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Clipboards – 9 Best Clipboards For Schools [Holders]

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Clipboards are tools that allow people to the group and hold one or more sheets of paper at the same time. Normally they are made of plastic material but there are also metal, aluminum, wood, and cork. They are rectangular and are usually able to house sheets of paper of different sizes (letter, legal, legal, A4, A5). The upper part of the clipboard has a hook or clasp incorporated to hold the leaves to the clipboard body to keep them fixed and to be able to use them for writing, drawing or simply filing.

Who uses clipboards?

Despite being a school instrument, its application is quite wide and can be used by different people in different areas, among which we can mention:

  • In medicine. The doctors in most of their consultations or emergency cases, have to write and manage information that is reflected in documents or medical records, for these cases the clipboard is very useful since they can group all that information and facilitate their daily work. The nursing staff in most cases handle the dosing of patients in medical records that have to manipulate and move from one room to another or from an operating room to another specific place, whatever the case, the clipboard results perfect for moving records, medical reports and any associated documentation from one site to another.
  • In the office. In any organization; whatever its type, the handling, and transport of documents from one place to another, the taking of notes in meetings, filling daily formats manually and many other activities that involve the handling of sheets of paper are constantly required, for all these cases the clipboards are ideal as they will facilitate the execution of all these activities.
  • In school, high school and university. Students of all levels take notes, need to organize their homework, have sheets of paper to the group and safeguard. Likewise, teachers constantly need to correct homework, exams, fill out forms and school formats, among other activities; for all these school cases, the clipboard provides an excellent option to collaborate with the day-to-day activities of teachers and students.
  • In fieldwork of any area. Many engineers, technicians and even workers, need to take notes, dimensions, hold meetings, record important information that they will then take to their respective offices. In fieldwork, there are usually no appropriate spaces for office work, so clipboards are very useful since they will record the necessary information that they can then transport to any other place without problems.

Importance of clipboards for schools

Clipboards for schools are very useful since usually students and teachers always have papers and documents to transport and hold. They allow to keep all the school tasks tidy, held and stored, they are perfect to group different works that should not be stapled but that need to be protected together to move them from one place to another or to use them at any time and have them all within reach same time. It is also very practical and convenient to write and notes outdoors because its flat surface allows you to write about them without problems. (Wiki)

What aspects should be considered when buying a clipboard for schools?

The school clipboard is made up of the table where the sheets or documents rest and the hook that groups them, so mainly the material and the shape of these two are the ones to consider. Take into account the following characteristics:

  • Regardless of the material in the table; be it of plastic, metal, aluminum, wood, cork or any other, it must be resistant and that it cannot be folded or broken easily to be able to write on it and that the documents and sheets of paper are protected on that side.
  • The size of the table, there are letter size, trade, extra trade, among others. It should be clear the purpose for which it will be used, the ideal is to acquire one that can accommodate sheets of all sizes but this will depend on the request and requirement of each person.
  • Material, shape, and resistance of the hook, it is important that it does not abuse the sheets of paper but also that it is not so fragile and not very resistant to leave the documents on the clipboard.


Listed below are the best options to consider as far as school clipboard is concerned, you just have to choose the one that best suits your needs:

1. Hardboard clipboard and low profile clip

Perfect for the classroom and any mobile work that requires it, it is made of strong and light material at the same time allowing for easy handling and transportation outdoors and in enclosed spaces. Thanks to its manufacture with high-quality material it makes it suitable for difficult environments and classifies it as a durable tool. Designed for student projects, groups, for children and adults in general. In addition to offering ease to execute writings in the open air, it allows all people to quickly and safely stack and store sheets of paper and any other document of interest.

Additional characteristics:

  • The package comes with the following dimensions: 16.9 x 10 x 2.5 inches.
  • The package includes 12 units of school clipboard.
  • The board is made of hard material 3 mm thick.
  • Capable of housing standard letter-size sheets of paper.
  • The clip of the clipboard is made of metallic material and measures 4.75”.
  • The clipboard table is brown.

2. Decorative school clipboard

The decorative school clipboards come with different modern and beautiful designs printed in full color and glossy laminate that at first glance offers an elegant and perfect finish. The creativity and inspiration used for its creation make them perfect for those people who want something different from the classic and every day. The thickness of the board is 2.5 mm, which guarantees a durable and safe flat surface for your reports, notes, and sheets of paper in general. It is practical and portable which will allow all people to carry out their daily activities with peace of mind and confidence.

Additional characteristics:

  • 3 x 8.5 x 0.4 inches are the package measurements.
  • Different reasons to choose: blue marble, black nebula, blue flower, golden rose, black flower, white marble, purple flower.
  • The table is made of highly resistant wood material.
  • Can hold 80-100 sheets of standard and A4 letter size paper.
  • The clipboard clip is low profile metal.
  • The clipboard includes in its construction a hole to hang it in briefcases or bags.

3. Colorful plastic school clipboard

Colorful and fun options for students to go to school and do their school activities with pleasure. The clipboard is made of resistant materials that make it durable and perfect for the most demanding daily activities. It has a polished metal clip with rubber corners and a strong spring to offer a secure grip on the sheets of paper you want to store and organize. They can also be retractable to where you want as it comes with a hook designed for this purpose.

