How to Wash a Backpack in 5 Simple Steps (All Types of Backpacks)

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Different children have a different fascination with the materials of backpacks. Some like sequins backpacks, or some child may like Leather backpacks. Some parents would go for Cotton backpacks for ensuring comfort on the skin of their children. Many children, especially girls, like to have different backpack collections such as Denim Backpack, Mesh Backpack, Nylon Backpack, etc. In these cases, it becomes tough for parents to wash those backpacks using different methods for different materials. On top of the cleaning hassle, it’s also not easy to search for different cleaning criteria for different materials on different websites.


Wash All Types of Backpacks

Realizing that parents would be able to save their time if they have all the washing methods of backpacks depending on different backpack category on the same page, we have prepared this article for you presenting 5 Easy Steps to Wash All Types of Backpacks. What you have to do is to find out which backpack category you want to wash and follow the five simple steps to wash that backpack. So, let’s start cleaning!  

5 Steps to Wash Leather Backpacks

Step 1: Empty the Backpack and Clean Loose Dust

The first thing you have to do is emptying the backpack and all the interior and exterior pockets by turning the bag upside down. Throw out all the unnecessary tissues, pens, and small things. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove the loose dust and dirt by brushing it gently over the leather surface.

Step 2: Use Some Cleaning Solution 

For preparing the cleaning solution at home, you need distilled water, baby shampoo, or mild soap. In a one-fourth glass of distilled water, mix a few drops of baby shampoo or mild soap, and mix thoroughly until the solution is ready. You can also buy a leather bag cleaner from the store.

Step 3: Use Spray Bottle and Wipe the Bag

Next, apply the cleaning solution to the whole body of a leather backpack or leather bag using a spray bottle and wipe clean it with a lint-free cloth. By using a spray bottle, you can stay assured that your cleaning cloth is not waterlogged.

Step 4: Apply Leather Moisturizer 

After that, you need such a leather moisturizer and put it on a soft cloth. Rub the moisturizer in a circular motion with that cloth to make the leather soft and shiny.

Step 5: Buffing with Dry Cloth and Making It Smell-free

Finally, your leather backpack needs careful buffing with fry cloth to restore its texture. If it’s smelly, sprinkle some baking powder inside the bag and keep it that way for an hour. The powder will absorb all the bad odor, and at last, you can use a vacuum cleaner to wash the baking powder, or you can simply shake the backpack vigorously by positioning it upside down.

Material: Leather

Backpack Category Includes:

  • Synthetic Faux Leather Backpack
  • Saffiano Faux Leather Backpack
  • Holographic Leather Backpack
  • Waterproof PU Leather with Polyester Material Backpack
  • Waterproof Leather Backpack           
  • Faux Leather Backpack
  • PU Leather Backpack
  • Vegan Leather Backpack
  • Twill Weave Leather Backpack
  • Twill Weave Matte Surface Backpack

5 Steps to Wash Nylon, Neoprene, Polypropylene Fabric, and Polyester Backpack

Step 1: Prepare Cleaning Liquid for Hand Wash or Machine Wash

As Nylon and polyester are both flame retardant and synthetic fabrics, never Dry Clean those backpacks. Hand wash or Machine wash is preferable for those. For both types of wash, prepare the cleaning liquid by mixing some dishwasher and mild shampoo in water and agitate the liquid to create studs.

Step 2: Soak for 15 Minutes

Take out all the stuff inside the backpack and its pocket, and soak it into the liquid for 15 minutes both in bucket or washing machine.

Step 3: Wash the Bag

After some time, wash the bag with hands or in the washing machine for 10 minutes.

Step 4: Wash the Straps

As the straps get the most dirt and sweat, scrub it separately using a brush until it’s perfectly clean.

Step 5: Dry and Iron the Bag

You can hang it in the balcony, room, air dry, sunlight, or any dry area to rinse off the water and dry naturally for some time. When the backpack seems quite dry, iron the backpack with light heat that’s suitable for Nylon or Polyester material.

