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Top 10 Best Magnifying Desk Lamps (Reviews – Buyers Guide)

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A magnifying lamp is a good assistance to read as well as to do activities involving fine detailing. Are you wondering what a magnifying lamp is? It is simply a magnifying glass with light on stand. The addition of magnifying glass helps in viewing the objects or letters in a much bigger size. The size of the enlargement depends solely on the magnifying power of the glass used in the desk lamp.

There are many types of magnifying desk lamps available in the market. They are available in different sizes and models. A hands-free magnifying glass with stand would be of great help for aged people to read as well as to write. It is also helpful for people who are suffering from some vision disorders.


You should select the magnifying desk lamp solely based on your needs. However, there are some features that you can check up on the products while choosing them. They are:

  • Magnifying power.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Adjustable brightness.
  • Hands-free.
  • The diameter of the lens.
  • Scratch-resistant lens.
  • The material of the lens.
  • Power-saving construction.
  • Equipment of LEDs.
  • The flexibility of the lamp head.
  • Shadow-free magnification.
  • Heavy-duty base.
  • Sturdy and durable construction.


1. Proflex Two-In-One Magnifying Glass LED Lamp

This is a two-in-one magnifying glass LED lamp with an adjustable gooseneck. The lamp is accompanied by a 5 dioptre magnifying glass with bright LEDs. The lens can magnify objects about 225% bigger than the actual size.

The 13.5 inches adjustable gooseneck is equipped to increase the comfort of users. You can turn and set it in any direction. It offers a hands-free adjustment mechanism allowing you to point the light and lens to wherever you need. You can adjust the height of the Proflex lamp between 6 and 16 inches.

The built-in power-saving LEDs come with a great life expectancy and aids in providing a much clear and bright vision. The power on and off switch is located on the top near the magnifying lens. It is powered by a plug-in source. It is compatible with 110V-220V power sockets.

This magnifying desk lamp will assist you in doing projects with intricate details. It is a perfect companion for activities like embroidery, metal carvings, reading, etc.


  • Weight: 3.82 pounds.
  • Genuine magnifying glass of about 5 dioptres.
  • The lens magnifies the objects about 225% bigger.
  • 5 inches adjustable gooseneck that bends in any direction.
  • Height adjustments can be done between 6 and 16 inches.
  • The magnifying lens is accompanied by built-in power-saving LEDs.
  • Powered by a plug-in source of 110V-220V.

2. 5X LED Desk Magnifier Lamp

This is a magnifying desk lamp that produces real and natural light color. The natural light color of the lamp is due to the use of high-quality trichromatic phosphor without strobeoflash. It works on an easy and convenient one-button operation.

The 5X magnifications make objects appear much bigger and clearer. The equipped lens is 127mm in diameter.

The holder of the lamp is 180 degrees rotatable, convenient, and flexible. The lamp can be lifted as well as rotated. You can adjust the angle of the light according to your needs.


  • 5X magnification.
  • Adjustable 180 degrees holder.
  • Natural light color.
  • The lens is about 127mm in diameter.

3. Magnifying Lamp With USB Charging Port

This magnifying lamp is powered by high-quality 6H optical glass. The increased 6H hardness of the lens gives better abrasion resistance and scratch-resistance. The high-quality lens magnifies objects about 5 times without blurring and smudging.

This desk lamp is accompanied by thirty high-brightness LED lights. You can control the brightness of the lamp by long-pressing a touch switch. It has a 4.3-inch optical glass and 11.8-inch adjustable gooseneck. You can adjust the direction of the gooseneck into any side and can point the light according to your needs.

The desk lamp is powered by a large-capacity rechargeable Lithium battery of 2000mAh.

The heavy-duty base of the desk lamp makes it sturdy. You can use this magnifying lamp for a variety of purposes including knitting, beading, jewelry designing, and metal works.


