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Kindergarten Supplies List: Back To School Supplies [Final List]

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Kindergarten is the first step of a child towards his or her school life. A child may be reluctant or can be enthusiastic about this journey. Preparation in any scenario is a must.

A beautiful stationery kit comes handy at such times. It prepares your child and makes their first day a memorable one. Children are nervous even if they are happy for school. A stationary kit eases out the tension. They enjoy their first day.


Preparing for your child’s first day is taxing. A lot goes on preparing the child mentally for school. In all these, it is quite possible to forget things from the school list. But don’t worry, we have prepared a kindergarten back to school supplies list that includes all the small and big things for a preschooler. It will help you in kindergarten kids shopping.


Whether you have 3 years old admitted or 5 years one getting into kindergarten. A child has some basic needs when joining the school. He needs to have a cute little school bag with a lot of space a water bottle and a few other items. We had prepared a list for your help in choosing these elements.

1Age-Appropriate School Bag (No Rolling Backpacks)1
2Lunch Box (With A Napkins)1
3Water Bottle1
4Student Headphones1

01. School Bag

Ask any kid and he will surely point to a school bag as the first thing he wants. A school bag is like a treasure trove for kindergarten kids. They put all their important things in the school bag.

A bright and colorful school bag is what every child wants to carry to his or her school. Attractive designs like their favorite cartoon characters make them even happier. For 5-year-old bags are like a magic box. The bag must be cute and lovely.

The school bag must be lightweight and spacious. The school bag must also be ergonomic. The straps must be breathable.

A good choice as a school bag for your kindergarten or nursery kid is a bus shaped backpack bag. This bag is lightweight. It has two pockets which are quite spacious. This bag is a good choice for little girls and boys. It has perfect measurements for age 5 children. It sits perfectly on your kid’s shoulders and makes him stand out.

It is a nice bag with colorful looks which is suitable for small children.

02. Lunch Box

Young kids do need to have a lunch box. Home-cooked food is the best for them. It maintains its health. Your little one loves to have food cooked by you. The food carries your love to him. treat your child with his favorite food every day.

Lunch boxes available for kids are beautiful in colors. Kindergarten kids carry lunch boxes that are funky in shapes. A flower shape lunch box or a bus shaped lunch box is perfect for your child.

Lunch boxes come with this feature of keeping food warm for long. They are spill-proof also. Lunch boxes for kids are sturdy as the lunch boxes often fall down. A kid needs a lunch box which is lovely and sturdy. A police kit lunch box is the best for your child. It is attractive to look at is the best choice for your kid.

03. Water Bottle

Children are like flowers. They need water from time to time. Ensure their hydration all day long. As you are not available for them in school, so getting a glass of water is not possible. A cute water bottle is important for your baby.

This bottle will keep your baby stays fresh like a lily throughout the day.

Exciting colors are available in water bottles. Bottles with straps is a hot choice. Water bottles should be leakage proof and sturdy. Kids have this habit of playing with their water bottles. A strong and cute bottle will make for this need. Sipper bottles are cute and best for kids. Kids don’t spill water and drink easily.

A flask bottle is good for your kid. It is as cute as your kid and has a sipper facility. The prints on the bottle make it lovely to look at. It is transparent so that you can check whether there is enough water or not.

04. Student Headphone

The use of digital media and iPods is increasing in-classroom study. Headphones are thus important for better learning in school.

Kids have small ears. Normal headphones are not suitable for them. Headphones that suit kids’ ears are available. Kids’ headphones are designed in attractive colors. They are light and do not break on falling. Kids generally play with products. The headphones are thus sturdy and durable.

A panda headphone is lovely for your kid. They are colorful and give your kid the best hearing experience. The body and wire are of food-grade material so that if he chews it, nothing harmful goes inside his body. The headphone has an audio sharing feature also.


Stationary elements excite the children most. Colors, sheets, pencils, kids love them all.

The stationery is also the most important part of a school supply list. Kids want to have colorful items in their stationery supply. Following is a list of all useful stationery elements.

