Types of School Backpacks

34 Different Types of School Backpacks & Bags (School, College)

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There are varieties of school bags available for a different purpose, and many of them have a slight difference from each other, making them hard to identify. It may result in confusion or misunderstanding about the type of backpack, and eventually, you can fall into trouble while buying one. Therefore, here we are with different kinds of bags for school so that no parent face any difficulties while choosing the best school bag for their precious child. Different bags have different uses and are made for students of different ages. So, let’s learn for whom all these types of bags are made and what are their purpose of usage.

Types of School Backpacks

1. Basic Backpack

The basic backpack is simply defined by those bags that can be carried on the back with the help of two shoulder straps. While carrying on your back, the shoulder straps must be adjusted in a way so that it situates two inches below the shoulder; the backpack ends at your waist and does not extend past two-inches above your hips. The backpack is a type of multipurpose bag, and depending on its various designs, colors, shape, materials, mechanisms, and sizes, basic backpacks categorized into different types of other backpacks.

  • Gender:  Both for Girls and Boys
  • School: For all school-going children from different classes
  • Uses: Carry school essentials, shopping, supplies, camping gear, hiking gear, etc.

2. Basic Book Bag

What is Bookbag? You can guess it from its name. Bookbags are designed mainly to carry books. As the size of a standard book is around 9 inches), the book bag’s size is approximately 10-14 inches. Another prominent feature of the Bookbag is that it has no front pocket. You can call it a simple bag in terms of pockets, as its main purpose is carrying books only. It can have side mesh pockets or cannot have side mesh pockets. Another important thing is, there’s no existence of a bag as “Mini Bookbag,” as the size of Bookbag is already small.

  • Gender:  Both for Girls and Boys
  • School: Best suited for Kindergarteners, Preschool, Primary, and Secondary School Children
  • Uses: For carrying books and few school essentials

3. Snap Backpack

As you can guess from the name, the specialty of Snap Backpack is its magnetic Snap button for your security. These Snap Backpacks have a stylish and classy look. Furthermore, the magnetic snap button on the flap cover guarantees the security of your stuff. As it carries a professional look, you can use it for work, business travel, or meetings besides carrying to school.

  • Gender: Both Girls and Boys
  • School: High School, College, and University Students
  • Uses: For carrying a laptop, books, and daily necessities, business meetings, and travel purpose

4. Daypack

A daypack is a small version of a backpack that is usually used for shorter day hikes; hence the name is given. It is lightweight, foldable, easy to carry, and can accommodate few small items for a whole day. There is an internal frame missing in a daypack; to be more specific, it has very little or no back padding or support. Generally, it doesn’t have padded shoulder straps either. Usually, a daypack backpack is not made for carrying heavy loads or going for long treks. The materials used for manufacturing daypacks can be any lightweight leather, canvas, or any synthetic material. The cost of the daypacks is cheaper than backpacks.

  • Gender:  For both Girls and Boys
  • School: Primary and Secondary School Children for carrying light loads
  • Uses: People often use daypacks on the trail, for a day trip, in the coffee shop, and at work

5. Knapsack

In ancient times, knapsacks were recognized as those bags in which soldiers used to store and carry their food to keep it fresh, carry them on the back, and eat in a while. After going through many changes over the years, the modern Knapsack has some specific flap cover designs with one or two belts on the front panel. The Knapsack has a more natural color and will provide you with an almost grungy feeling. Most Knapsacks are made from canvas, nylon, or leather. Besides school-going children, it is also carried by soldiers, hikers, and travelers.

  • Gender:  Girls and Boys, Men and Women
  • School: Teenagers, College, and University Students
  • Uses: For carrying clothes, food,  personal belongings, and other daily supplies

6. Haversack

Haversack is a single-strapped, small, durable, Knapsack type bag worn over one shoulder traditionally used by soldiers or military for carrying rations, extra clothing, supplies, etc. Nowadays, Haversack is used by teenagers and school-going children as a fashionable accessory for carrying books to extra classes, music lessons, or while riding on a bicycle. It is famous among youngsters because it gives a distinctive and stylish look to the users. Most of the Haversack has a natural color such as Khaki, Military Green, or Vintage color.

  • Gender: Boys and Girls, Men and Women
  • School: High School Children and College Students
  • Uses: As a school bag, a soldier’s bag for rations, extra clothing, etc.

