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9 Best Pencil Grips | 5 Types Of Pencil Grips [Kids & Adults]

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We all know that the human development of our children is one of the most important things in our lives. When we decide to start a family and have children, we begin to live a parallel life just for them. All the things we do, we do it thinking about them and with the aim of forming them in the best possible way.

One of the most important aspects of their correct development is education. Education is one of the fundamental pillars for the development of the sustainable society. Kids receive it, not only in schools, but also in homes. And when you are a child, it is very important in what way and with what elements you face the beginning of classes. The beginning of classes is very important and all children must have the best school supplies to face it in the best possible way. That’s why it’s very important to have the best pencil grips.

Is it really necessary for children to have pencil grips?

There are many school supplies that children need to perform at their best. When you’re young, the best thing that can happen to you is to have lots of pencils in different colors and shapes. It is the best way to face the day to day and the obligations that the school imposes on us.

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Without a doubt, one of the most used supplies in any circumstance is the pencil. Perhaps, when you are older, you don’t give it the importance it really requires, but when you are a child, your first pencils are everything to you. Learning to hold a pencil the right way is one of the biggest challenges a child can face.

As parents, we must pay attention to all of our children’s needs. It may seem unnecessary, but having the best pencil grips is extremely important for the child. Having one greatly reduces the difficulty of holding the pencil and helps the child write faster and more effectively.

Many children have difficulty holding a pencil for the first time. That’s why having good pencil grips can make a big difference. In addition, pencil grips cannot only be used by younger children. There are many adults who, to this day, still use grips for their pencils.

What are the main advantages of having the best pencil grips?

The advantages of having one can be many. First and foremost, it allows the child to learn much faster, the right way to hold the pencil. This is a very difficult task when we are children. In addition, it allows children to improve the way they write and their handwriting skills. Correctly holding a pencil will allow a much clearer writing.

When children realize they can hold the pencil correctly and that it helps their writing, their desire to learn new things increases considerably. A good grip allows children to develop their joints more effectively.

It has been scientifically proven that when children turn 3 years old, they begin to develop the skills necessary to achieve a good grip of the pencil. It is at this moment that it is essential to have the best pencil grip. It will greatly favor the child and will allow faster development of his learning.

Types of Pencil Grips

  • Triangle Grip
  • Stetro Grip
  • Grotto Grip
  • Pencil Grip
  • Handiwriter Grip
  • Foam Grips


1. The Pencil Grip Original

This model of grip is one of the most recognized in the market and the most purchased by adults and children. It stands out for being able to be acquired, as much for those people who are left-handed as for those who are right-handed. The structure with which it is made, allows the child to greatly reduce the tiredness in the fingers when holding the pencil and writing.

It is made of a very soft and highly padded material. This protects children’s fingers and prevents further pain. The size is ideal for any age group and is highly recommended for the child’s development and learning process.


  • It offers great safety and comfort when using it.
  • It is composed mostly of latex material.


  • For very young children, it may be a little long and uncomfortable. Recommended from 3 or 4 years of age.

2. Writing Claw Pencil Grip

This type of triangle pencil grips already has greater benefits for those who use it. It is often used at a later age. It is very useful for children in Kindergarten stages. All its material is a rubber material that is stretched and adapted to the needs of each one.

It is a type of grip that is usually used with those children who have special needs. One of its most positive aspects is that it has different sizes depending on the ages.


  • It is a highly recommended product for those children who are in the learning stage.
  • Three types of sizes. From 3 to 5, from 6 to 12 and from 12 onwards.


  • It can be uncomfortable for some adults. Not recommended for adults.
  • At the time of use, the pencil can only be held in one way.

3. Firesara Pencil Grip

This brand of grip is one of the best known worldwide. Its main objective is to get children who use its grips, to develop pencil grip and writing, in approximately 4 weeks of use. In addition, they feature a wide variety of designs to meet the tastes of any child. When you learn, it’s very important to do it in a fun way and, using this grip, you’re sure to make it happen.

Their grips have a very long duration and most importantly, they are not toxic for children. Its rubber can be stretched to the ideal size for use. They are also easy to apply, remove and clean.


  • Ideal for developing the correct pencil grip.
  • They have many colors and very varied designs, both for boys and girls.
  • Their designs are suitable for any type of person. Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, you can count on one.


  • We have only found a negative aspect. The grip for those people who are left-handed. it is not the most conventional and appropriate. It is much more comfortable the grip of right-handed.

4. Left Handed Pencil Grips

This is another of the best-known grips on the market. Children love this type of grips because of the designs they present and the striking colors they are made with. They can also be purchased for both left-handed and right-handed people.