5Laddie/Beginner Pencils (12 Pencils Pack)2 packs
6Pencil Grips6
8Pink Erasers6
9Handheld Pencil Sharpeners6
10Clip Board1
12Pocket Folders1
13Dry Erase Markers4
14Scotch Tape (40 Yards)1 roll
15Pencil Pouch Or Pencil Box1

05. Laddie/ Beginner Pencils

Young hands love to draw. They have to learn writing alphabets as well. Writing is tough for kids. They find it difficult to write, further to hold a pencil is itself a big task for kindergarten children.

A laddie pencil is best for them. The pencils are soft and easy to hold. Laddie pencils are specially designed for kids.

Triangular bodied laddie is recommended for children. The pencils have a thick body which is easy for children to hold. The triangular body gives grip support to young children.

06. Pencil Grips

Pencil grips are plastic supporters for young kids. It is best for teaching a kid to have a firm grip on a pencil. Little hands find it difficult to tightly grip a pencil. It is due to the low level of motor skills in them. Pencil grips make holding a pencil easy.

Pencil grips come in cute colors and soft handling for young children.

A set of animal-like grips is best for kids. The set contains different kinds of grips. Each grip is for step by step betterment of a kid’s grip. Each grip has attractive colors. This set is excellent for little kids.


07. Erasers

Writing is an integral part of the school. Kids make mistakes while writing. Erasers come handy at such time.

Dustless erasers are best for kids. They make a lot of mistakes. Dustless erasers make paper clean like new. Scented erasers are also liked a lot by kids. Scented eraser in beautiful shapes come for children. They are lovely to look and leave a scent on erasing.

A food or Animal set of erasers is best to buy for kindergarten kids. All food items are in miniature form of the eraser. The set is non-toxic and colorful. This ensures no harm to your child in case he puts the eraser in his mouth.

08. Pink Erasers

Pink Erasers is liked by many kids. A pink eraser is nice as a part of the stationary elements of kids.

A pink eraser is good for examination purposes. It makes paper squeaky clean with little effort.

Pink eraser in a pack of three right choices for children. The erasers are rectangular in shape. Big size of erasers makes it easy for little hands to hold and use the eraser.

09. Handheld Pencil Sharpeners

Sharpeners are a kid’s first tool. Sharpeners are a pencils best friend after the eraser.

Sharpeners keep pencil trim and writing beautiful.

Sharpeners are available in bold colors and funky shapes like flowers or buses. Kids love to own such sharpeners.

Sharpeners like Rubik’s cubes are a hot choice for kids. These sharpeners are kind of puzzles. Your kids can play with them in their free time. It will increase their cognitive thinking abilities.

10. Clipboard

A child has to write tests and exams very often. A sturdy clipboard is needed to help your child during the examination.

Age 5 students need a dependable clipboard. It must be beautiful and strong. The clip should also be tough. Kids often play with the clips and pins of the clipboard. The clip must be durable.

Acrylic clipboards are suitable for kids. They look good and withstand manhandling.

11. Folders

Your baby will surely make a lot of pictures. Preserve these memoirs with a folder.

Folders are plastic cases. These cases are flexible and transparent. Folders come in various colors and prints. Folders have a lot of space to offer.

This gives a tidy and managed approach.

Animal print folders are recommended for kindergarten kids. They have pockets and come in sets of 6 or more. The folders are charming in colors and looks.

12. Pocket Folders

A pocket folder is your child’s wallet. It has a section in which he can store paper which he deems necessary. A pocket folder is important for your child in case he gets into trouble( which we pray he never gets in) he can use the id cards and pocket diary to inform you of his well being. Keep a pocket folder in your child’s bag with id cards and pocket diary.

A bunch of pocket folder is best for your kid. The pocket folders are available in all colors. They are light and ideal for everyday use.

13. Dry Erase Markers

Dry erase markers are for writing on a whiteboard. These markers are easy to wipe and get erased by a dry cloth.

Kindergarten kids use a whiteboard very often. Dry markers are good for writing on whiteboards. They don’t leave any marks behind.

Dry erase markers are available in a set of 52 markers. The tip is chiseled. The set has 12 colors. The markers have a low-odor ink and non-toxic ink.

14. Scotch Tape

Children often stick posters and stickers on walls and other belongings. Scotch tape is great for this purpose. It also finds purpose in covering notebooks and books.