  • Weight: 3.79 pounds.
  • High-quality 6H optical glass.
  • Abrasion-resistant and scratch-resistant glass.
  • Accompanied by 30 high-brightness LED lights.
  • Adjustable brightness.
  • 8-inch adjustable gooseneck.
  • Powered by large capacity 2000mAh Lithium battery.
  • Heavy-duty base.

4. Daylight Clamp Magnifying Lamp

This daylight magnifying lamp is a perfect addition for Kids study table. It is specifically designed for workbenches. You can easily clamp the lamp on to the workbenches with the assistance of adjustable swivel and swing arm features.

The clear and illuminative magnifying lens has a protective cover. The 5- diopter magnifying lens has a diameter of about 4.9 inches.

The lamp head is 360 degrees rotatable. Therefore, you can adjust the angle of light according to your needs. The soft cool bulb provides a natural light color and shadow-free magnification.

The daylight lamp can be affixed with a clamp on to your desk. It is perfect to fix on your reading desk. It can also be used for jewelry designing and other crafting works that involve intricate details.


  • Clear and illuminative magnifying lens.
  • Lens has a diameter of about 4.9 inches.
  • The lamp head can be easily adjusted in angle according to your needs.
  • The soft cool bulb provides a natural light color.
  • Shadow-free magnification.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Easily affixable.

5. Lighted Desktop Magnifier

This magnifying desk lamp is equipped with an 8X lens and six LED lights. It is the perfect companion to do activities with fine and intricate details. The availability of LED lights makes it easy to go through small details without any blurring.

The large lens that magnifies objects about 8 times is a perfect addition for Kids study table. The light makes it easier to read and write.

The oversized 5 inches lens is placed on a sturdy base. You can place it on your study desk or work desk without any hassles. The magnify glass accompanied by LED lights easily illuminates smaller objects. The lens is scratch-resistant, sturdier, lighter, and hence much more durable for repeated use.

It is a perfect companion for aged people who are fighting with vision loss. Those people can now easily magnify the small letters in newspapers by a hands-free mechanism.


  • Weight: 2.87 pounds.
  • Oversized lens.
  • Magnifies objects about 8 times bigger.
  • Accompanied by six bright LED lights.
  • Scratch-resistant lens.
  • Sturdier and lighter lens.
  • Sturdy base.
  • Hands-free magnification.

6. White Daylight Magnifying Lamp

This is a white color daylight magnifying lamp in a compact size. It provides a natural color light. You can easily view small details and read very small letters clearly under the natural light provided by this lamp. The daylight magnifying lamp comes in a sleek structure that is compatible with most of the interior designs. This magnifying lamp is equipped with a 12W daylight tube and a 3-diopter lens.

This white lamp is easily foldable and therefore can be stored and ported from one place to another with great ease. The lamp provides high contrast and accurate color matching. It is made with a low-energy consumption formula.


  • Natural color light.
  • Compact size.
  • Sleek design.
  • Equipped with a 12W daylight tube and a 3-diopter lens.
  • Easily foldable and portable.
  • Low-energy consumption.

7. Dimmable Magnifying Desk Lamp

This is a powerful magnifying lamp equipped by a 5-diopter optical grade glass magnifier. The magnifier helps in magnifying the objects up to 225% and provides ultimate clarity.

The desk lamp is constructed in a pivot structure to provide comfort to the users by being ultra-flexible. You can bend or rotate the light head and cast the light in any direction according to your needs. You can also arrange the brightness of the lamp in three modes.

The light comes up with a protective flip cover to keep the dust away from the lens.


  • Weight: 7.02 pounds.
  • The lens is about 5 inches in size.
  • Equipped with a 5-diopter optical grade glass magnifier.
  • Magnifies the objects up to 225%.
  • Ultra-flexible pivot structure.
  • Flip cover to protect the lens.
  • Three lighting modes.
  • Stepless dimming.
  • Sturdy and durable construction.
  • Soft eye-caring.
  • Incredibly adjustable.