7. Mini Backpack

The mini backpack is a fashionable and stylish small backpack used to carry a light load instead of carrying a large backpack for it. Girls use it to carry books or use it as a purse. The use of mini backpacks as purses has become a big trend now. The main purpose of this bag is to carry all the small things any girl might need: phone, wallet, eyeglasses, tissues, keys, and so on. The mini backpack is all about looks; you can easily identify it from its stylish, fashionable, gorgeous, and cute look. Usually, it’s used by girls for usual outings or shopping. The size of the Mini Backpack would be 9-14 Inch. It has fewer pockets, the shape can be round or square, but has a gorgeous and rich look.

  • Gender:  Only for Girls
  • School: Middle School, High School, College Students
  • Uses: Carry small items and daily accessories for outings and shopping

8. Rolling Backpack

The rolling backpack consists of an extendable handle and smooth rolling-wheels, making it easy to move around in school, airport, or any other places without carrying a heavy bag on your shoulders and back. The great thing about rolling backpack is that it gives you the flexibility of rolling the bag and save your health from any shoulder or back injury. Modern Rolling backpacks offer a combination of a traditional backpack and a rolling suitcase so that you can wear it on your back using shoulder straps or roll around with heavy loads. This convenient two-way feature makes it perfect for school usage, and students have widely used it in recent days.

  • Gender:  Both Girls and Boys
  • School: Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, High School Students
  • Uses: To carry heavy books in school or going for a short trip or overnight stay

9. Messenger Bag

A messenger bag includes an adjustable shoulder strap that goes diagonally across the chest, resting on the side or lower back of the body. In a messenger bag, it becomes easier to place and remove textbooks, laptops, notebooks, and daily supplies by easily opening and shifting it from the body’s side. The messenger bag’s design is a bit more informal, and it can be carried over the shoulder or as a crossbody bag. The messenger bag has become an urban fashion icon, gives a professional look, and features a functional design making it suitable for cycling.

  • Gender: Both Girls and Boys, Men and Women
  • School: High School, College Students, and Teenagers
  • Uses: Carry the light load, few books, Laptop while commuting on a bike, going to school or office

10. Briefcase

The general idea of a briefcase came from a formal bag used in legal, sales, banking, business, work, and similar settings. In ancient times, lawyers often used to carry legal briefs in a Briefcase, hence the name “briefcase.”  The briefcase is more structured in shape, not saggy, and more professional in look. Typically, a briefcase is carried by a handle, and it has no shoulder straps. It is spacious enough to hold legal sized documents and features a secured lock. In ancient times, the Briefcases used to have hardware or locks on a briefcase, and still, some briefcases have them.

  • Gender:  Only for Boys and Men
  • School: College and University Students
  • Uses: At the formal meeting, presentations, work, and office to carry documents and necessary stuff

11. Drawstring Backpack

A drawstring bag a flexible bag with a single opening being closed at the top with a drawstring that you have to pull to close the bag. The drawstring backpack is also known as Cinch bags. These bags are easy to clean at home, fast-drying, and convenient to carry all the gears. They are lightweight, less structured than backpacks, and can accommodate bulky objects like clothes, hats, towels, and sneakers more easily. As the price of Drawstrings backpacks is very cheap in price, these can be a great promotional item for sports, clubs, schools, and different organizations.

  • Gender: Both Girls and Boys
  • School: Primary, Secondary, High School, and College Students
  • Uses: Perfect for sports camps, schools camping, players, hiking, biking, adventure in the woods, and carrying shoes, towels, and clothes for the gym and swimming

12. Barrel Bag

A barrel bag is a cylindrical shaped bag that can be carried by hand or over the shoulder. A Barrel bag or kit bag is a large bag used for travel, sports, overnight stay, and civilians’ recreation. It has one shoulder strap and handles loops. You can carry your clothes, books, and lots of other stuff in a Barrel Bag and go for a long trip. Barrel Bag can’t be used as a backpack carrying over both shoulders.

  • Gender:  Girls and Boys, Men and Women
  • School: Not for School, but used by school-going children
  • Uses: To carry clothes, gears, and other necessary stuff for travel, camping, and trips

13. Duffel Bag or Sea Bag

Sea Bag is one type of Duffel Bag that also has a large cylindrical shape, has both shoulder straps to be carried as a backpack, and is typically used by sailors, hikers, non-commissioned military, and marine personnel. Historically, the Sea Bag comes with a top opening with a drawstring, Velcro, or metal clasp closure. The structure of a Duffel bag or Sea Bag lacks rigidity making it adaptable to carrying sports gear, camping gear, and similar bulky objects.