Material: Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene Fabric, Non-Woven Fabric

Backpack Category Includes:

  • 600D Nylon Fabric Backpack
  • Rip-stop Nylon Backpack
  • Ballistic Nylon Backpack
  • 600D Water Resistant Polyester Backpack
  • Denier Polyester Backpack
  • Soft Polyester Fibers Backpack
  • Polyethylene Vinyl-Acetate Backpack
  • Waterproof Polyester Backpack
  • PU-Coated Fabric Backpack
  • Water-Resistant Polyester Backpack
  • Durable 900D Poly Water-resistant Fabric Backpack
  • Synthetic Polyester Backpack
  • Neoprene Fabric Backpack
  • Waterproof Neoprene Backpack
  • Soft Neoprene Backpack
  • Polypropylene Fabric Backpack
  • Non-Woven Fabric Backpack

5 Steps to Wash Denim, Cotton, Vegan, Cordura, Oxford, EVA, Twill Weave, and Canvas Backpack

Step 1: Use a Pillowcase to Put the Bag in It

All Denim, Cotton, and Canvas backpack, especially denim backpacks, are prone to bleeding. Therefore, it’s important to use a pillowcase and put the empty backpack in it for putting it in the washing machine. Close the opening of the pillowcase with cotton string.

Step 2: Use Cold Water to Wash

As Cotton is prone to shrinking, it’s better to use cold water for washing for all these backpack categories. Next, mix some washing detergent and shampoo in the cold water, and prepare the cleaning liquid.

Step 3: Take Special Care in Stained Area

To wash the stained area, you’ll need a damp washcloth, some soap, and cold water. Wipe the backpack with soap in circular motions, ensuring that the stains are out as you go. For the stubborn stains, you can use some alcohol. Rinse the backpack in the cold water, finally, or put it into the washing machine for the final wash.

Step 4: Give Time to Dry

Once thoroughly cleaned, we recommend that your Denim, Cotton, or Canvas backpacks be air-dried. Denim will take a longer time to dry, so better hang it for tumble air dry and give some time. But, don’t dry these in the dryer, these backpacks materials might shrink.

Step 5: Iron the Bag Carefully 

To give your backpack the perfect new look, iron the bag in a mild heat, so that there are no lines of folding or wrinkles. After the iron, your backpack will look like a new one.

Material: Denim, Cotton, Vegan, Twill Weave, Canvas

Backpack Category Includes:

  • Denim Backpack
  • Cotton Backpack
  • Canvas Backpack
  • Cotton Denim Backpack
  • Cotton Canvas Backpack
  • Soft Polyester Cotton Backpack
  • Lyndon Backpack
  • Vegan Backpack
  • Cordura Backpack
  • Oxford Backpack
  • Waterproof Oxford Backpack
  • EVA Backpack
  • Twill Polyester Backpack
  • Twill Fabric Backpack

5 Steps to Wash Sequin, Straw, Grosgrain Ribbon and Mesh Backpack

Step 1: Spot Clean External Stains

Never think of throwing a Sequin, Straw, or Mesh backpack in the washer. First, you have to spot clean the stained area on sequins or front of the bag that needs to be washed with a spot cleaner or homemade stain remover. For homemade, less harsh cleaner, you need to mix some mild detergent, baking soda, lemon essential oil, and vegetable glycerin and dab the cleaner on the backpack using a cotton ball.

Step 2: Use Fabric Freshener Spray

Empty all the compartments and pockets of the bag, shake it upside down to clean interior dust, and use fabric freshener spray inside the bag to ensure odorless and fresh interior.

Step 3: Hand Wash the Backpack

Mix some gentle detergent and cool water for washing the back, straps, and other places that were left uncleansed. Scrub the straps vigorously and also the back and side of the backpack. But the sequined or ornamented area needs to be cleaned gently.

Step 4: Use Soft Dry Cloth to Clean 

Use a soft dry cloth rub the bag gently, so that there’s no detergent cleaner left on it. You can dip a side of the towel in water and wash the whole bag’s whole area using it if needed.

Step 5: Air-Dry the Backpack

Never put Sequin, Straw, or Mesh backpacks in the dryer and skip the iron as well. It can cause the sequins, straw, or mesh fabric to melt. These backpacks can be hung to air dry.

Material: Sequin, Straw, and Mesh

Backpack Category Includes:

  • Waterproof Sequin Backpack
  • Reversible Sequin Backpack
  • Two-way Sequin Backpack
  • Glitter Backpack
  • Straw Backpack
  • Mesh Backpack
  • Grosgrain Ribbon Backpack

5 Steps to Wash PVC Backpack

Step 1: Prepare Cleaning Solution

PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) Backpacks are extremely easy to clean because it’s resistant to water. Firstly, mix some water and bleach with a ratio of 4:1. Then, add some mild fabric detergent and prepare the perfect cleaning solution for PVC backpacks.