Scotch tapes are used in model making also which makes it an integral part of the stationary list.

Colorful scotch tapes with glitter on them also available.

Have a scotch tape that is best in class with superior grip and gum quality. It is almost invisible. The surface is pencil-friendly. Kids can write easily on this.

15. Pencil Pouch Or Pencil Box

A pencil bag is very useful for kids. It is easy to lose pencils, erasers in their school bag. Pencil bag keeps them at a place.

A pencil box keeps your kid’s bag organized. Children keep all their pencils and other small items in a pencil bag. Spare pencils can also be stored in a pencil bag. It is useful as pencils often get lost.

Pencil bags come in beautiful colors and patterns. Buy a cool one for your kid.


Young kids surely love one thing, that is art and craft. They make drawings, they paint. Children also like to make clay models. With so much artistic talent in them, they need an art and craft kit to shows off their potential.

16Jumbo Colored Pencils (12 Pcs)2 packs
17Jumbo Crayons (12 Pcs)2 packs
18Markers (12 Pcs)1 pack
19Watercolor Paint Set (6 Pcs)1 pack
20Jumbo Paint Brushes4
21Glue Sticks Jumbo6
22Glue Sticks Regular12
23Plain Papers (100 Pcs)1 pack
24Colored Paper Sheets -Assorted Colors (100 Pcs)1 pack
25Vinyl Table Cloth1
26Apron Or Smock1
27Felt Paper 4X4 Inches (44 Pcs In Different Colors)1 pack
28Origami Sheets200 Sheets
29Round Tip Scissors1 pair
30Pom Poms (Various Colors)100 pcs
31Play Doh (6 Assorted Colors)1 pack

16. Jumbo Colored Pencils

Color pencils are used frequently by kids. Similar to holding a pencil, color pencils are also tough to hold. For a better grip of young kids, jumbo colored pencils are the best. They give easy to grip and handling to children.

Jumbo Coloured pencils are your kid’s best friend while coloring. They make coloring very easy.

Jumbo Coloured Pencils which have a triangular body are recommended for kids. This body gives added grip. The jumbo crayon has dots which make minimize pain while holding pencils. The leads are also high quality and do not break on falling.

17. Jumbo Crayons

Who doesn’t loves crayons? We all do and so does the kids. Crayons are the first coloring tools of a child. Jumbo crayons are the best for your kids.

Jumbo Crayons come in a complete set of 24 colors. The crayons are non-toxic. Jumbo Crayons have a cap on them. This cap protects crayons from mixing with each other and keeps color intact. The colors have the washable feature also.

18. Markers

Nowadays children use whiteboards in their school. They use it for learning to write and also for drawing sketches. Markers are used on whiteboards.

A set of markers with washable ink is good for children. The tip is conical which allows for making both broad and think lines. It has a suitable size for kids. The ink is superior in quality and non-toxic. The color also of this ink is rich in texture.

19. Watercolor Paints

It is quite possible for your child to have watercolor usage in his or her school in drawing classes. Watercolor for kindergarten comes in sturdy packaging and big tubes.

The watercolor set of 12 colors is perfect for kindergarten kids. It has a plastic case that closes tightly. The color case has a notch like structure made for keeping brush along with it. The set is excellent for young artists.

20. Jumbo Paint Brushes

Young painters need instruments that enhance their grip and painting skills. Brush with fine reeds as the handle is not for kids. Paint jumbo brushes are the choice for kids.

A set of four broad brushes is a nice choice for young kids. All of them have different sizes. The hairs are white which makes it easy to identify colors. The set has an exciting color of handles.

21. Glue Sticks Jumbo

Cut and paste activities like making a scrapbook or a collage is something that kids find Uber fun. To make this fun activity easy also, glue sticks jumbo are the best.

A disappearing glue stick is the ideal glue stick for kids. The glue on the application appears colored but the color vanishes in a few seconds.

Kids will remember where they had applied glue and will not mess. It gives a neat approach.

22. Glue Sticks Regular

A torn page or torn book cover can be repaired with glue. It teaches your child to repair things an makes them dexterous. Glue sticks regular are useful for this purpose.