  • Gender:  Only for Boys and Men
  • School: Not for School, but used by school-going children
  • Uses: For carrying tools, sporting goods, camping gear, clothes, or any large items

14. Tote Backpack

A tote backpack is an unfastened, medium-sized bag with parallel handles attached to both sides of the bag and two shoulder straps for carrying on back.  Tote backpacks are often used as reusable shopping bags. Typically, a Tote backpack opens much wider than any other handbag. It doesn’t have any structure or internal frame and is literally just big handbags with shoulder straps like a plain shopping bag.

  • Gender: Both Girls and Boys
  • School: Teenagers, Grade School Children
  • Uses: For shopping, carrying books, files, and light load

15. Sling Bag

The sling bag is worn like a backpack but with a single strap, over one shoulder, around the waist, and across the front of the torso instead of wearing a strap for each shoulder. Its design provides faster, more convenient access to bag contents with a better load distribution than a shoulder bag or messenger bag. It features side openings, front surface openings, novel closures, etc. It is carried in a position similar to that of a backpack but higher than that of a messenger bag.

  • Gender:  Both Girls and Boys
  • School: High School, College, and University Students
  • Uses: For carrying the light load while hiking, cycling, gym, bike riding, walking, traveling, school, and work

16. Roll Top Backpack

The Roll Top Backpack is designed with roll-top closing that provides you a flexible way to adjust the load capacity according to your necessities. This backpack offers a massive volume so that you can carry loads of accessories in it. You can even roll it up and increase the capacity up to 3-4 times and tighten the braided belt using the hook to secure your stuff. Moreover, it comes with additional straps and standard body-form fitting that adjusts to human body posture and ensures less strain on the shoulders and back.

  • Gender: Girls and Boys, Men and Women
  • School: High School, College, and University Students
  • Uses: For carrying heavy books and other essentials while going to school, travel, camping, hiking, sleepover, etc.

17. Satchel Backpack

A satchel is a rectangular shaped bag that is one kind of messenger or shoulder bag but with lots of zippered pockets. It features one shoulder strap and carrying handle to carry it by hand or wear as a shoulder bag or crossbody bag. Besides carrying books, students can also carry laptops, phones, wallets, credit cards, an umbrella, and other small accessories in different zippered pockets. People prefer to hang Satchel bags on the opposite hip, rather than hanging directly down from the shoulder.

  • Gender:  Both Girls and Boys
  • School: High School, College, and University Students
  • Uses: To carry books, documents, phone, wallet, Laptop, and other daily small accessories

18. Randoseru

A Randoseru bag is a traditional Japanese school bag with a firm structure that’s generally made from stitched firm leather or leather-like synthetic material. It is most commonly used in Japan by elementary school children where it is given to a child upon beginning his/her first year of school. A Randoseru is a very sturdy bag that lasts for six years, and a child can use it until grade 6. It has a flap closure covering a wide opening and stiff casing, making it easy to access textbooks and notebooks without any wrinkle, crease, or fold. It is worn over the shoulders like a backpack leaving both hands free.

  • Gender:  Both Girls and Boys
  • School: Elementary School Children
  • Uses: Carry school books, mobile phone, and other school essentials

19. Mesh Backpack

Mesh Backpack is a handy ventilated net backpack for carrying your school essentials, gym clothes, and swim accessories. These are also commonly used in sports to carry equipment. It’ll enable you to see what and where your stuff is in your bag and pick the one you need quickly without having to look inside. You can carry gears that need air circulation or dry out quickly. They are made firmly to hold your belongings and protect it all along. Since there is less fabric involved in the manufacturing process, a mesh backpack is cheaper and can store a lot more stuff than a regular backpack. Moreover, it is easy to clean, dry, fold, and store it in a tight place, maintaining its shape.

  • Gender:  Both Girls or Boys
  • School: Primary, Middle, and High School Students
  • Uses: For carrying swimming and gym clothes, beach party, school, camping, and passing through security and airport checkpoints easily

20. Clear Backpack

Most of the Clear Backpacks are made from transparent and waterproof PVC material, and you can easily see through the accessories inside the backpack. It can be semi-transparent or fully see-through. The main advantage of having a Clear Backpack is that it is stadium approved, and its transparent design allows you to have quick access at security checkpoints. In school, Clear Backpacks ensure the children’s protection and develops a safe and friendly environment for the study.

  • Gender:  Both Girls and Boys
  • School: Kindergarten, Elementary, Grade School, and High School Children
  • Uses: To carry school books in the rainy season, pass through security checkpoints, and carry damp clothes or gym clothes

21. Sequins Backpack

A Sequin Backpack is decorated with small, shiny, disc-shaped beads making it look gorgeous, sparkly, and shiny. Sequins backpack is one of the favorite fashion accessories for girls. They can use it for every occasion, such as school, party, shopping, or any outings. There are also reversible sequins backpacks available where you can change the sequins’ color and rearrange it as you wish by flipping over the sequins. Kids also enjoy playing with sequins; therefore, it is preferred by most of the school-going children.

