23 Best Paw Patrol Backpacks (Boys and Girls)

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Paw Patrol is one cartoon that has caught the heart of children, boys and girls, alike. This has led to an increase in their demand for items with the cartoon character, of which school bags and book bags are no exceptions.

This leads to a state of confusion for parents as they do not know which of the paw patrol bags to purchase.

This article is set to ease this confusion as it would highlight the best 24 Paw Patrol book bags and school bags for boys and girls.


In no particular order, here are the bestpaw patrol backpacks, book bags and school bags.

01. Genuine Paw Patrol Eva Bag

This is a cute school that comes in different types for both girls and boys. This bag goes in tune with the paw patrol cartoon theme. However, the design on each bag carries just one character each from the cartoon. This school bag is one with a very simple yet elegant design. This is a one size bag designed for the needs of children between the ages of 2 – 6. Having it in mind that children of this age range do not have much to pack when it comes to school supplies, its size is perfect. This makes carriage of the bag easier on the children. With this bag, they are all set and ready for school.

02. Paw Patrol Backpack – 2 Piece Set for Kids

This is a Paw Patrol designed bag for kids that comes in multiple colors. The color design aims to ensure that this bag can be unisex and not gender-specific. This bag is a multi-purpose bag as it has a detachable lunch bag which saves you the stress for getting an extra lunch pack for your kid. This is a bag that would resonate with the heart of any child as they would find it cool having both a school bag and lunch bag that is paw patrol themed design This size of this bag is 16 inches which makes it extra comfortable for the child. No matter what they might desire to pack, there is space for it in their bag. As an added advantage, this bag comes with adjustable padded straps which makes carriage easier for the child. This bag is sure of the best 24 paw patrol school bag for both boys and girls.

03. Just Yelp For Help Paw Patrol Backpack

A wonderful thing about the paw patrol themed school bags for children is that they are easily affordable and would not break your bank accounts. This eliminates any reason why you should not make your child happy by purchasing this bag for him or her. There is no child who would not be all smiles when gifted with this bag. This bag sized at 17 inches which is a reasonable size for a typical children’s bag. One of the best investments you can make as a parent is to invest in your child and one way to do that is through their school bags. Let them be outstanding out there with school bags that are of high quality and durable. This saves you from having to purchase school bags multiple times.

04. Large Paw Patrol Boys School Bag

From the name, it is already specified that this is a boys bag, thus, this bag is gender-specific. When getting a paw patrol book bag for your boy child, your choices are now easily narrowed for you. This is a dual-purpose bag as it has a detachable lunch bag. Thus, it is left to the choice of your child if he wants to detach his lunch bag or leave it on his book bag. This bag is made of high quality, and its lunch bag area is no exception. Its insulated nature ensures that the food of your child stays at the perfect consumption for eating. This book bag has a design of all the paw patrol characters, hence, ‘squad’ which is written on the bag. This is one of the best paw patrol choices you can purchase.

05. Paw Patrol Backpack – Girls Pup Power Pink

This school bag is large, and gender-specific gliding towards the female gender. The reason for this may be because it is produced in pink, and what little girl doesn’t love pink? This is an easy carry-on bag that would not unduly stress your child, and its straps are built to be resistant to whatever load the child might decide to pack. The material used in the making of this bag is a highly durable one. Although sparkly to capture the attention of the girl child, it is strong and not prone to wane anytime soon. The sparky feature is also not one that would fade away, thus, portraying the bag as a best seller.

06. Go Team Paw Book Bag

The design of this Paw Patrol book bag features quite some colors which earns it a spot as a unisex bag. The Paw Patrol Go Team is also designed in this bag, which explains the name of the book bag. Asides the design of the Paw Patrol Go Team, there are also little designs of paw prints all over the bag. It would be good to note that children get excited by little things, and this design comes in handy as one that would get children easily excited. Knowing how kids tend to get rough, this bag is made in sure a way that it is resistant to wear and tear. No matter the weather, this bag would stay strong.

07. Front Pocket Paw Patrol Backpack

It is not classified as a complete school year if your child does not own a Paw Patrol school bag! The Paw Patrol backpack Nickelodeon Bag School Supplies is built in such a way that all the school supplies a child would require can be contained in this bag. This is a unisex bag that is sized at 16 inches which is not too big, neither is it too small for your boy or girl. Asides the side pockets that this bag has, it also has 2 compartments. It has the main compartment and a smaller size in front to ensure that everything gets adequately organized. In addition to all these, the bag strap is well padded to ensure it does not in any way injure the child.

08. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Backpack

This Paw Patrol School Bag is amongst one of the simplest Paw Patrol themed school bags that can be found, but the bag is of high quality. This bag is for boys as was specified in its name; this may be because it is designed in the color blue. Society has a way of attributing certain colors to certain things, and the pink color is usually attributed to girls while the blue color is attributed to boys. The design of this bag features just 3 of the characters from the Paw Patrol carton. The idea behind this is to ensure that the bag design does not seem overly crowded when you behold it. Not only is this bag made of durable material, its straps are also really strong.

09. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Toddlers School Backpack

If you are looking for a Paw Patrol themed bag with multiple compartments for your boy child, then this is the right choice for you. Yes, this bag is gender-specific. Although not a big bag as it is only 2 inches, its multiple compartments make up for its small size. This is a 3 compartment bag that has 1 major compartment, and 2 other compartments in front that are smaller than the main compartment. Its design is in such a way that each of the compartments is slightly bigger than the other. Asides these compartments, there is a pouch pocket at the side of the bag. What else could a child want or desire in a book bag or school bag? Another amazing thing about this bag is that all its compartments are highly secured as they all have a zipper.

10. Paw Patrol Team large School Backpack

This bag has all the Paw Patrol team players designed on it, and amazingly, it is not gendered! This is a bag that would make any child happy as they get to look at their favorite characters whenever they pick up their book bag. This in a way serves as a source of motivation to them when it comes to school activities. This bag is a reasonable fit for any child as it is designed at 16 inches. It is a 3 compartment bag with 1 major compartment, and 2 smaller compartments in front. As should be, all its compartments are secured. It has a mesh pocket at one side, and a vecro-closure pocket on the other side of the bag.

11. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol School Bag

Despite specified that this bag is designed in blue, it is not gendered. This may be because blue is not the dominant color in the bag, as the blue color can only be seen on the front design, and all other parts of the bag are in the color red. Thus, you can purchase this bag for a boy or girl. This bag does not have any side pockets, but it has efficiently padded straps that ensure the bag stays well on the shoulders of your child without enacting any injury. The Nickelodeon Paw Patrol 15” School Bag Backpack (blue) has the design of all characters of the Paw Patrol team which makes it catchier in the eyes of any child.

12. Paw Patrol Chase Marshall Toddler Backpack

If you are thinking of a Paw Patrol themed bag that has the safety of your child’s items at heart, then this is the choice for you. This bag is a 12 inches bag which ensures that it is a size which a child can easily carry around. This eliminates the idea of a child leaving the bag somewhere due to its weight. This bag is also a 3 compartment bag. However, what sets it apart from other bags is the fact that its biggest compartment is double zippered. One is cool, but double is usually better! The other compartments of this bag are also well secured. This bag is adorned in colors of red and blue which appeals to any child.

13. Paw Patrol Toddler Girls School Bag

This beautiful Paw Patrol school bag was specially designed for girls as it is adorned in the color pink. This bag consists of designs of 3 characters from the Paw Patrol team and asides that, it has designs of sunflowers on it. The design of this bag alone is enough to convince you to purchase this school bag for your girl as it is a bag she would surely gush over. Asides its beautiful aesthetics, this bag is made from polyester. Not just any polyester, but polyester that is extremely durable and easy to clean. Yes, children are prone to dirt and this was extremely thoughtful of the manufacturer. It also has adjustable shoulder straps and although consisting of just one compartment, this compartment has a durable zipper.

14. Paw Patrol Skye Core Backpack for Kids

When it comes to attractiveness, this school bag might very well take the lead as it is catchy to the eyes in all senses. This is one bag that great attention was paid to during its manufacturing. This made was made in the color pink, and although it is in pink, it is going against all odds and classifying itself as a unisex school bag. This school bag is made of high-quality satin and PVC materials to ensure that it is long-lasting. Its zipper is also customized to be in tune with the design which is on the front of the school bag. This bag is 15 inches in size with 1 major compartment and a small front pocket. It also has side pockets that are made from satin. This bag is a top seller.

