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2 Drawer File Cabinets – 10 Best Two Drawer File Cabinets

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The box-shaped storage compartment, sliding mechanism, and compact size are reasons for the wide and popular use of 2 drawer file cabinets. The drawer cabinets are an essential commodity in homes, schools and office for storing reports and legal documents. Drawers will reduce the mess of files on the desk. It helps to orient your files neatly. You can easily access your files from a drawer. A 2 drawer locking file cabinet provides security to your files and documents by preventing its access to an unauthorized person.


If you are buying a cabinet, you should give importance to maximum storage capacity and minimum occupancy space.
The common type of drawers available in the market includes Wooden slides, Roller slides and Ball bearing slides. Now you will be confused about which one is better. So, let us look deeper into the pros and cons of different types of drawers.

Different types of drawers


This is an Eco-friendly option. Also, it gives an aesthetic and classic look. Wooden slides are made with precise fabrication and assembly for allowing smoother movement of the drawer. It is very difficult to achieve a balanced drawer fit. Therefore, it is quite expensive. Wooden slides tend to stick in humid environments. This makes it difficult to use.


Roller slides are perfect for the storage of lightweight objects.


Ball-bearing slides are more durable and smoother than roller slides. They also have a higher loading capacity.
The additional features that you can consider while buying a drawer includes:

  • Soft-close.
  • Push-To-Open.
  • Assisted open and close.
  • Hold-in and hold-out.
  • Lock-in and lock-out.

Now you can choose the right one according to your needs. You can look for additional features mentioned above to create a more comfortable and cool space.


1. Vertical Lockable Filing Cabinet

This is a 2 drawer metal file cabinet made up of steel perfect for storing your letter-size files. It is available in seven different colors. Both the drawers have a smooth gliding suspension. You can secure your files by locking the cabinet. The file cabinet is constructed using durable steel. Baked enamel is applied to the surface of the cabinet for a finished look. It is perfect for school configuration with a depth of 18 inches. This cabinet comes with curved pull handles and a smooth top surface.


  • Size: 18 inches length, 14.30 inches width and 24 inches height.
  • For storing letter-size files.
  • Durable.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Locking system to secure your files.
  • Constructed using steel.
  • Curved pull handles.
  • Smooth top surface.

2. Lockable Heavy Duty Lateral File Cabinet

This is a 2 drawer cabinet made of heavy-duty metal. It has a large storage space. It is made in a cool modern design. This lateral file cabinet will help you to arrange all your files neatly in order. It provides easy access to your files. Electrostatic spraying is done on the cabinet and also it is welded in high standards. These measures will increase the durability of the cabinet. It also ensures smoothness and anti-rust properties.


  • Size: 35.4 inches length, 17.7 inches width and 28.4 inches height.
  • Weight: 89 lbs.
  • Anti-rust properties.
  • Durable.
  • Made up of metal.
  • Large storage area.
  • Interlocking drawer system.

3. 2 Drawer Classic Wood File Cabinet

This is a 2 drawer wood file cabinet made of cherry-wood. It can accommodate letter as well as legal files. It has a quite big storage space. The drawers are made with full extension glides and metal rails for easy opening and closing. It has a locking system to secure your files. You can safely organize your files within the cabinet. It is Eco-friendly, therefore, a safer option for Kids. The cabinet has a cherry wood finish to increase the classic and aesthetic look. You can declutter the mess by storing things in this classic wooden cabinet.


  • Size: 29 inches width, 16.38 inches depth and 28.25 inches in height.
  • Made of cherrywood.
  • Eco-friendly option.
  • Drawers equipped with extension gliders and metal rails.
  • Big storage space.
  • Accommodates letter files and legal files.

4. 22 Inches 2 Drawer File Cabinet

This is a 2 drawer file cabinet designed in a compact size. It occupies very little space. This cabinet accommodates letter-sized files. The drawers come with a locking system to secure your files. It is made of steel polished with baked enamel for the finish. Its 22 inches depth is perfect for school configuration. The drawers have a three-quarter extension to avoid tipping.


  • Size: 14.25 inches width, 22 inches depth and 26.7 inches height.
  • Weight: 25 pounds.
  • Made of steel polished with baked enamel.
  • Accommodates legal-sized files.
  • Drawers with three-quarter extension.

5. 18 Inches Two Drawer Metal Cabinet

This small two drawer file cabinet is made up of metal. It is specially and efficiently designed for small spaces. This will be perfect for school uses. It can only accommodate letter-sized files. The drawers of the cabinet work on a patented glide suspension. This allows smooth open and closure. The cabinet has a three-quarter extension to prevent tipping. An in-built locking system is present in this cabinet for you to secure your files efficiently.


  • Size: 18 inches length, 14.25 inches width and 24.50 inches in height.
  • Weight: 19 lbs.
  • Three-quarter drawer extension.
  • In-built locking system.
  • Accommodates letter-sized files.
  • Designed especially for small spaces.
  • Smooth patented glide suspension.

6. 2 Drawer Mobile Filing Cabinet

This is a 2 drawer file cabinet made of natural maple wood. It is made in a cool design with 4 tires allowing easy portability. You can move it easily into the next room by rolling it with the wheels on the surface. This cabinet has a large storage area for storing your files as well as school supplies. It accommodates letter-sized as well as legal-sized documents.