Glue stick regular is best for everyday use of kids. Notice board-related work or pasting slips on objects, all can be done with the help of a glue stick regular. It is non-toxic and washable.

23. Plain Papers

To draw or to write, plain paper is required. A bunch of plain sheets is necessary to have in stationary elements.

A pack of A4 sheets is best for this. The pack has high-quality paper, perfect for your kid.

24. Colored Paper Sheets – Assorted Colors

Children like to have colored sheets. They draw in it and also make different cut-outs from the sheet. Color sheets are available in a variety of colors.

A bunch of colored sheets is what required. The bunch must have all possible colors, ranging from darker to light colors. He can make beautiful crafts out of them. The papers of these sheets are light in texture, suitable for craft related work.

25. Vinyl Table Cloth

A vinyl table cloth is a must to have for kindergarten children. They usually eat on tables. It can leave the table messy with marks on the table. Vinyl table cloth keeps the table clean.

Vinyl table cloth with patterns that are the blank area is perfect for age 5 children. Kids have to color them. These table cloths are best for kids. It keeps them busy. Vinyl table cloth with world map patterns is excellent for kids.

26. Apron Or Smock

When playing with colors, kids can color their own dresses. This apron can also be used if your child has any cooking classes. An apron or smock keeps the dress clean and your child neat.

Smocks or aprons with a pocket are best for kids. They can store their needed items and do not need to move every time they want something.

27. Felt Paper 4×4 Inches

Felt paper is paper with a rough kind of surface. They are best for craftwork. Mountains, 3D models all are made with felt paper. Kindergarten children spend a lot of time making different crafts.

A set of vivid colors of felt papers is great for kids. The papers are made from rayon. The sheets are top-notch. Crafts can be easily made from the sheets without fear of creasing. The sheets can also be ironed.

28. Origami Sheets

Origami sheets are colorful kami and washi paper sheets. These sheets are different from regular sheets of paper. They are easy to fold. The sheets are especially for making crafts only.

A set of colored origami sheets must accompany your child’s stationery list. The sheets are rectangular in shape. The high-quality paper is used in making sheets.

29. Round Tip Scissors

Art and craft involve a lot of activities in paper cutting. Scissors thus are important when making different crafts. Round tip scissors are a bare necessity. Kids can hurt themselves with sharp-pointed scissors. Round tip scissors make it safe for kids.

A pair of round tip scissors are perfect for your kid’s craftwork. It has blunt ends in round shape.

The blunt ends make sure your child never gets a cut from the scissors.

30. Pom Poms (Various Colors)

Pom pom balls are small furry balls. These cute little balls are helpful in making beautiful crafts. DIY stuff like making puppets, flowers or hats all use pom pom balls.

A set of colorful pom-pom balls is best to have for kids. The fabric of this set is non-toxic and friendly to children’s skin. Kids learn to differentiate among colors and make cool projects with these beautiful pom-poms.

31. Play-doh (6 Assorted Colors)

Clay modeling is taught in school to enhance a child’s creativity. For this Play-doh clay is available that too in 6 colors.

Play-doh modeling clay is non-toxic. Kids can have fun all day long with this clay. It is has a rich texture which is perfect for making models. The product has 24 ounces of clay in an easy to use the container. The containers are recyclable.


Health and Hygiene go hand in hand. It is not possible to stay healthy when one us dirty. Kids need to be taken greater care of when it comes to hygiene. A list of all required to maintain your child’s health and hygiene is provided for your help.

32Hand Sanitizer2 bottles
33Lysol Wipes3 packs
34Zip-Lock Quart-Size Bags1 box
35Zip-Lock Gallon Size Bags1 box
36Large Tissue Box3 boxes
37Paper Towel2 rolls

32. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are best for your age 5 children. They touch multiple items. To wash hands is not possible everywhere. Sanitizers come in handy at such times. Just a few drops and your kid is good to go.

Alcohol-free hand sanitizers are the choice for kids. They tend to touch their face and eyes. Alcohol-free alcohol will not cause any limitation to these areas.

33. Lysol Wipes

Lysol wipes are a great tool to check flu and viral fever causing germs. The wipes are easy to use for kids also. In school when they sneeze or drop food Lysol wipes make the surface squeaky clean.

