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12 Beautiful Paper Craft Flowers and Tissue Paper Flowers

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Like natural flowers, the papercraft flowers are a delicate and subtle option to decorate any environment or celebration, as time has passed, manufacturers have perfected their manufacturing techniques which has resulted in their appearance is similar to natural flowers.

What are the advantages of papercraft flowers concerning natural flowers?

Some of the advantages or benefits that can be highlighted are:

  1. Do not rot.
  2. They do not need to be added water.
  3. Heat or sunlight does not affect them.
  4. It does not emit unpleasant odors.
  5. In the long term, they tend to be cheaper.
  6. For internal control, they are safe since they do not require exhaustive control against pests and insects.


Meet the best 12 papercraft flowers to complement your artistic projects:

1. 20 mm paper flowers in pink shades

Mulberry paper flowers can be used in any art project, design, crafts, scrapbooks, stationery, invitations for celebrations and any other decoration utility or to add a touch of personality to the creations.

Mulberry paper is a renewable, natural and ecological resource, so its use is suitable for the environment. It is a product from Thailand made 100% by hand.

Additional product features:

  • The package includes 60 units of flowers with 20 mm roses.
  • There are 3 shades of roses that can vary slightly, this will depend on the nature of the procedure applied during its manufacture.
  • Each shade of pink brings 20 units of paper flowers.
  • The flower stem is a thin 40 mm long cable and can be easily twisted if necessary.

Product Benefit:

  • The role of flowers is light, strong and flexible.

2. 12 pieces of chrysanthemum silk flower paper

Wonderful option to decorate any type of object, or event you are going to do. They are simple to bend and assemble, so the time you need for assembly is very short. Its application is quite wide, from anniversaries accessories, photos to home decoration and celebrations.

Additional product features:

  • The set comes with 12 units of chrysanthemum flowers made of tissue paper.
  • The flowers come with 4 different sizes: 6, 8, 10 and 12 inches.
  • The shades included in the package are: light pink, pink, and dark pink.
  • The flowers do not come completely assembled, to bloom the chrysanthemums you must follow some instructions included in the package.

Product benefits:

  • Easy to assemble by following the instructions that come with the flowers.
  • Made with bright visual artisan paper that provides a realistic look as if they were real flowers.
  • Durable and high-quality paper flowers thanks to the careful workmanship and the material used for its creation.

3. Package of 9 paper pom pom flowers

These silk pom poms are a wonderful option to decorate parties, celebrations, and any other event. The pom pom tissue paper flowers add style and personality to your decoration thanks to the prominent colors that make up each design.

Additional product features:

  • The package includes 9 pieces of pom pom tissue paper flowers.
  • Each paper pom pom flower measures approximately 15.4 inches in diameter and 6.7 inches in height when they bloom and sponge.
  • Made of tissue paper previously cut and easy to assemble.

Product benefits:

  • They have a lightweight and appropriately sized design for hanging and decorating.
  • Easy to assemble and hang under railings, surfaces, above the table, garden posts and any desired place.

4. 8 gradient-shaped paper flower balls in shades of blue

The bright colors provided by these paper flower balls allow a pleasant and fun atmosphere to parties and events. Paper petals provide a real look and make the balls look full enough.

Each ball contains its folding tape and comes pre-cut and pre-folded so that it can easily sponge. Apart from the blue color, you can choose other shades: pink, yellow, red, orange, purple, green, gray and many more.

Additional product features:

  • Made of advanced carbon paper material.
  • The package contains 8 flower balls of 9.8, 7.8, 5.9 and 3.9 inches. 2 units of each size come.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • Flower balls are highly resistant to breakage.
  • Simulate very well the curve of the petals and the complete shape of the flower.
  • The paper ball is easy to mold, it is very light and the colors are bright tones.

5. Package of 65 assorted papercraft flowers to decorate

If you want to improve and add a touch of style to your craft and craft designs, with this package of assorted paper flowers you will have the variety you need to choose and live by creating works of art.

Additional product features:

  • The 65 paper flowers come in different shades of pastel colors and soft motifs.
  • The shades of paper flowers are ivory, blue, brown and pink.
  • The size of each paper flower varies between 1 and 2 inches to suit different needs and craft projects.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • They can add charm and delicacy to art projects.
  • Its usefulness is very wide and versatile, they fit perfectly in any artistic and decorative activity.

6. 12 pieces of paper chrysanthemums with colors and unicorn motifs

Chrysanthemum flowers made of soft tissue paper inspired by unicorn colors. Perfect for DIY, crafts and any type of decorations. Its assembly does not take much time so it is convenient for a job or decoration quickly and without much complication.

Additional product features:

  • The package comes with 12 chrysanthemum flowers made of tissue paper.
  • The colors used for the design of the flowers are the shades of a unicorn, light blue, purple and pink.
  • Paper flowers are not fully assembled, their assembly must be completed until they are 100% bloomed.
  • Instructions to completely assemble paper flowers come with the package.

Benefit offered by the product:

  • They have a wide application, they can be used for children’s birthday parties, baby shower parties, anniversary photos, room decoration, such as centerpieces and many others.