  • Gender: Most are for Girls, and few designs are for Boys
  • School: Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, High School Children and Teenagers
  • Uses: To carry school accessories, going for shopping, party, and short trips

22. Plush Backpack

The plush backpack is made from Plush textile having a cut nap or pile, as same as fustian or velvet. It feels softs upon touching and has a luxurious look. The plush backpack is one kind of luxury bag, something rich, full, and expensive. There are many Plush Animal Backpacks available that are adorned by kids. These bags look so cute; teenage girls also love these and can’t resist wearing one. The plush backpack is the best bag for toddlers because little kids love to cuddle and hug their favorite bag and play with bags like a stuffed animal toy.  

  • Gender:  Both Girls and Boys
  • School: Toddlers, Preschool, Kindergarten Kids, and Teen Girls
  • Uses: Going to Disneyland, as cute gifts, toddler’s school bag, teen girl’s purse or shopping bag

23. Studded Backpack

There’s no end to girl’s fashion and decorative accessories, and Stud is one of them. Stud is a large-headed piece of metal that is adjusted on the bag’s surface for decoration, and this type of backpack is called Studded Backpack. You have to follow some specific steps to wash a backpack with decorative studs. These Studded backpacks are quite expensive and are mostly used as a fashionable purse by girls and ladies. The studs make the backpack very gorgeous, stylish, and shiny looking.

  • Gender:  Only for Girls, Ladies, and Women
  • School: Teenagers, College, and University Students
  • Uses: As a Purse bag, for shopping, outings, or carrying small items

24. Bucket Bag

The name “Bucket Bag” doesn’t necessarily mean this bag looks like a bucket. Typically, this bag has a flat bottom with a drawstring closure on top and looks round or oval in shape. The drawstring closure is a significant part of this bag, and it makes it easy to open and close the top. The bucket bags come in different types of designs, such as with bracelet-like handle, longer strap to wear it as a cross-body or shoulder bag. Furthermore, because if its thriving tends, bucket bags are recently being made in a wide range of high-quality materials.

  • Gender: Only Girls and Women
  • School: Teenagers, College, and University Students
  • Uses: For daily work, school, business, dating, office, party, traveling, shopping, or any other daily occasions

25. Convertible Backpack

A convertible backpack is a unique bag that you can transform from one style to another by changing the straps’ adjustment. Most convertible backpacks have two options, but many others can be converted into three different types of bags. The traditional and classic convertible backpacks come with two adjustable and detachable shoulder straps that you can detach and attach with the bag again, following some specific ways to switch it into a tote bag, backpack, handbag, or shoulder bag. Moreover, these bags make a perfect gift choice as the user can use it according to her wish and flexibility.

  • Gender: Only Girls and Women
  • School: Teenagers, College, and University Students
  • Uses: For education purpose, travel, shopping, work, and gift choice

26. Scooter Luggage

As you can guess from the name, Scooter Luggage is the combination of a scooter and wheeled luggage where your kid can hop on the scooter and ride it like a scooter and carry the bag by wheeling it at the same time. Cool, isn’t it? Most amazingly, both kids and adults can glide around the train station or airport without worrying about carrying luggage or backpack. They can ride on or pull by rolling the wheels smoothly. Scooter Luggage is easy to steer, and you can easily fold the scooter and lock it into a place. However, Scooter Luggage is a little more expensive.

  • Gender:  Both Girls and Boys
  • School: Elementary, Primary, and Secondary School Children
  • Uses: Carry books, clothes, and other accessories riding the scooter and without carrying on the back

27. Laptop Bag

A laptop bag comes with a special laptop sleeved compartment in which you can store your Laptop with ensured protection. According to your Laptop’s size, you have to check the Laptop Compartment’s size before buying a laptop bag. Along with a laptop sleeve compartment, the laptop bag features extra padding, is made from durable and waterproof materials, and includes Anti-Theft lock security for the ultimate protection of your Laptop.

  • Gender: Both Girls and Boys, Men and Women
  • School: High School, College, and University Students
  • Uses: For carrying Laptop, books, and other valuable accessories

28. USB Backpacks

In the USB backpack, there’s a USB port outside adjusted with a long extension cable inside the bag. The cable from the inside of the backpack is plugged into a power bank. You can plug your phone or electronic device with the USB port from the outside and charge your device while on the go. Most of these USB Backpacks also come with a Headphone port outside, so you can also enjoy music while walking in a park. It also includes an anti-theft lock system keeping your valuables safe from a thief.

