activities where he is in continuous movement, it is best to select products made with highly resistant materials.

You must choose lunch boxes and holsters of waterproof or metallic polyester fabric material, to avoid breaking them if the packages are subjected to many efforts.

The size will depend on the age and grade the child is taking; For example, if you are in kindergarten or preschool, the cartridge case must be a small size.

2. Which bottle holder is the most useful for my child?

The bottle holder will always depend on the age of your child to choose the reason and material. For children, it is advisable to use synthetic waterproof fabrics and plastic bottles with anti-leak seals.

For ages 6 and up, waterproof or metallic synthetic cloth materials with plastic or stainless steel bottles can be chosen for the bottle holder. The use of glass bottles at any age should be avoided.

Good Unicorn School Supplies vs Bad Unicorn School Supplies

To select the best school support

It is the parents’ responsibility to choose both the size and manufacturing material of the school supplies such as the unicorn lunch box, the unicorn pencil, among others, always taking into account and respecting the taste of those who will use it.

The material and size to choose will depend on the activities carried out by the child, it is advisable to opt for the selection of resistant materials so that they can last over time and resist any eventuality.

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