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The Ultimate Grade 3 Back To School Supplies [Final List]

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Gosh! Your kid is in grade 3 now! Isn’t it exciting? How fast he is growing and how intelligent he is. We know that you must be proud of him and preparing for the upcoming year but with a new year and a grade increase in your child’s academic journey, don’t you think that his needs must also have grown? He needs a new backpack, new headphone and all sorts of appropriate grade 3 school supplies.


Now, don’t worry, we are here with you on this journey, as always, we have come up with a list of grade 3 back to school shopping list which will help you get the right kids school supplies, that too, from the comforts of your home.


Schoolbag, water bottle and some other stuff which are bare necessities of grade 3 children are included in the list. The things are priorities but it is quite possible that you forget them in an overwhelming schedule. So for your help, we had created a list of these items.

1Age-Appropriate Backpacks (No Rolling Backpacks)1
2Lunch Box (With A Serviate)1
3Water Bottle1
4Student Headphones1

1. School Bag

Aah! Another year of school and another set of books and notebooks. Do you think that the old bag will is able to accommodate all the stuff still?

You should consider changing it.

The bag bought must be age-appropriate, a rolling backpack is not suitable for grade 3 children. The schoolbag must be of measure that fits perfectly on his back and never causes the child any pain. The weight of the bag must also be kept in mind while picking one.

Consider this polka dot bag for your grade 3 kid. The bag has a waterproof build along with breathable straps that are adjustable. The bag is super light as well, weighing only 0.2 kg which makes it perfect for your kids.

2. Lunch Box

Lunch is the messenger and carrier of all the health and love you convey to your baby when he is away from you. You don’t have to worry about his nourishment with a suitable lunch box.

Lunch box should be sturdy, it is common for kids to drop their lunch box every now and then, at times, they play with the locks as well. A strong yet cute lunch box is best for them.

We suggest you buy this blue snail lunch box for your child. It is strong and adorable. The serviate of this lunch box acts as a partition between different items you pack. Plus it maintains the taste of all dishes without them mingling.

3. Water Bottle

Water bottle keeps your little munchkin as fresh as your cakes. He can carry his juices or glucose drinks which he loves to drink.

The water bottle for kids must be attractive and lightweight. It must be made from high-quality, toxin-free material that ensures that your baby drinks only pure and safe water.

Pick this kitty bottle for your child. This bottle has an insulating function that keeps cold things cold for 24 hours and hot things hot for 12 hours. Always handwash to maintain this bottle’s utility.

4. Student Headphones

Kids love to listen to audiobooks and podcasts which teach them in an interactive manner. Schools also nowadays use digital aids for teaching kids. Headphones thus become a necessity.

Headphones for kids must be appropriate in size. Big headphones for kids are not suitable for them. The material should be of top-notch quality and audio quality should also be satisfactory.

Prefer this yellow portable Headphone for kids. It has a perfect measure for kid’s ears. The headphone is compatible with all devices. A set of lovely stickers is available with the headphone so that you can have fun by customizing it according to your child.


Stationary are tools with which a child covers the academic journey of his life. Every child loves to have an adorable set of pencils, erasers, and sharpeners, but that is not all. A stationary kit has more to it. We have created a list for your help in shopping for them.

5Pencils (12 Pencils Pack)3 packs
7Handheld Pencil Sharpeners2
8Clip Board1
9Plain Papers (100 Pcs)1 pack
10Filler Papers (150 Pcs)1 pack
11Two Pocket Folders3
12Dry Erase Markers6
13Scotch Tape (40 Yards)1 roll
14Pencil Pouch Or Pencil Box1

5. Pencils

Kids write with pencils, they sketch, scribble or doodle with it as well. Pencils are used by kids extensively like most of the time.

Pick a pencil set that is made up of high-quality wood and top-notch graphite.

A set of pencils that is superior in quality and easy to grip must be chosen for kids. This set of animal pencils fit in this criteria. The pencil set is made from high-quality wood and graphite which makes writing a joyful experience. The pencils have erasers attached to them.

