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Smart Whiteboard Paints: 10 Best Dry Erase Paints

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The whiteboard paints help you to replace the huge sized traditional boards. You can create a good writing surface by simply applying the whiteboard paint on any non-porous surfaces such as concrete walls, metal surfaces, and wood.

There are different types of whiteboard paint available in the market. The aerosol white paints are the easiest to use. You should be alert to select eco-friendly and low VOC whiteboard paint especially when you are choosing it for schools.


The certain features you need to check upon while choosing a whiteboard paint include:

  1. Eco-friendly.
  2. Low VOC.
  3. Odorless formula.
  4. Scratch-proof.
  5. Protective clear coat.
  6. Ease of application.
  7. No fading and yellowing.
  8. Resistance to moisture.
  9. The time required for drying up.


1. Dry Erase White Paint

This is a simple and easy application paint. It has a clear semi-gloss finish that will give a sparkling finish to your whiteboard. The dry erase paint quickly adheres to the surface of your whiteboard.

You can also use this paint to create a writing surface on drywall, concrete, glass, tile, and steel. Also, no need to get scared of the odor, it is a low odor whiteboard paint. This dry erase white paint is not affected by harmful UV rays from the sunlight. Therefore, the color of your whiteboard will not fade or become yellowish soon. This low odor paint is worth the money. They are available in 50, 100 and 200 square foot kits.

The package of the paint contains one 9 inches roller, Pour Me Can, Fill Me Can, Stir Stick, and product instructions.

You should clean the surface of your whiteboard before the application of the paint. Pour the activator in the Pour Me Can into the Fill Me Can containing the base. Now mix them thoroughly with the Stir Stick. Leave the mixture for about 45 minutes. You can start applying the mixture using the roller provided along after 45 minutes. Leave the board to dry up for about 5 to 6 hours.


  • Clear semi-gloss finish.
  • Low odor.
  • Protection from harmful rays.
  • No chalking, fading, and yellowing.
  • Easy application.
  • Compatible with other surfaces like drywall, concrete, glass, and tile.
  • Package com along with a 9 inches roller for the application process.
  • You can use the board after 5 to 6 hours of application.

2. Quart Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint

This is a specially formulated white paint for whiteboards. It is a safe choice for Kids’ rooms and schools. The quart dry erase paint is compatible with most of the dry surfaces including wood, metal, concrete, and wooden surfaces.

You can apply this paint on your walls and doors. The application is easy and quick. This paint creates a smooth writing surface for heavy writing. The paint dries up quickly and you don’t need to wait for days to dry up and start writing. It can be used to write within a few hours.

The package comes with two containers. You need to mix up the contents to create a durable paint mixture. It should be mixed vigorously for about 3 minutes to attain the desired viscosity. You can apply this mixture using a paintbrush, roller or sprayer.


  • Specially formulated white paint compatible with most of the hard surfaces.
  • Easy application.
  • Dries up quickly.
  • The package comes with two containers. You need to mix up these contents vigorously to get the desired viscosity.

3. White Dry Erase Paint Kit

This is a high-performing dry erase premium white paint suitable for your whiteboards. A single coat is more than enough for turning your whiteboard into a new one. It is a great product for commercial, educational, and industrial applications.

You can use this paint on most of the non-porous surfaces to turn it into a creative area or a writing area. It can be directly applied to any smooth latex-type surfaces.
The white paint is made up using an odorless formula. The paint helps in building a hard, non-porous layer that will not let the ink of the markers to soak into the board. It is an environment-friendly product with low VOC and Green Guard certification. Hence, it is pretty much safe for Kids.

This paint can be very easily applied and your board is ready to write within four days. It also helps in making the cleaning and maintenance easier.


  • High-performing premium white paint.
  • Compatible with most of the non-porous surfaces.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Odorless formula.
  • Low VOC.
  • Green Guard certified.
  • Prevents the absorption of ink.
  • Make the surface easier to clean and maintain.

4. Patented Whiteboard Dry Erase Paint

This is an easy to apply whiteboard paint. You don’t need to hassle the process of painting your whiteboard with any sorts of mixing. This whiteboard paint is all ready to be applied on to the board. It makes your work quite simple and easy.

This white paint comes up with superior erasability. It is actually the only paint that doesn’t require the mixing of multiple cans. Therefore, you can easily create a stain-proof whiteboard that is easy to write and erase.

The white paint is compatible with most of the dry markers. This white paint is absolutely odorless during and after the painting. They are eco-friendly with a low VOC. Hence, they are perfect for schools.


  • Easy to apply.
  • No hassle of mixing from multiple cans.
  • Superior readability.
  • It creates a smooth surface for writing.
  • Compatible with most of the dry markers.
  • Odorless.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Stain-proof.
  • Low VOC.

5. White Aerosol Dry Erase Paint

This is a very easy application method to paint your whiteboards. You don’t have to mix the activator and base, no more hassles with rollers and paintbrushes, and no more chances for staining of floors. The aerosol dry erase paint is a complete solution for all the issues you faced while painting your whiteboards. Now all you have to do is to just spray the paint over the whiteboard surface.

This aerosol dry erase paint gives a glowing finish to your whiteboard. It creates a durable writing surface. The aerosol paint makes your board easy to write, erase, and rewrite. It is compatible with most of the dry erase markers and erasers.