Additional characteristics:

  • The product has the following measures: 9.8 x 1.5 x 15.3 inches.
  • Different colors available: blue, green, black, yellow, pink and red.
  • Able to house standard letter-size sheets.
  • You can stack and adjust 80 to 100 sheets of paper on each clipboard table.

4. Polypropylene school clipboard with compartment

Ideal to keep all important documents and records safe, its completely smooth surface makes it possible to maintain perfect writing while handling it. Its ergonomic design makes it light and durable, capable of transporting it in a practical and comfortable way to any place, even while traveling. It includes for storage of documents a compartment of ¾” in which it can be introduced from a notebook to documents, writing tools, and other small materials.

Additional characteristics:

  • Made with high-quality polypropylene material.
  • Built-in low profile clip to hold the sheets of paper correctly.
  • It has a double storage tray.
  • The appearance of the clipboard table is transparent.
  • The product comes with the following measures: 13.5 x 1.2 x 9.5 inches.

5. Wallet type school clipboard

It has compartments inside perfectly designed to protect from sheets of paper for everyday use to cards, magazines, travel tickets, resumes, presentation proposals and any other material of importance. Its construction contemplates delicate decorative seams in order to provide an elegant and distinguished presence. Made of high-quality PU leather material guaranteeing a strong and durable clipboard. It has the peculiarity that it can be easily cleaned allowing low maintenance.

Additional characteristics:

  • Folder-style clipboard, when opened is the base of the clipboard and the cover of the folder serves as a backup and has pockets to also store documents or papers.
  • Available colors: blue, business black, vintage brown and pink.
  • Product dimensions are: 11.8 x 7.9 x 0.6 inches.
  • Able to house sheets of paper and A4 and letter-size documents.
  • Thanks to its manufacturing material it is resistant to the sun and difficult to crack over time.
  • When the folder is opened, a bra is located in the middle to store a pen or pencil.

6. School clipboard type storage box

It represents an excellent option for those people who are in constant movement and need to protect documents and materials or tools. Its design is based on a moving office because it is a box that offers clipboard solutions but at the same time allows all people to store additional objects such as pencils, colors, small office tools and even electronic devices up to 13 ”. Perfect to travel comfortably and protect the materials. They can use them from school-age children and youth to teachers, coaches, health personnel, surveyors and anyone who needs to keep their sheets of paper and materials safe.

Additional characteristics:

  • 2 x 13 x 15.5 inches are the measurements that the product comes with.
  • The following color combinations are available: black and gray, black and green and black and orange.
  • It has a snap closure that allows all the people to close the box in a safe and reliable way to protect the materials that are inside.
  • The storage box type clipboard is designed to safeguard legal-size and letter-size documents.

7. Oak-pine memo clipboard

It is a lightweight, durable, versatile, functional, useful tool, with efficient space and easy to use. Made with beautiful wood grains guaranteeing a smooth surface to generate a pleasant and smooth writing experience. Its rounded corners prevent possible accidents. Its comfort and simplicity make it an excellent option to consider for travel and everyday activities.

Additional characteristics:

  • The package measures are 9.5 x 6.5 x 1.1 inches.
  • The game includes 4 units of school clipboard.
  • 2 colors to choose from: black and brown.
  • To protect sheets of paper size A5 and smaller
  • Made with ecological and durable wood to provide a unique and enjoyable writing experience.

8. Waterproof colorful clipboard

They are manufactured from eco-friendly PU leather, resistant to wear, corrosion and tear, which provides a solid and durable material to make the notes and safeguard the paper sheets safely and quietly. The paper and document holder clip is made of stainless steel material and its design includes small holes to hang the clipboard on the wall or anywhere else. Suitable for use for conferences, businesses, offices, colleges, universities and children and youth of any age.

Additional characteristics:

  • Product dimensions are 9.06 x 6.69 inches.
  • 6 colors to select: pink, black, turquoise, yellow, light pink and light blue.
  • These clipboards are capable of holding sheets of paper size A5 and lower.
  • The material of its construction is waterproof which makes it waterproof and easy to clean.

9. Clipboard with measuring element included

This clipboard is made from aluminum alloy and MDF, its board is strong which allows writing in the most difficult environments and that the quality of the notes is clear. The hook included is metal, simple, retractable which provides that all sheets of paper and documents that want to be protected are well adjusted to the clipboard.

Additional characteristics:

  • The color of the clipboard board is silver as it is made of aluminum material.
  • Clipboard size can be selected: A4 or A5.
  • The A4 size clipboard comes with the following dimensions: 12.44 x 8.89 inches.
  • The A5 size clipboard comes with the following dimensions: 9.09 x 6.06 inches.
  • The clipboard board comes with a measuring scale on its edge which makes it a practical, convenient and easy to carry measuring tool.

Numerous clipboard options exist today, the above options are just a sample of the best examples of school clipboard that will surely provide the solution you are surely looking for. Do not forget to review the important aspects to consider when buying and select the most appropriate to your needs.

Bonus: Decorative Clipboards


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