6. Eraser

Erasers and pencils are the best of pals. This duo keeps your kid’s notebook neat and clean. Erasers are needed frequently because it often happens that they get lost.

Buy this set of erasers for your kid. The food theme of this set makes it a feast for the eyes. The set van is used as a decorative item or a gifting item to present children on their achievements.

7. Handheld Pencil Sharpener

Sharpeners keep pencil leads fine and in the best shape. A broken pencil tip or blunt one cannot write properly. It is painful to write with such lead.

A handheld pencil sharpener makes writing easy and handwriting beautiful. Pick this set of fruit sharpener for your kids. The set has different fruits that are small and can fit in any pocket. The set is cute to own and efficient in working.

8. Clipboard

The clipboard is used by kids during their tests or exams. Kids often use it as a letter pad. A clipboard is essential for writing on sheets.

Pick this brown board clipboard. The design of this clipboard is simple and efficient. Kids can carry it wherever they want. The clipboard is durable and will stand the rough handling by kids.

9. Plain Paper

Plain paper sheets are useful for many purposes. Kids use it for preparing projects, making crafts and drawing sketches. Kids paint on these sheets as well.

A pack of plain sheets must be picked for kids. The sheets must be of high quality and multi-purpose as one bunch will then serve all-purpose. Pick this bunch of multi-purpose sheets. The sheets are recyclable also.

10. Filler Paper

Filler Paper is ruled paper which is used for writing purpose. Filler Paper makes sure that the writer does not sway at any side and the lines are written in proper alignment.

Filler paper in a set of sheets must be bought for kids. Kids often have to prepare a project, filler paper is handy at such times. Pick this set of superior quality filler paper for you kid. The holes in these sheets are durable which ensures that the sheets never get torn.

11. Two-Pocket Folder

A two-pocket folder is a plastics folder which gears two separate pockets. The pockets can be used to segregate and declutter document or project sheets to have an organized approach.

Buy a pack of the two-pocket folder for your kids. The reason being, he has to complete project works, reports and paintings. He will have to carry them.

12. Dry Erase Marker

Dry Erase Marker is best to write on a whiteboard. The markers are easy to wipe and do not leave any mark behind.

A set of dry-erase markers should be bought for kids. We suggest you buy this set of 15 color markers. The tip of these markers is very fine and the ink is non-toxic. The markers have a magnetic cap that sticks on the board, making them easily available.

13. Scotch Tape

Scotch tape is used for sticking the cover to books, pages with each other or for repairing books and notebooks. One other purpose of scotch tape is decoration.

Buy these colorful scotch tape sets for your kids. The tape can be used for regular usage and are suitable for decoration. Use a small strip or a long one and convert a simple sheet to decorative items.

14. Pencil Bag

Kids carry a bunch of pens and pencils to school. If they keep it in the schoolbag, the pencils and pens are bound to get lost. The best way to carry all these things is to carry them in a pencil bag.

Your kid must own a cute looking pencil bag. Consider this bear pencil bag for your child. The pencil bag doubles up as a pencil stand when needed. The pencil bag has a strap which is for keeping erasers.


Drawing is loved by kids of all grades. Many of them have it as their hobby. Whatsoever is your child’s liking, an art and craft basic kit is a necessity.

Watercolors, brushes all these are basic stuff that are included in an art and craft kit, there is a lot more to a basic art and craft kit.

15Colored Pencils (12 Pencils Pack)1
16Washable Classic Markers (Thin)8
17Washable Classic Marker (Thick)8
18Markers Fine Tip (12 Pack)1
19Water Color Paints (8 Pcs)1 set
20Paint Brushes (Jumbo Brushes)4 set
21Glue Sticks Large4
22Elmer’S Glue 7 Oz4
23Plain Papers (100 Papers)1 pack
24Vinyl Table Cloth1
26Scissors (Blunt Tip)1 pair
27Play Doh (6 Assorted Colors)1 pack

15. Colored Pencils (12 Pencils Pack)

Colored pencils are wooden pencils having colorful leads. The pencils are loved by children of all age groups. It is best to color any kind of sketch or scenery.