The aerosol paint dries up quickly, within an hour and is ready to write after four days.
You can create a white writing surface by spraying the aerosol over hard surfaces such as metal and wood.


  • Easy application.
  • Single-step application. No need for any mixing.
  • It creates a durable writing surface.
  • Compatible with most of the dry erase markers and erasers.
  • It makes your board easy to write and erase.
  • It gives a glow to your whiteboard.
  • Dries up quickly.

6. Polyurethane Clear Coat

This is the best crystal clear and protective clear coat for your whiteboards. It is stronger and increases the durability of your whiteboard paint. A single coat of this polyurethane clear coat is enough for creating a longlasting writing surface.

This clear coat dries up easily by about 2 hours. It creates a smooth writing surface that can be easily cleaned and maintained. It can be used on most painted surfaces to create a glowing finish.


  • Durable.
  • Protective.
  • Longlasting.
  • Dries up easily.
  • Versatile.

7. Dry Erase Paint with Brush

This dry erase paint provides a coating that stays clear and never goes yellow. It has a superpower to easily turn most of the surfaces into a writing area. It is perfect for schools if you want to expand the writing area.

The package of this white paint comes up with a base and an activator. Mix these two and keep it for half an hour. In the meantime, clean the writing surface of your board. Apply the mixture of base and activator. Continue applying coats until you get the desired finish.

You can create most of the hard surfaces ranging from metal to wood into writable using this white paint. It creates writing surfaces that are super-easy to write and erase.
You will get better results if you are leaving the painted surface to dry up for a minimum of three days. The paint creates a hard, glossy, and smooth writing surface.


  • Perfect for whiteboards in schools.
  • It provides a hard, glossy, and smooth finish to your writing board.
  • It makes the whiteboard easier to clean.
  • It can turn most of the surfaces into a writing area.
  • It makes the whiteboard easier to write.

8. Whiteboard Dry Erase Polyurethane Water Based Paint

This is a high performance and eco-friendly dry erase paint. It has zero VOC. The water-based white paint gives a dry-erase coating that has excellent adhesion powers. It provides a durable surface to write on.

You can apply this paint over any hard surface and turn it into a writing area. It is a great choice for schools and offices. The paint dries up quickly. You can use the whiteboard after 72 hours of application.

The package contains white paint as well as a clear paint. You can use clear paint after applying the white paint for increasing the durability and glow of your writing surface. You can use it on many other surfaces such as plastics and metals.

This paint set is very easy to use. They can be applied using a paintbrush, roller, or sprayer.
The polyurethane water-based dry erase white paint creates a scratch-free writing surface that is tough, durable, and long-lasting.


  • Polyurethane water-based dry erase paint.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • It creates a durable, tough, longlasting, and glowing writing surface.
  • Excellent adhesion powers.
  • The package comes with a bottle of clear paint.
  • Ready to use within 72 hours of application.
  • Compatible with most of the surfaces.
  • Multi-purpose applications are possible.
  • Odor-free.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Zero VOC.

9. Dry Erase Clear Coat

A clear coat paint is essential for your whiteboard to increase the strength, durability, and lifespan of the white paint. It is a water-based clear coat with low VOC. The low VOC confirms that it is environment-friendly. This velar coat is also made up of a low odor formula. So, you no more need to fear of the highly irritant smell that might cause allergic reactions.

You can apply this clear coat over any painted surfaces. It creates a durable and easy to clean surface.
The package comes with a detailed instruction that makes your work much easier and effortless. All you need to do is simply mix, stir and roll on.


  • Increases the durability of your whiteboard.
  • Water-based.
  • Low odor formula.
  • Low VOC.
  • Easy application.

10. Polyurethane Clear Semiglow Aerosol

This is an easy to apply clear coat for your whiteboards. Aerosol paints are the best easy to use paints available in the market. They help you to get rid of the hassles created by paintbrushes and rollers, and make your job much easy and effortless.

It offers a durable protective coating to your whiteboards. The aerosol mode of application creates an even layer and makes the writing surface smoother.
It protects the board from moisture and friction. The clear coat makes the cleaning process much easier.


  • Durable.
  • Protective.
  • It creates a smooth surface.
  • Easy to apply.


1. Is a clear coat essential for your whiteboards?

A clear coat increases the lifespan of your whiteboard paint. It creates an even and smooth writing surface. A clear coat isn’t essential, but it is highly recommended for better performance and durability.

2. Are whiteboard paints compatible with ordinary walls?

Whiteboard paints are compatible with most of the non-porous surfaces including concrete walls.

3. Can you use acrylic paints on whiteboards?

You can apply acrylic paints on the whiteboards. But it increases the chances of ghosting.

4. Can you use the dry erase paint for other purposes than for painting the whiteboard?

You can use most of the whiteboard paints on other surfaces including wood and metal. They are compatible with most of the non-porous surfaces.

Whiteboard paint – Conclusion

Most of the whiteboard paints available in the market are compatible with non-porous materials and you can use it to create a writing area on any surface. You can replace the traditional boards and update to this easy to use whiteboards.

It is advised to use a clear coat over the whiteboard paint. Some packages of whiteboard paint come along with a bottle of clear coat. If it isn’t included in your package, you can buy it separately. A clearcoat increases the lifespan of white paint. It also contributes in making a smooth and easy to write writing area.

If you are buying the whiteboard paint for your school, you should select an eco-friendly, low VOC, and zero odor paint.

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