Lysol wipes come with lovely scents are available. On cleaning the surface. The wipes make the surface disinfected leaving a fresh aroma behind. The wires offer 99.9% germ protection.

34. Zip-Lock Quart-Size Bags

Kids have a habit to collect stones or flowers. They find them quite attractive. Some kids wear watches as well. All can be stored in zip-lock quart-size bags for there safety. It protects the items on a rainy day.

Zip-lock quart size bag is excellent for everyday use. It has an airtight seal. Kids can use it as a pencil bag as well. Carrying chips and cookies are also easy in the Zip-lock quart size bag. They will stay crunchy and fresh.

35. Zip-Lock Gallon Size Bags

Zip-lock gallon size bags are good to carry a lunch box. Any leakage from the lunch that can spoil other items is avoided by Zip-lock gallon size bags.

Zip-lock gallon size is very useful. On picnic days it is the best bag to carry edibles or any other item. The superior sealing zip offers a tight seal. This does not allow any item to come out. Zip-lock gallon size bags can be used to carry food, stationery or any other element.

36. Large Tissue Box

Sneezing, coughing and the need to wipe hands all need tissues. A large tissue box should accompany your kid for his needs.

Large tissue boxes with anti-viral medication within them are best for kids. It keeps a check on cold and flu. The tissues have a 99.9% germ protection formula. It has an additional layer of moisture to keep the skin fresh.

37. Paper Towel

A paper towel is important for children. They can make themselves dirty while playing. At such time tissues do not help. A paper towel is needed.

At times when your child has taken part in any competition like fancy dress, a paper towel is very useful for cleaning before makeup and after makeup.

A pack of reusable paper towels is just what you are looking for. Washable paper towels are available in a pack. This makes them high on utility.


A child can get bruises and cuts. To fall down during playing with friends is common. Getting hurt from a nail or a sharp object is also inevitable while your child commutes. Paper cuts are also common. First aid elements are important because of this. In case your child gets a bad hurt (which we pray that never happens) first aid will ensure his speedy and safe recovery. A first aid kit for kindergarten must have-

38Small First Aid Kit1
39Sterile Dressings2
40Cotton Wool1 pack
41Washproof Tape2 rolls
42Tubular Support Bandages2
43Conforming Bandages (Different Sizes)1 in each size
44Sterile Burn Gel Sachets1
45Safety Pins1 set
46Forehead Thermometer1
47Surgical Mask3
48Instant Hot And Cold Pack2

38. Small First Aid Kit

To fall while in school is common for preschoolers. They can get bruises and cuts in that. Other injuries can also happen, a small first-aid kit is very much needed for your child at such times. Before the doctor arrives, the first aid given will surely make your child recover faster.

A pouch of small first and kit will fulfill this need of yours. It has all the possible items needed for everyday adventures be it in school or home.

39. Sterile Dressings

An integral part of the first aid kit is sterile dressing. It is used in trying tourniquet. Also, it is used as a basic sling in case of emergencies. Sterile dressing keeps cuts and bruises safe.

Sterile dressings in a pack are best to buy. They are used most often in a first aid kit. The sterile dressing in the pack is of high quality.

40. Cotton Wool

When nursing a wound or a cut, cotton wool is used primarily. It is used extensively when tying a tourniquet. Cotton wool must be of high quality. It should be medicated also.

Cotton wool is suitable for sensitive skin must be selected for kids. It will provide kids the needed care without any skin irritation.

Sterile cotton wool is perfect for this purpose. It minimizes the chances of infection and ensures quick healing.

41. Washproof Tape

Washproof tapes are best for kindergarten children. They cannot care for their bandages like an adult. They wet it very often. The normal tape will wear off, waterproof tape is required to keep your child’s skin safe.

Wash proof tapes offer to heal scars. The tape is in a roll form and works on all kinds of cuts and bruises. The tape is easy to use and is hypoallergenic.

42. Tubular Support Bandages

Kindergartens have a vigorous schedule. They stay busy all day long. This leaves them with an aching body. Tubular Support Bandages make it a point that your child gets relieved of the pain.