Pick this set of scented color pencils. The pencils are made from newspapers and are environment-friendly. The pencils are no different than the normal wooden one but can be termed as even better from them.

16. Washable Classic Markers (Thin)

Markers with thin tip are excellent for decorative purposes. The fine tip makes calligraphy and other artistica work easy to execute with utmost perfection.

Thin tip markers, when bought for kids, should be washable as kids have this tendency to doddle on walls, table and even on themselves. Washable markers will keep you stress-free about cleaning.

This set of washable thin tip marker is best for kids. This pack of markers comes with a scribble pad which is best for jotting down important points.

Working on minute details is a cakewalk and your kid can create beautiful landscapes or drawings.

17. Washable Classic Marker (Thick)

Kids use the marker on whiteboards, sheets, walls, carpets and on whatever surface they want. It is easy to spot a tattoo on their skin as well, made from markers.

A washable set of markers is best for such purpose. Buy this set of classic washable markers. Kids can play with it all day long, color any surface and have fun. When they leave, just wipe it off with a damp cloth and you are good to go.

18. Markers Fine Tip (12 Pack)

Markers with a fine tip are used for doodling, writing and coloring pictures. The markers are excellent for maintaining a journal and for project purposes.

This set of 18 fine tip markers is the best to buy for kids. The set of markers has a tip that suits stencil works and is excellent for writing. The ink never bleeds on paper and works fine on every surface.

19. Watercolor Paints (8 Pcs)

Watercolor paints are used by kids to paint. Watercolour adds life to all kinds of sketches and scenery. Watercolor for kids is available in suitable shape which is best for them.

Consider this set of watercolor for your child. The cake of color available in this set easily blended with each other to make new colors. The set has different brushes available along with it.

20. Paint Brush (Jumbo)

Paint Brushes are used by kids in every grade. For kids, a paintbrush must be of suitable size which can be held easily by kids. Jumbo Paint Brush is best for this purpose.

We suggest you this set of a jumbo paintbrush for your kid. He can hold it by his hands and make paintings of all sorts. The paintbrush has bristles that are of superior quality and is best for use for kids.

21. Glue Stick Large

Glue Stick is best for kids. It is easy to grip for children. They can hold it by their little hands and use it easily.

This color changing glue stick is the best choice as a large glue stick for kids. When the glue is applied from this glue stick, it is of purple color and after sometimes it becomes transparent. Sticking paper is easy by this color-changing theme.

22. Elmers glue 7 oz

Slime is somewhat like a cousin to clay. Slime is satisfactory. It can be used to make models, use a cast for this and your models are ready.

Kids love playing with slime, they play with it all day long. Slime is a great game for kids, even when they have a party, you can use it as a discovery bag to engage them and enhance their cognitive skills.

Pick this slime making for kids. The slime can be made whenever required and that too in any color. Prepare whenever you want and play with your kids.

23. Plain Paper

Plain sheets of paper are used in making craft, writing and every other purpose. Plain sheets can be used to print pictures as well.

Buying a bunch of plain sheets is recommended for kids. They have a lot to work on plain sheets, few sheets cannot serve the purposes, this pack of recyclable paper sheets is best to buy. It has 400 sheets in full scape size.

24. Vinyl Table Cloths

A vinyl table cloth is flannel based table cloth which is best to use for classrooms. Kids can spill water or juice on the table cloth, a simple table cloth will get stained and is tough to clean. The vinyl table cloth is easy to clean, just wipe it off with a cloth and it will shine like new.

Consider this rainbow theme vinyl table cloth. The cloth is just the perfect match for your kid’s table. As kids have colorful spirit, so is this table cloth.

25. Apron

The apron is a cloth that covers your child while coloring, cooking or pottery. It is plausible to make oneself dirty while doing all such stuff. In some schools, kids have hobby classes, in such classes, the apron is a must.

Kids need to have an apron, it will keep them the neat and presentable whole day, the colors, oil or clay whatever material they use all of it will stay on apron.