One aspect worth noting is that all the material in these grips is environmentally friendly. The company is aware of the care of the environment. They are not sold individually. They are sold in packs of 10 and can be combined in the way you like.


  • It is extremely comfortable for children and does not hurt the fingers.
  • It has two main sizes.
  • Captivating and exclusive designs.
  • Both Right-handed and left-handed pencil grips.


  • Unlike others, this grip cannot be stretched until the ideal position is found.

5. Pencil Grip TANBT

This type of grip focuses on those children who have great difficulty holding their pencil properly. In addition, it is widely used by older people seeking to further improve the way they write and hold their pencil. The objective of this grip is to achieve improvements within 20 to 40 days.

As a particularity, we can emphasize that it presents three types of designs. Each one is destined to a different stage of learning and development of the child. As they improve, they will modify and use another type of grip.


  • It greatly reduces the pain generated by holding the pencil incorrectly.
  • They can be used by people of any age. They are ideal for children and also for adults.


  • For some children, it may be a little uncomfortable. It will depend on how you place your fingers at the time of the hold.

6. Crossover Pencil Grip

This grip is ideal for proper learning, its designs are excellent and come in six different colors, which are very eye-catching for children. The most remarkable thing about this grip is that it has been designed by a professional who specializes in the educational development of the child. That’s why its structure does not allow the fingers to slide out of the grip of the pencil.

Despite its appearance, the grip is extremely soft, light and greatly reduces the pain that can be caused by the constant use of the pencil.


  • It is very useful for people who want to improve their writing.
  • It is not toxic. Therefore it does not present any type of danger for most children.
  • Its material gives softness and great comfort to everyone who uses it.


  • Like the others, it is a type of grip that cannot be stretched to adjust its positioning. Therefore, it can be somewhat uncomfortable for some people.

7. Firesara Original Breakthrough Pencil Grip

At first sight, this grip is very peculiar for its shape and design. This has its explanation in that the grip is a set of designs of other grips. Therefore, it considerably improves the advantages of the others and groups them into a single grip. At the same time, it reduces the disadvantages of different grips.

It is widely used by adults who have trembling writing or arthritis. In turn, they are often used by children with special needs. All you have to do is place your fingers in the holes and start writing. This will help keep the fingers where they belong and improve writing.


  • It improves finger posture and placement for younger children.
  • Extremely soft and pleasant for anyone.
  • Ideal for the first levels of learning.


  • One of the main flaws is that the quality is not of the highest level. Over time, they tend to erode easily.

8. Original Owl Pencil Grip

When we begin the path of learning, it is essential to do it with fun materials to be able to have a good time. This grip is made with a 3D design. The design is of an owl. Like other grips, this one has a series of holes in which the fingers must be placed.

It is one of the most popular grips on the market as it allows the child to enjoy the learning process and forget the pain that can cause the grip of the pencil.


  • It is composed entirely of a silicone material and is also environmentally friendly. This ensures that the environment will not be damaged.
  • This grip helps to improve and teach children how to write with a four-finger technique.
  • The owl’s 3D design allows children to concentrate on writing and perfect it more quickly.


  • It has the same drawback as many others. The positioning of the grip cannot be adjusted as it is not made of a rubber material.

9. Egg Shape Rubber Pencil Grip

It’s a much simpler grip model than the ones we’ve analyzed. The design is egg-shaped and thanks to its structure, we prevent children from hurting their fingers and getting blisters. It can be used in any type of pencil or writing material.


  • Being a grip that is used by children, it is very important that it can be placed and removed easily.
  • Its rubber material ensures great durability.
  • The design is the same but we can find it in several types of colors.


  • Its shape is not one of the most comfortable on the market. Some may find it uncomfortable.
  • It is a rather large grip for a simple pencil.


Many may consider that these types of elements are not necessary to develop our learning when we are children. We recommend that you get a pencil grip. It is very useful for those children who have difficulties in developing and improving their grip and writing.

We consider that a colorful and fun grip is an obligatory back to school supplies at the beginning of classes. Without a doubt, it will make the school day much more enjoyable and cheerful.

Whether you are kids in Preschool, Kindergarten, Middle School or High School, the School Shopping List website aims to help all students, teachers, and parents to find and buy best back to school supplies for both kids and adults. (check our other recent lists, Pink Erasers, Dry Erase Markers, Scotch Tapes, Glue Sticks, Colored Papers) Thanks for reading and sharing our post best pencil grips. for more visit our home page. Happy Schooling!

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