Pain relievers are not for children. It is better to have bandages. A tubular support bandage for kids have measures that suit his body. It has a perfect grip which is neither too tight not too loose.

43. Conforming Bandages (Different Sizes)

Confirming bandages are for providing relief from joint pains. It may surprise you but a kid can get joint pain. He can have pain in wrists due to writing. He can have pain in ankles for he played all day long.

Confirming bandages with elastic is best for kids. They have an easing grip. This puts the right pressure on their joints and eases out the pain.

44. Sterile Burn Gel Sachets

Kindergarten teaches everything to children. They conduct various classes. Cooking is one of them. It is quite possible that the child touches any hot pot while in the class. It will burn his skin. Sterile burn sachets are useful for such burns.

Sterile burn sachets are available in packs. Even if the child spends a whole day and got a sunburn. He can use this sterile burn sachet for getting relief.

45. Safety Pins

A handkerchief attached to a top corner of your child’s uniform gives him a tidy look. Use beautiful pins for pinning the handkerchief. Safety pins also come handy if your child’s dress gets torn and sewing it is not possible at that time. They come in exciting colors and lovely shapes.

Safety pins with broadheads come in sets. Have one such set for your tiny one. The colorful set will make him look more attractive.

46. Forehead Thermometer

With changing weather it is common to have viral fever and fall ill. When your child feels temperature, do not just check it manually. Use a thermometer to be doubly sure. It also helps in monitoring the fever.

A forehead thermometer is best to be used for kids. It tells the right temperature instantly. It has an ear mode plus other features like Celsius to Fahrenheit converter which makes it the best device to rely on for your child’s health.

47. Surgical Mask 3

Pollution is on the rise these days. Air pollution is one of its major forms. Smog and other irritants enter into the lungs. This causes diseases.

Kids are highly susceptible to these diseases. Irritants cause severe allergies to them. A surgical mask will protect children from getting irritants in their lungs. He will stay healthy.

A pack of surgical masks for kids is Their best.they are printed with adorable patterns. The masks offer the best protection.

48. Instant Hot And Cold Pack

Kids can fall down while playing or can get swelling due to insect bites. At such times, an instant hot and cold pack is very helpful. It eases out the pain. Swelling also gets decreased by this hot and cold pack.

Kids need to have a beautiful instant hot and cold pack. It will distract them from the pain and swelling. Engage them in the patterns of the packs for this.

A bead-based instant hot and cold pack is the perfect choice for kids. The kid will stay indulged in the beads and forget about the pain. Such a pack is also easy to use and soft to the skin.


A few items like a spare dress that is important but do not gets covered under other lists are covered in this list. Items on this list are helpful for your kid.

49Resting Mat1
50Spare Dress1

49. Resting Mat

A kindergarten child naps or take a rest while in school. A resting mat is important for your child. A resting mat can also double up as a fun accessory for young kids while playing.

The resting mat comes in different colors and sizes. You can get one in your child’s favorite color in a size that is him. A child must have a beautiful and comfy mat in a colorful appearance.

A resting mat with a pillow and blanket must be chosen for young kids. The mat gets rolled for easy storage. The fabric is non-toxic and suitable for little kids.

50. Spare Dress

A Single dress cannot cater to the everyday need of a clean uniform. Kids tend to play in the dirt and can make the dress filthy. Also, it is possible that your child gets into trouble regarding his dress. Rain can happen or he can have color on his dress which is not easy to remove. A spare dress is important for this purpose.


We have added the Kindergarten Back To School Supplies checklist that you can download and print. check in the download section below to download the Kindergarten Supplies Checklist.




You can download these kindergarten school supplies checklist files, and print them at home or get it printed at the local copy shop. It is best to print out the image version, it’s more clear and easy to use. Also, we have added kindergarten supplies checklists in different formats. You can download any format separately, or you can download all formats at once as a zipped file.

A lot of research and effort has been put in to select all these products.  So that you can shop in the comfort of your home. You can also make the little ones sit with you and shop for their supplies. They would love to choose for themselves. This list is very carefully created keeping in mind all the requirements of a kindergartener.

We have done our best to include all the products that can possibly be in a kindergarten school supply list. If  we have missed anything please feel free to comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading and sharing, Happy preschooling!

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