26. Scissors

Scissors are used much in art and craft kits. Kids use scissors for cutting different shapes, the shapes are then used in different projects. Scissors are used by kids even for enjoyment, at times they cut stripes, just to have some fun

Kids love scissors and cutting with it but it can be dangerous to them. Blunt-End scissors are recommended to them. Buy these nameplate scissors, it has a measuring scale with itself as well which will make measuring and cutting an easy task.

27. Play-Doh

Play-Doh is clay which is fun to play. Kids can squish, squeeze or roll it in any way to make fun shapes like fish, boat or duck.

This set of rainbow assorted color Play-Doh is the ideal choice as modeling clay for kids. The clays available are non-toxic and skin-friendly texture. The set is available in plastic cans which makes it easy to carry and store.

Open up your kid’s imagination with this Play-Doh set.


Cleaning elements that are part of the grade 3 school supplies list have all items that are essential for maintaining health and hygiene. The cleaning elements in the list are easy to use and handy.

In today’s world, where new diseases emerge every now and then, hygiene is the key to stay immune.

Health and hygiene go hand in hand, cleaning elements ensure that your kid stays healthy throughout his school days.

28Hand Sanitizer2 bottles
29Lysol Wipes2 packs
30Zip-Lock Quart-Size Bags1 box
31Zip-Lock Gallon Size Bags1 box
32Large Tissue Box2 boxes
33Paper Towel1 roll

28. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are made up of liquid soap and silicone, but this silicon does not harm the skin. It is friendly to it.

Hand sanitizer is useful on the go. Washing hands is not possible always, it happens that kids touch every possible item they find in their way. Hand sanitizers will make sure that in these adventures, germs do not get on their hand and kids stay safe.

Consider this set of hand sanitizer which has all sorts of fragrance. The hand sanitizers have an attachable with which you can keep these hand sanitizers attached in the chains of children’s schoolbags.

29. Lysol Wipes

Lysol wipes are fabric-based clothes treated in Lysol. It makes the surface clean and disinfected in a few wipes. Kids need this because they visit a lot of places, every place cannot be hygienic, they will wipe the surface off and can be sure that no germs or bacteria harm them.

Send a pack of Lysol wipes with your kids. The wipes have micro-pattern based design which cleans easily. This pack will ensure that your kid sits on or touches germ-free surfaces.

30. Zip-lock Quart Size Bag

Zip-lock Quart Size Bags are a plastic bag which is transparent and has a slider chain. The bags get sealed with an air-tight seal which keeps all the items kept in the bag safe.

We recommend that you buy this pack of Zip-lock Quart Size Bag. The bag can accommodate all kinds of items, ranging from edibles to gadgets. For days on a like outing, this is the best way to carry whatever your child needs.

31. Zip-lock Gallon Size Bag

Zip-lock Gallon Size Bag is a bigger bag in the range of Zip-lock bags. Bags are best for beach days and outings. You can send your child cookies, chips or any other item that he loves to carry on his day out.

This pack of Zip-lock Gallon Size Bag is best to buy for kids. He can carry small items as well along with all the cookies he loves to eat.

32. Large Tissue Box

Starting with a new academic year is tedious, kids have to come out of their irregular schedule and neon time. In these adjustments, it is plausible to have a cough and cold.

A large tissue box is important to have at such time. Kids can clean themselves after sneezing and coughing. The tissue also keeps infections on the check.

This Rubik cube large tissue box is the ideal choice for picking when it comes to choosing a tissue box. It can have enough tissues, plus it looks quite attractive.

33. Paper Towel

Paper towels are made from fibers, similar to fibers of cotton and paper. You can consider it as a mix of cotton and paper.

Paper towel is an excellent absorbent and cleans any surface in which they come in contact with it. Paper towels are soft on the skin and are best for the skin of kids.

Picking a set of paper towels is best for kids. They have beach days or waterpark visits. Carrying a cloth towel is inconvenient due to its weight and the space it occupies, a paper towel is compact and after using it you can throw it in the dustbin. It will never be a hassle to carry them. This set of colorful paper towel is best for this purpose. The fibers used are of top-notch quality and the colors are also non-toxic making it friendly for kid’s skin.