  • Gender: Both Girls and Boys, Men and Women
  • School: Teenagers, High School, College, and University Students
  • Uses: To charge your electronic device on the go, enjoy music, and carry school essentials

29. Anti-theft Backpack

The first and foremost purpose of an Anti-theft backpack is to stop thieves from getting into your backpack and steal your valuable. These bags have zips lock-down with zip clips that act as a quick deterrent to full slide locks along with a padlock. These bags are also cut-resistant and feature hidden pockets.

Anti-theft backpacks also come with RFID protection that shields your passport, credit cards, and driver’s licenses from electronic RFID skimming or identity theft. It blocks any scanning devices near you from reading the chips and gaining access to all of your personal details. Most thieves try to steal personal information in crowded places, such as ATM machines, hotel zones, airports, bars, and even restaurants. With an Anti-theft backpack, you don’t have to worry about any kind of theft and can have a safe, worry-free commute.

  • Gender: Both Girls and Boys
  • School: High School, College, and University Students
  • Uses: Carry your valuable items safely without any theft in School, Airport, Shopping, and Travels

30. Solar Panel Backpack

A Solar backpack includes a thin-film solar cell on the front panel and batteries to store the converted electricity from sunlight. The backpack has an integrated USB Port outside of the bag to connect and charge your portable electronic appliances like mobile phones, iPads, digital cameras, smartwatches, etc., via the built-in battery inside the bag. Therefore, you can charge your mobile devices, laptop, or other gadgets while on the go directly through a solar panel system that is removable anytime you want.

  • Gender: Girls and Boys, Men and Women
  • School: Teenagers, College, and University Students
  • Uses: Going to school, a long drive, picnic, camping, outing, hiking, and other outdoor occasions where you need to charge your phone and other electronic devices on the way

31. Waterproof or Water Resistant Backpack

A waterproof or water-resistant backpack is a must for those living in a Rainy area or going hiking in an unpredictable weather condition. A waterproof backpack gives 100% protection from water and can survive through a quick submersion without making your belongings wet. So you can stay relaxed about the rain, slow, or downpour. The Submersible Waterproof Backpack can also float on top of the water surface. However, the Water-resistant backpack is not fully waterproof, but it can give protection from light rain.

  • Gender:  Both Girls and Boys, Men and Women
  • School: College, University Students, and Teenagers
  • Uses: Carry essentials while protecting from water, rain, and snow

32. Lunchbox Which is Attached to the Backpack

Backpack with attached Lunchbox includes an insulated lunch box for children who can hold sandwiches, snacks, food items, and drinks. The lunch bag clips to the outside of the backpack, so your child won’t forget about taking their lunch with them. The Lunchbox is detachable from the bag, so your child can carry it by hand as well. This matching Lunchbox attached to the backpack motivates children to have healthy homemade lunch daily.

  • Gender: Both Girls and Boys
  • School: Primary, Secondary, and High School Children
  • Uses: Carry school accessories, Lunch, and Drinks

33. Lunch Bag

To make you proud to carry your lunch, the lunch bag is designed with an elegant look and is made of insulating material to keep your foods and drinks cool or warm for hours. Lunch Bag has a wide-open design to ensure easy access for you so that you can put your lunch container into the lunch bag and take out of the bag quite easily. Most Lunch Bags are designed in a way that can prevent liquids from leaking out of the bag and prevent soil or dirt from entering inside the bag. Also, the Lunch bag is dirt-proof that’ll eventually save your cleaning time.

  • Gender: Both Girls or Boys
  • School: Primary, Secondary, High School, and College Students
  • Uses: Carry your lunch such as a sandwich, snacks, salad, fruits, drinks, and so on

34. Pencil Pouch

Pencil pouch is a very small but crucial part of school accessories because it carries your pencils, pens,   sticky notes, graphing calculators, and other gadget’s stationery. You can separately place your pens, pencils, color pens, markers, important notes, cards, erasers, tickets, sharpeners, small items in separate small pockets, enabling you to find the right items quickly to save your time.

  • Gender: Both Girls and Boys
  • School: Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, and High School Children
  • Uses: Carry small tools conveniently, such as pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, etc.

Final Thoughts

After going through this whole backpack types article, you must have cleared out your idea of different types of school bags. And hopefully, you won’t face any hassle in picking up the best school bag for your kid. Therefore, be the efficient one, save your time by knowing all types of bags, and choose the perfect one quickly.

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