7. 50 cherry blossoms made of mulberry paper

Ecological flowers made from the Kaso tree from Thailand, completely respectful of the environment. They are used for any project of weddings, baptisms, birthdays, DIY, crafts, card presentations and any artistic activity that requires an additional delicate and subtle touch.

Additional product features:

  • Each flower measures approximately 25 millimeters in diameter.
  • The wire length of each flower is 60 millimeters.
  • The petals of the flowers come in pink and the stamens are yellow.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • Flowers can be adjusted to the necessary convenience.
  • They are strong, resistant and of very good quality.

8. 12 pack of rainbow pom poms to hang on the wall

Each package brings 12 pieces of paper pom poms, you can choose between the different colors and motifs available: rainbow, white – black, pink – purple-blue, gold – white, black, light pink, mermaid, navy blue, navy blue – silver, pink – gold, red, red – white, red – white – blue, rose gold – white, white, light blue – white – dark blue, yellow, yellow-white.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Replace balloons because they are lighter, ecological and uncomplicated.
  • It can be placed as centerpieces, in vases, decoration of candy tables.
  • They provide a striking and simple style at the same time.

9. 144 pieces of paper flowers with wire stalk

Want to increase the vitality and color in your art projects? Well, this option, which offers a large number of handmade paper flowers, is the necessary complement. Each package can be selected according to the desired color: hot pink, sky blue, fuchsia, light pink, blue, beige, orange, green, yellow, red and white.

Additional product features:

  • The package comes with 144 units (12 clusters) of artificial paper flowers.
  • The diameter of each flower varies from 1.8 to 2 centimeters approximately.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • Its use is very varied, applies to DIY, party decoration, jewelry, crafts, invitation cards, among others.
  • They are made by hand so their finish is very delicate and at first glance, the flowers seem real.

10. Set of crepe paper craft flowers for decorations

A different presentation thanks to the texture that crepe paper provides. This set offers a set of peonies with blooming designs in cream white tones that will provide an elegant final touch to your party decorations or craft projects.

Perfect for weddings, christenings, 15 years, baby showers, welcome birth, photo backdrop, among others.

 Additional product features:

  • Made of super elastic crepe paper and cream color.
  • The package includes 2 flowers 8 inches in diameter, 3 flowers 6 inches in diameter and 4 flowers 4 inches in diameter.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • They can be hung or tied as convenient.
  • Flowers are easy to assemble and use, with only 30 seconds each flower can be assembled.

11. 24 pieces of pom pom paper flowers to decorate

The set comes with a variety of sizes and colors. It includes 4 8-inch pom poms in light pink, 4 8-inch pom poms in dark pink, 4 10-inch pom poms in medium white, 4 10-inch pom poms in medium-dark pink, 4 pom poms 12 inches in color light pink, and 4 12-inch pom poms in white.

Additional product features:

  • Each paper pom pom brings a white ribbon to make DIY and hang easily.
  • The pieces of paper are pre-cut and pre-folded, they should only be sponged and the pom poms will be instantly assembled.
  • Instructions are included in the set.

Benefit offered by the product:

  • It can be used in different events and celebrations such as birthday parties, christenings, weddings, cooking tea, baby showers, children’s decorations, bachelorette parties, room decorations, among others.

12. 15 multi colorful paper flowers for outdoor decoration

The multicolored set of paper flowers come in different sizes: 14 inches (1 blue flower, 1 green flower, 1 yellow flower, 1 pink flower, and 1 orange flower), 12 inches (1 blue flower, 1 green flower, 1 flower yellow, 1 pink flower, and 1 orange flower) and 10 inches (1 blue flower, 1 green flower, 1 yellow flower, 1 pink flower, and 1 orange flower).

These flowers are suitable for rainbow-themed parties, bridal decorations and any other event that requires a personal touch full of color and fun.

Additional product features:

  • Flowers are made of tissue paper.
  • Each flower has a tape so they can be assembled.

Benefits offered by the product:

  • It does not contain a strong odor and is a non-toxic product.
  • Each flower can be assembled easily, just follow the instructions in the package.

Frequent questions:

1. Can we make paper flowers at home?

Yes, multiple figures and works of art can be made at home from paper, one of them is flowers. Some people have wonderful hand skills and can create fabulous pieces of paper flowers to decorate. In fact, most of the paper flowers on the market are handmade.

Making paper flowers at home is a matter of taste, it is only a matter of having time to do it and that the person is a craftsman.

2. What does papercraft mean and what is it for?

Paper crafts involve a mixture of art and manual skills that people have to create and make objects, figures, and shapes of two or three dimensions from paper or cardboard.

Its use and the wonderful creations that have been made, has made today a very popular technique to create any type of three-dimensional figure with just using paper and hands.

They can be made from toys, flowers, architectures, realistic crafts, souvenirs, party favors, and many more figures. It’s just a matter of creativity, patience, and love of art.

How To Make Paper Flower – Paper Craft – DIY Paper Flower

Papercraft flowers

It is impressive the wonders that can be achieved with the right material and the necessary skills, the papercraft flowers are the living example of the result obtained by mixing crafts and art with paper. If you want to decorate or add a special touch to your art projects you definitely cannot miss all these fabulous options that are proposed here.

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