Accidents can show up at any time. Be it a small cut, a wound, a bruise or a fracture, any kind of injury can happen at any moment. At the times of such emergencies, instead of waiting for the doctor, it is better to provide the injured person with some first-aid.

And in the case of kids, most of the injuries are result of their own curiosity, so to have a first-aid kit with first-aid elements is necessary.

34Small First Aid Kit1
35Sterile Dressings2
36Cotton Wool1 pack
37Washproof Tape2 rolls
38Tubular Support Bandages2
39Conforming Bandages (Different Sizes)1 in each size
40Sterile Burn Gel Sachets1
41Safety Pins1 set
42Forehead Thermometer1
43Surgical Mask3
44Instant Hot And Cold Pack2

34. Small First Aid Kit

A small first-aid kit must be a part of your back to school shopping. A small first-aid kit is of great help when it comes to an emergency. First-aid is proven to ensure a speedy recovery and even in cases of fatal injuries, first-aid causes a person to recover safely.

A small first-aid kit which has enough space for basic elements should be bought. We recommend this bus first-aid kit, the kit looks cute and it is best to stuff it up with all the necessary elements of first-aid.

35. Sterile Dressing

When a wound happens or the skin bleeds, the first thing that comes in mind is to stop that bleeding and the wat to stop bleeding is to dress the wound. Sterile Dressing is used extensively at such times.

Sterile Dressing is an integral part of the first aid kit. It comes in a roll form and as a tape form as well. Choosing the tape one for kids is the best as kids have this habit to play with their bandages, the tape one will stay at its place and do not move causing speedy recovery. This adhesive dressing is just the perfect choice for kids. The strips are latex-free and made from superior quality material.

36. Cotton Wool

Cotton Wool is cotton roll which is made by the flat cotton sheet which is then rolled in a big spool like structure. This cotton wool is used in cleaning wounds, applying the spirit and for bandaging wounds.

Cotton wool must be pill-less and superior in quality. It must be sterilized as well. The cotton wool for kids should come clear without any fibers. This sterilized US-made cotton wool is the best for kids. It is high in quality and fits in all criteria for kids.

37. Washproof Tape

Getting a cut is something that happens on a daily basis. Paper cuts, cuts due to scissors and all sorts of tools happen every now and then. Tying a tourniquet is not an option in such situations. Tape with adhesive is best for these cuts.

When buying tape for kids, pick a washproof tape, the tape will not wear off with water and will heal the cuts fast. Choosing this printed washproof tape is perfect for kids. The tapes are cute to look at and withstand water.

38. Tubular Support Bandage

A tubular support bandage is similar to an elastic tube made up of cloth. The bandage is used to provide relief from pain by compressing the affected area.

A tubular support bandage must be bought after carefully examining the elastic of tubular support bandage.

We suggest you buy this tubular support bandage for your kid. The elastic of this bandage is of just the perfect compression. The bandage gets fit on every body part and puts pressure in the most appropriate manner which provides relief from body pain. Cut the bandage generously and use it on the painting body part.

39. Conforming Bandage

Conforming Bandage are used for keeping dressing at the place. They are also used to provide relief from twisted ankles.

A conforming bandage works on the principle of applying suitable pressure on the affected area. The bandages are highly effective for such problems.

When picking up a conforming bandage for your kid. Look for the body part it is best for. Our recommendation is this elastic based conforming bandage which is best for ankle pains. The bandage is best in its class and provides quick relief.

40. Sterile Burn Gel Sachets

Getting a burn or cold scald is common. Kids can also get that. The reason being their curiosity. Kids love to touch everything they find amusing. They can touch the steaming utensil or that ice cube which just came out of the refrigerator, in both of the cases they will have a burnt finger.

A sterile burn gel sachet must be handy with them all the time. The sachet will heal the burn quickly and provide relief from the burning sensation. Consider these burn gel sachets which is best for both burns and cold scalds.