8. Table LED Magnifying Lamp

This LED table lamp provides a natural color light. It is actually a two-in-one lamp. You can use it as a table lamp as well as a table lamp. You just need to remove a pole to convert the floor lamp into a table lamp. Therefore, you can adjust the height to 15 centimeters as well as 30 centimeters.

It features 27 high-performance energy-efficient daylight LEDs. The 1.75X magnifying lens equipped with the lamp helps to see more clearly. The lens is about 14.6 centimeters in diameter. The semi-rimless lens is an added advantage for the clear vision of objects.

This is an eco-friendly LED magnifying table lamp. It is built upon an energy-saving formula that uses 90% lesser energy on run.


  • Natural color light.
  • Two-in-one lamp. It can be used as a floor lamp as well as a table lamp.
  • Adjustable heights; 15cm and 30cm.
  • Feature 27 high-performance energy-efficient daylight LEDs.
  • 75X magnifying lens.
  • The lens is about 14.6 centimeters in diameter.
  • Semi-rimless lens.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Energy-saving construction.

9. LED Desk Lamp With 3X Magnifying Glass

This super magnifying lamp is powered by 42 pieces of 5W LED lights. You can adjust the brightness in three different levels. The 3X magnifying glass is excellent to see intricate and finer details of crafting and sewing. The lens has a diameter of 2.2 inches.

The desk lamp is USB powered and this feature eliminates the chance for the hassles of battery change. The 9.4-inch gooseneck is flexible and hence you can adjust the angle of light according to your needs.

This magnifying desk lamp comes with sturdy metal construction. It has a bench clamp with a clip to assist the mounting process.

The lamp is powder coated with metal, and this increases the durability of the product.


  • Powered by 42 pieces of 5W LED lights.
  • 3X magnifying glass.
  • 4-inch flexible gooseneck.
  • Adjustable brightness.
  • Powder-coated with metal.
  • Durable construction.
  • USB powered.

10. Gooseneck 5” Magnifying Lamp

This is a table lamp with a 5-diopter lens. It has a crystal clear glass and a gooseneck. The lens views object about 2.25 times bigger without any disruption of shadows. It has a compact size and a glossy finish. You can keep it on the study table for Kids. It will also help old aged people to read quite well.

The magnifying lamp is equipped with 60 pieces of daylight-balanced LEDs of 60W. It is powered by a 5-foot power cord.


  • Clear and sharp magnifier.
  • 5-diopter lens.
  • Glossy finish.
  • Sturdy base.
  • Equipped with 60 pieces of LEDs.


What is magnification?

Magnification is the amount of change in the size of an object when it is viewed through a lens.

What is a diopter?

Diopter is the amount of light bent by a lens. The optical power of lenses is measured in diopter.

How to find the magnifying power of a magnifying desk lamp?

You can find the magnifying power if the optical power of the lens used in the lamp is given. The optical power is usually given in the number of diopters.

What is the relation between a diopter and magnifying power?

A diopter is the measuring unit of the optical power of the lens.

Four diopter, 4D means a 100% increase in magnifying power,i.e, 1X. 4D=1X.

For example, 8D=2X and 20D=5X.

Which are the features to consider while buying a magnifying desk lamp?

  • Magnifying power.
  • Height adjustments.
  • The flexibility of the lamp head.
  • Brightness adjustments.
  • Sturdy and durable construction.
  • Power saving mechanism.


A magnifying desk lamp makes your job with finer and intricate details much easier. The magnifying lenses equipped enlarges the size of the object and the light equipped gives a clearer view of the object. It is a great companion to people who are fighting with vision loss.

The magnifying desk lamps provide a hands-free aid for aged people to read and write. It is also of great help while doing embroidery, sewing, and other craft works. As the magnifying glasses enlarges the intricate details, the strain on your eyes can be reduced. This, in turn, helps you to work for longer hours and reduces the chances of vision loss.

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