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Mesh or Clear Backpacks. Which is Better? [A Helpful Guide]

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If you’re in a dilemma, whether you should pick a Mesh Backpack or Clear Backpack, then this helpful guide will show you the right path in taking your decision. Learn about the amazing different properties, advantages, and disadvantages of these two types of backpack from this article. And you can stay assured that after reading this ultimate guide, you can pick the best one for you without any confusion.

The prominent difference between Mesh and Clear Backpack is its transparency. Mesh Backpack is partially transparent, whereas you can see everything clearly through Clear Backpack.

What is Mesh and Mesh Fabric Properties?

Mesh fabrics are materials, woven or knitted together with evenly spaced openings, creating an air-permeable and breathable effect in the fabric. Technically. Mesh is a barrier formed by connected strands of yarn. Mesh fabric is completely transparent and lightweight, and can be created from various fibers, including silk, polyester, rayon, nylon and other synthetic fibers.

The main properties of Mesh Fabric are given in the following:

  • High breathability
  • Medium Moisture-wicking abilities
  • High Stretch ability
  • Low Heat retention abilities
  • Not Prone to tearing
  • Recommended for hand wash in cold water

What is Clear and Clear Fabric Properties?

Most Clear Fabric is made from the PVC (Plastic Polyvinyl Chloride) and is also known “Vinyl” or “Transparent” material. These fabrics usually consist of a woven polyester fibers with a surface coating of plastic, and these material looks extremely shiny.

The plastic is prepared from the blend of PVC and polyurethane (PU). There are two types of Clear material. One is stiff or rigid fabric with a glossy shine and another one is stretchy or flexible fabric with a silky shine.

The main properties of Clear Fabric is given in the following:

  • See through or transparent
  • Water-proof
  • Intrinsic flame retardant
  • Good vapor barrier and electrical insulation properties
  • Non-flammable
  • Abrasion-resistant, tough, and lightweight
  • Good resistance to UV, acids, oils and many other inorganic chemicals
mesh vs clear

Mesh Backpacks Vs Clear Backpacks

If you’re wondering which backpack you should pick, Mesh or Clear? Then, the comparison table given below will clear all your confusion, and you can pick the perfect backpack for you, according to your requirements.

Comparison PropertiesMesh BackpackClear Backpack
Uses (for)1. School/College Bag
2. Beach Holiday Bag
3. Gym Backpack
4. Swimming Backpack
5. Portable air concentrator Carry Bag
1. School/College Bag
2. Concert Bag
3. Airport Pass Backpack
4. Travel Backpack
5. Security Pass Backpack
6. Rainy Day Backpack
Advantages1. You can carry dump or wet clothes in Mesh Backpack
2. Extremely Lightweight
3. It’s see through, so you can find your stuff quickly
4. While coming back from gym, beach, sand, or swimming, you can carry change of clothes
5. It has air permeability properties, so all your belongings would smell fresh
6. Foldable when empty
1. Security checkpoints flexibility
2. No need to go through detectors or random searches
3. No more worries about rain or water spill
4. Useful in large stadium events, airport, or school for safety purpose
5. Find small accessories inside the bag quickly
Disadvantages1.Not usable in rainy seasons
2. Won’t pass security check points
3. Can’t carry a Laptop
1. Not air breathable
2. All the belongings can be clearly seen
VisibilityMesh Backpack is partially visible, so everything inside can’t be seenClear Backpack is fully visible or transparent
DurabilityMesh Backpack is less durable. Because of the small openings, it can tear up with the contact of sharp things.Clear Backpack is more durable. With the contact of sharp thing, it won’t cut easily, and some are scratch-resistant as well.
WeightMore Lightweight (11.4 Ounces)Less Lightweight (15 Ounces)
Waterproof MaterialNot Waterproof100% Waterproof
Reflective MaterialReflective material is attached with some Mesh BackpacksReflective material is attached with most Clear Backpacks
CompartmentsDepending of different designs, it comes with multiple compartmentsLots of compartments are available in different Clear Backpacks as well
Laptop CompartmentsBeing not waterproof, Mesh backpack is not safe for carrying laptop, as unexpected water spill or rain can ruin the electronic gadgets. Therefore, it’s not designed with Laptop Compartment.Carrying Laptop in a Clear Backpack is safe, as its waterproof. So, it’s designed with Laptop sleeved compartment in some specific backpacks.
Water Bottle HoldersSide water bottles holders are available in most backpacksWater bottle can be carried in the included side pockets
Easy to CleanMore easy to clean, as you can submerge the whole backpack in the water and detergent solution, and hang for drying.It’s better to wash the Clear Backpack with hands, and wipe it with soft dry towel, and finally hang it for air dry.
StrapsThe straps come in varieties of design being padded and made of different materials.The various colors combination of padded shoulder straps with white transparent clear backpacks looks more elegant and stylish.
Padded BackThe padding at the back is not available in Mesh Backpack, as its purpose is to be air breathable.Very few deign of Clear backpacks are available with padded back. So, you can have one with padded back.
Available SizeMost backpacks are available in length of 15 inch to 20 inchThese backpacks are available in length of 11 inch to 17 inch
Types and StylesThe body design of Mesh Backpacks are colorful. These come in different checkered, stripes, or floral designs.The body design of most Clear Backpacks are white colored and transparent. However, you can find gorgeous color combinations in straps and pockets.
Cost & PriceThe price range of mesh backpacks varies from 5 US Dollars to 70 US DollarsThe cost range of clear backpacks cover the range from 6 US Dollars to 56 US Dollars

What are Mesh Backpacks For?

Mesh Backpacks are suitable for school usage in hot weather. Because it circulates air through the bag, so you’ll feel cold breeze passing through your body. Also, it’s perfect for carrying extra set of clothes or wet clothes. It keeps the clothes fresh and dry automatically after a while.

What are Clear Backpacks For?

Clear Backpacks are more suitable for security checkpoint pass and also for using as waterproof backpack. It makes a perfect school bag and travel bag as well.


While deciding which one you should go for, you can give your main focus on the carriage of wet clothes, waterproof function, and security checkpoints. Then according to your priority, you can choose the most suitable one for you.

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