  • Size: 18 inches width, 17 inches depth and 26 inches in height.
  • Accommodate letter-sized as well as legal-sized documents.
  • Large storage capacity.
  • Easily portable.

7. Abaca 2 Drawer File Cabinet

This is a cute handwoven 2 drawer cabinet. It is made from abaca plant fiber. The handwoven drawers add a natural look to the cabinet. It can accommodate both letter-sized and legal-sized files and documents. The added advantage is that the drawer can be separately or independently used to carry files. This helps in easy portability of the bulk amount of files. The drawers are equipped with handles for this purpose.


  • Size: 21.35 inches width, 15.5 inches depth and 30.25 inches in height.
  • Individual drawers can be separately used to carry files.
  • Handwoven from abaca fiber.
  • Accommodates letter-sized as well as legal-sized documents.
  • Large storage area.

8. 2 Drawer Letter File Cabinet in Black

This is a 2 drawer cabinet made to accommodate letter-sized files. It comes with a three-quarter drawer extension to avoid tipping. Your files can be secured efficiently using the lock system of the cabinet. It is manufactured using 30% total recycled materials. It adapts well in small spaces due to its compact design.


  • Size: 18 inches length, 14.25 inches width and 24.50 inches in height.
  • Weight: 19 lbs.
  • Lightweight.
  • Compact design.
  • Three-quarter drawer extension.
  • Made from recycled metal.
  • Lock system.

9. 2 Drawer File Cabinet With Wheels

This is a 2 drawer wooden file cabinet with wheels for easy portability. It is available in 6 different colors. You will get 20 file holders for free along with the cabinet. It is made from healthy chipboard. It is water-proof, anti-scratching and healthy to your family and pets. The cabinet comes with lockable wheels. It is sturdy and durable.


  • Size: 16.1 inches width, 20.3 inches depth and 27.6 inches in height.
  • Weight: 53 pounds.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Lockable wheels for easy portability.
  • Spacious cabinets.
  • Water-proof and anti-scratching.

10. 2 Drawer Vertical File Cabinet

This vertical file cabinet is used for storing letter-sized files. The drawer comes with a ball-bearing slide system to impart maximum drawer extension. The ball-bearing sliding mechanism also provides a smoother extension. It is made of heavy-gauge steel construction. The drawers have a locking system to secure your files.


  • Size: 22 inches in length, 15 inches in width and 28.4 inches in height.
  • Weight: 1 pound.
  • Black in color.
  • Made of steel.
  • Ball-bearing sliding mechanism.
  • Locking system.

Assembly Instruction – 2 drawer file cabinet with lock


1. Which are the factors to be considered while buying a drawer?

The factors to be considered while buying a drawer are:

  • Size according to your needs.
  • The material of construction.
  • Durability.
  • Sliding mechanism.
  • Locking system
  • Design.
  • Portability.
  • Fire-proof.
  • Water-proof.

2. Which are the different types of the sliding mechanism used in drawers?

The different types of the sliding mechanism used in the drawers of file cabinets are:

  • Wooden slide.
  • Roller slide.
  • Ball-bearing slide.

3. Are drawer file cabinets easily portable?

Some drawer files are easily portable. They come with rolling lockable wheels.

4. Which type of sliding mechanism imparts a smoother extension of the drawers?

The ball-bearing mechanism gives the most smoother extension for drawers.

5. Which cabinet holds more files, lateral cabinets or vertical cabinets?

The lateral file cabinets hold more number of files. But, vertical file cabinets are mostly used as they only need less wall space.

6. How to keep your file cabinet neatly?

  • Always keep files in order.
  • Remove unwanted files and papers.
  • Use file holders.
  • Name your files and arrange it in such a way that you can see the label without much effort. This provides easy access to files without any hurry or creating a mess.


Drawer file cabinets are very essential to arrange your documents neatly in order. They are available in different sizes and designs. You can select a file cabinet according to the size of your space and the number of files you are dealing with. Having a file cabinet reduces the mess in your space.

If you are selecting a file cabinet for school, you can select the one that gives a large storage capacity and occupies a small space. This will increase the free space.

You should consider factors like size, the material of construction, durability, design, sliding mechanism, locking system, handle system and portability. You can also look for add-on features to improve your comfort.

There are different sliding mechanism equipped in the drawers of file cabinets. They are wooden sliders, rolling sliders, and ball-bearing sliders. It is always better to choose a cabinet with drawers equipped with the ball-bearing sliding mechanism as it gives the most smoother extension. The ball-bearing sliding mechanism also has a higher loading capacity than the rolling sliders. The wooden sliders have a tendency to get stuck during a humid climate.

Having a file cabinet will not give you the advantage of easy access to your files. It is essential to maintain the files neatly and in order. Don’t keep unwanted files and papers in your cabinet and create a mess. Sort out the files into different sections and arrange them accordingly. Labeling the files will prevent the creation of a mess while a quick search. You can keep different types of files in the different sections of the cabinet. Dusting your cabinet twice in a month is also a necessity to maintain the files neatly.

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