41. Safety Pin

Safety Pins are little pins that keep things together. The things can be clothes, bandages ( in case, tape is not available) and papers (in absence of paper pins). Safety Pins are used for a number of reasons. The sweet little pins are our savior as well at times.

Pick this colorful set of safety pins for your kid. The pins have a head that stays strong and locks the pin efficiently so that the pin never pierces the skin. The material is rust-free which will never cause the metal to corrode. This set is best for kids.

42. Forehead Thermometer

A forehead temperature is used to measure temperature without touching the skin. The thermometer works on the principle of rays which when coming in the vicinity of any object or skin tell about its temperature.

A forehead temperature is the best for kids. Kids keep on moving and measuring temperature with a normal thermometer is tough with them so it is better to use a touchless thermometer which will tell the accurate temperature.

We suggest this memorizing thermometer for this purpose. The thermometer works for an object as well and has a memory to store up to three readings. The thermometer has Celsius and Fahrenheit both readings.

43. Surgical Mask

Allergens are particles that freely roam in air and cause illness. The allergens are pollen grains, dust particles or air pollutants. These allergens cause choking in throat, lung problems and eye issues.

A surgical mask makes sure that your kid doesn’t fall ill due to these allergens. The particles stay on the outer layer of the mask and your kid breathes only pure air.

Pick this printed surgically mask for your kids, the masks are made from cotton and are durable. The masks look adorable and work efficiently.

44. Instant Hot and Cold Pack

An instant hot and cold pack provides relief from swellings, insect bites and in cases of muscle twists. The pack can be used to ease any kind of pain.

A kid needs to have a pack that looks attractive, he will stay engaged in the patterns of that pack and will forget about his pain. This smiley based instant hot and cold pack is best for kids. The pack works on beads which provide relief by giving a soothing feel. The beads get instantly hot or cold to suit all requirements. The pack is microwave friendly.


Sports and fitness, two words which are intertwined, without sports, no one can stay fit, even if one says that he is fit and healthy without any actual sports activities, he must be indulged in yoga or gym.

Sports are integrated in the curriculum of children and form an important part of his everyday schedule.

45Tennis Shoes For Gym Class1 pair

45. Tennis Shoes For Gym Class

Tennis shoes are made up in such a way that they hold feet in the best way. For vigorous activities, tennis shoes are the best. Sports and games demand quick and agile movement of feet, tennis shoes aid this need.

Gym classes are also prevalent in schools, the classes include light exercises and some running, again, tennis shoes are the best choice to wear in a gym as the exercises are done quickly in action.

Pick a pair of tennis shoes that fit your child’s feet. The shoe must not pinch him and be of top-notch quality.


Some important items of kids school supplies do not find a place in any specific category, however, the items are important, we had thus, listed such items in other elements.

46Spare Dress1

46. Spare Dress

A spare dress must be bought in back to school shopping. A spare dress keeps the stress of everyday laundry away. A child has to wear the same dress to school, he cannot change that, if by chance his dress remained dirty or soiled and didn’t get washed, a spare dress will save the day for you. In case, he needs a change of dress in the school itself, he can use his spare dress and be presentable as always.

Pick a spare dress which is the exact replica of the original one, both, in size and color.


We have added the grade 3 Back To School Supplies checklist that you can download and print. check-in the download section below to download the grade 3 Supplies Checklist.




You can download these grade 3 school supplies checklist files, and print them at home or get it printed at the local copy shop. It is best to print out the image version, it’s more clear and easy to use. Also, we have added grade 3 supplies checklists in different formats. You can download any format separately, or you can download all formats at once as a zipped file.

  • (IMAGE) –
  • (PDF) –
  • (EXCEL) –
  • (TXT) –
  • (WORD) –
  • (ZIPPED) –

What do you think about this grade 3 back to school supplies list? Share your story of how it helped you in buying kid’s school supplies. Also, if you find any of the items missing, do comment below so that we can make this academic journey of your child even easier.

Thanks for reading and sharing, Happy Schooling!

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