15. Paw Patrol Girls Backpack and Lunch Box

This bag can best be described as an encompassing bag for the girls. It is a bag that is well designed to house any essential that a girl might need when going to school. In fact, due to the conducive nature of the bag, it can also pass as a travel bag. This bag is designed in the hot pink color, hence, being gender specific. Its designs are in 3D animations, which makes it extra catchy to the eyes of any girl. Asides from all these, the bag also has a follow-come insulated lunch box ensuing that any girl you purchase this bag for would be extra comfortable. Its straps are top-notch, and it is a 3 compartment bag with the main compartment being double zipped, and the other 2 smaller sides being in front. This bag is well packaged as it has 2 side pockets; 1 mesh pocket and 1 pocket with cover.

16. Paw Patrol Preschool Mini Backpack With Name Tag

This is a considerably small book bag as it concerns Paw Patrol themed bags, but it scores as of the best, hence, classifying it amongst the best 24 Paw Patrol bags. This bag was designed in a way that makes it gender-specific and has just 3 characters from the Paw Patrol team on its design. For a small bag, this is thoughtful as adding more characters would make it congested and disorganized. This bag has an effective and strong padded shoulder strap that ease carriage of the bag. One very admirable factor of this bag is the fact that it comes with a name tag. This aids in personalization.

17. Paw Patrol 3D Toddler and Preschool Backpack

This is a unisex Paw Patrol themed bag void of color combination, but comes in different specific colors and has just one Paw Patrol team character on each. This bag is made of an efficiently durable quality as its exterior is hard-shelled to ensure durability. It is also only manufactured in bright colors to ensure that it is catchy enough to the eyes of children. Despite being hard-shelled, this bag is lightly weighted so it can be suitable for kids. It has adjustable shoulder straps and chest buckle; the chest buckle helps to protect the spine. It has only one compartment but this compartment is spacious enough for whatever the child might want to put in the bag. Another amazing feature of this bag is the fact that it is a waterproof backpack.

18. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Large School Backpack With Lunch Box

This book bag is unisex and has an effective combination of all the Paw Patrol team characters. This bag is designed with just 1 compartment that is doubled zippered, but big enough for a child. It has a detachable lunch box which is also double zippered and insulated. The Nickelodeon Paw Patrol 16 Large School Backpack Book Bag with Lunch Box New USA Seller also has 2 mesh side pockets and is amongst the 24 best Paw Patrol themed book bags.

19. Paw Patrol Girls Pink Backpack

This 16 inches Paw Patrol themed bag is designed with 3 compartments; 1 major zippered compartment, and 2 smaller zippered compartments that are at the front of the bag. This bag also has 2 mesh side pockets with adjustable padded shoulder straps. This bag is designed in the color pink and gender-specific. It is designed with just 2 characters of the Paw Patrol team. One amazing is that this bag is affordable.

20. Paw Patrol Girls Canvas Book Bag

Another color which society tends to associate with girls is the color purple. This book bag is designed in purple and is 12 inches in size. It has 3 compartments with one big compartment and 2 smaller compartments in the front. Its straps are well-padded and strong and give ease to the carrier. It also has one covered side pocket.

21. Paw Patrol Girls School Back Pack

This is a really simple designed bag with 2 paw patrol team characters. It is made from the best polyester material to ensure its durability, and this bag is also extremely easy to clean. It is a one-compartment bag, however, this compartment is big enough for all needs as this bag is 15 inches in size. It is a bag designed to portray positive energy, and any girl would be happy to own such a bag.

22. Paw Patrol Toddler Backpack With 8 Paw Patrol Characters

This is a unisex paw patrol themed bag that portrays liveliness and happiness. This bag is one that would put a smile on the face of any face who is gifted with it. The bag has 2 compartments and 2 side mesh pockets. The bigger compartment is double zippered while the second compartment is single zippered. The beautiful blend of colors in the design of the bag is superb and highly commendable.

23. Paw Patrol Set – Backpack, Lunch Kit, Water Bottle, Squishy Dangle, And Gel Bead Ice Pack

This bag is an encompassing set; it comes as a 5–in-1 set consisting of the backpack, a lunch kit, a water bottle, a squishy dangle, and a gel bead ice pack. What more could you desire? With this set, you are saved the stress of purchasing each of these items individually! The backpack has strong straps and 2 compartments with 1 mesh side pocket. This backpack was designed with polyester material.

Paw Patrol Backpacks For Boys And Girls


Purchasing a Paw Patrol school bag or backpack for your boy or girl should not be such a hassle anytime, as the above-listed choices are there for you to pick from. Buying has been easier and convenient for you now courtesy of this article!

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