Step 2: Scrub with Cloth or Sponge Wearing Rubber Gloves

Next, use a soft cloth or sponge to scrub the backpack using the cleaning solution. Don’t use any abrasive clothes as it may cause scratch marks on the bag. Use rubber gloves to avoid direct contact with your hands with a cleaning solution. Remove all the dirt and stains in the scrubbing process.

Step 3: Wash with Plain Water

When all the grime and dirt are fully cleaned, use plain water to wash the whole backpack. You should use clean cloth or sponge for this washing step. It’d be better if you don’t wet the zippers, it may cause rust.

Step 4: Spray Fabric Refresher Inside

As inside of the backpack remained uncleansed, to give it a fresh essence, you can use some cleaning solution inside the bag if it’s made of PVC. Otherwise, just spray some fabric refresher inside the bag to keep it smelling fresh.

Step 5: Make it Moisture-free with Air-dry.

To make your backpack completely moisture-free, hang it for air-dry until it has been dried completely. You’ll love this washing process because cleaning PVC backpacks are a lot easier than other backpacks. When it’s dry, you can place your accessories inside the backpack again.  

Material: PVC, Plastic

Backpack Category Includes:

  • Plastic Backpack
  • PVC Plastic Backpack
  • Waterproof PVC Backpack
  • Plastic and Vinyl Backpack
  • PVC Leather Backpack

5 Steps to Wash Plush Backpack

Step 1: Start with Surface Washing

Start with cleaning the Plush Backpack using a water-dampened cloth. Then, use a stiff brush to clean the unwanted hair or dirt attached to the bag. It will be easier if the brush has wide plastic bristles. In case of the stuffed animal backpack, make sure to fluff its fur diligently. After that, wipe and brush with gentle detergent or cleaner made for Plush material.

Step 2: If It Doesn’t Work, Consider Machine Washing

If there’s still stains left after the surface washing, then you should consider machine washing. But you must check the manufacturer’s recommendation whether you can machine wash or not before taking this decision.

Step 3: Place Plush Backpack in Mesh Bag

After determining your Plush Backpack can be machine washed, put it in a laundry mesh bag before placing it in a washing machine to give protection from being pummeled or snagged in the machine.

Step 4: Gentle/Delicate Cycle Clean in Washing Machine

Select a gentle/delicate cycle in the washing machine, and place the mesh bag packed Plush backpack in the washing machine. Don’t forget to use gentle detergent in water.

Step 5: Drying Methods

If you air-dry your Plush Bag hanging on window or clothesline, then it’ll be a great drying method, but it may take some days, and there’s a chance of mildew. You can also try placing the Plush bag near a dehumidifier; it’ll make the drying process faster.

Material: Plush

Backpack Category Includes:

  • Plush Backpack
  • Stuffed Animal Backpack
  • 3D Plush Backpack
  • Cosplay Backpack
  • Kawaii Plush Backpack
  • Plush Animal Backpack

5 Steps to Wash Backpacks with Decorative Studs

Step 1: Prepare for Spot Cleaning

The stylish and decorative styled backpacks with Metal studs need some with a specific washing process. If the metal studs get wet, it can start getting rust, so for these decorative backpacks, you should go for spot cleaning.

Step 2: Mix Cleaning Solution

Next, you need to mix some laundry detergent or mild dish liquid with water. Then, continuously agitate the water solution to create suds.

Step 3: Clean the Studs and Backpack Separately

To clean the stud, use a nailbrush or toothbrush without any solution. If stubborn stains are there, you might use some cleaning solution to clean it, but dry it rubbing with a clean cloth as soon as cleaning is done. After cleaning the studs, scrub the dirty spots on the whole backpack with a soft cloth or sponge using the cleaning solution.

Step 4: Wash with Water

Sponge the whole backpack with water to rinse it. Make sure there’s no cleaning solution left on the backpack.

Step 5: Pat the Backpack and Make It Dry

The final step is to pat the backpack to get rid of any water on it. Finally, gently polish the bag and its studs using a soft dry cloth. Hang it on air for few hours to make it fully dry.


The bottom line is, you have all the washing methods of all types of backpacks on this one article, so no more wasting time in finding different cleaning methods. Just follow the 5 Steps to Wash for your specific backpack and have a fresh, anew start of your day with your clean backpack.

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