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10 Best Accordion Files And Folders [Organizer for School and Office]

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Storing documents and keeping them organized at the same time can be a very difficult task, especially when the number of files and papers is large. For these types of problems, the accordion file folder is a very practical, convenient and economical solution that you may have to consider.

What are the benefits of using the accordion file folder for document storage?

Some of the benefits that can be obtained with its use are the following:

  1. Storage possibilities are wide and the ranking that can be achieved with them is one of the main benefits.
  2. Allows order by weeks, months, years, colors, alphabetical order and any other type of reference that is appropriate, this will depend on each need.
  3. It helps keep the organization under control when you want to store documents or files for a long time, so when you want to locate a document and do not remember exactly where it was stored, the folder will allow easy location.
  4. Thanks to the materials with which they are manufactured, their quality and thickness are strong enough to withstand falls from different levels and keep documents safe.
  5. It saves time when consulting some information and when searching for documents.


1. Accordion folder with extra-thick cover and cord closure

Spectacular expandable file with 21 pockets to organize and protect all your papers and documents. Perfect for heavy work since it has covers with reinforced flaps that are constructed in such a way that they are resistant for intense and frequent use.

Additional characteristics:

  • The expandable file is incorporated with preprinted tabs from A to Z to help you archive and organize your documents and files alphabetically.
  • Includes a row of blank tabs so you can customize them according to your particular needs.
  • The flap-shaped closure and elastic cord to secure the file, ensure that papers and documents are well protected and secure while being transported or simply stored.
  • It has sides to expand which are growing as documents or papers are incorporated.
  • The upper edges are reinforced so they will always be intact even if the file is overloaded with documents.

2. Foldable accordion file with 12 pockets and customizable tabs

Accordion-style portable folder to store and transport numerous files in one place. The bottom of the folder is fully foldable to allow it to be placed freely and securely on any desk or flat horizontal surface.

Made of top-quality expandable polyethylene to offer a tear-proof, water-resistant binder and to provide peace of mind since your files will be safe and secure.

Additional characteristics:

  • 3 colors available: blue with black, purple with black and red with black.
  • It has 12 transparent pockets to add documents and papers at your convenience.
  • The expandability of each pocket is 7/8 inches to offer a large storage.
  • Each pocket has clear eyelashes and allows it to be customizable for convenience.
  • The protective cover of the folder comes with a protective cover that is secured with an elastic cord and closes with a button.
  • The size of the folder is 13 inches wide by 9 and ½ inches tall.
  • Perfect for filing on shelves, desk, and laptop.

3. Accordion folder type organizer with 24 storage pockets

Multipurpose organizer to protect your documents and save time when storing and searching. Your pockets allow you to add the personal identification you need to keep your documents, cards, coupons, and any other files you want well organized.

Additional characteristics:

  • 6 different presentations of various storage capacities.
  • The folder cover is black and the expansion is multicolored.
  • It has 2 handles and its pockets are deep to provide convenient transportation and additional security.
  • It is capable of storing up to 3000 sheets thanks to its 24 individual pockets.
  • Each pocket has tabs with labels for easy identification and can be expanded up to 27 inches.
  • Supports documents and files of all sizes, from letter to A4.
  • Made of organic plastic to contribute to the environment.
  • The package includes the expandable folder with 24 pockets, 1 elastic band and 1 set of colored labels.
  • Made with durable polyester material to provide performance and tear and water resistance. It does not contain PVC or acids.

4. A4 size rainbow portable filling box

Fabulous design that will save you enough space while storing your files in the most convenient way that can exist thanks to its 12 large capacity pockets. You can save from letters, photos, cards, magazines, documents, extracts and any other in an orderly manner.

Additional characteristics:

  • Its practical and modern style and rainbow design makes it an eye-catching and suitable item for everyone, it is used for school, office and home use.
  • Its cover has a unique design that makes the folder distinctive from the other options, the labels for insertion will help you to classify your files efficiently and effectively.
  • Made with strong non-radioactive or toxic PP material, which makes it ecological, durable, resistant and guarantees that your papers and documents will remain intact.
  • Includes handles on each side to offer an easy grip.
  • The package comes with the 12-pocket file folder and a set of labels from A to Z.
  • 7 options available to select and choose according to particular needs.

5. Portable accordion folders with 13-pocket handle

Its elegant presentation is a spectacular innovative multicolored design that will allow you to manage and archive all your documents in the most orderly way you can imagine. Its portable style makes it suitable for multiple uses and so that its transport can be done without any problem.

Additional characteristics:

  • 4 options available: a 13-pocket hand folder (with handle), 13-pocket mini folder, a 13-pocket folder with button closure and a 24-pocket hand folder (with handles).
  • You can archive documents of different sizes, from letter to A4.
  • The portable drop-down folder comes with tags for easy access.
  • Colored labels allow sorting and keeping documents sorted and identified.
  • The 13 pockets come with an index listed from 1 to 24.
  • Thanks to its lid and portable style, it can be taken anywhere.
  • Made of high-quality plastic, non-toxic and waterproof.

6. Durable expandable accordion file with zip closure and 13 storage pockets

Ideal for school use, in the office, in the car, at home and even for travel. This wonderful option of expandable folder with closure will allow you to easily organize by keeping your office work, your school documents and any other files you need to protect stored.

Additional characteristics:

  • Made of polyvinyl material that guarantees a tough and high durability folder.
  • Its construction is PVC free.
  • The folder cover is 3 layers.
  • Its structure is tear-resistant and waterproof.
  • Mesh pockets are capable of storing all the stationery supplies you can imagine, the folder can be expanded and stored up to 600 documents.
  • Includes a large mesh pocket that allows you to store a laptop with a screen size of up to 13 inches.
  • It has 3 small mesh pockets to protect smaller school and office accessories such as calculator, pencils, markers, phones, among others.
  • Includes 48 practical decals to help you identify your documents: 12 multicolored monthly decals, 12 multicolored decals to identify, 12 multicolored decals with numbering, and 12 white decals to identify.

7. Expandable filing cabinet to store documents with floral motif

Subtle impression of flowers with different colors to choose from, their colors are bright which provide an elegant and full of personality finish for all those girls who want to carry their documents and organized papers and keep them in perfect condition.

Its design includes 5 pockets to distribute the documents in the most convenient way you want. Each pocket has enough space to protect a large number of papers, records, and any other important files.

Additional characteristics:

  • 4 models available: flowers with a blue background, flowers with a green background, flowers with a pink background and flowers with a yellow background.
  • Thanks to the dimensions of the folder, documents of different sizes can be stored, from A4 to letter size.
  • Made of polyvinyl material that allows it to be durable, water-resistant and difficult to tear.
  • Thanks to its resistance, it offers peace of mind and security since all the documents to be stored will be completely safe for as long as necessary.
  • Its structure is free of PVC and acids.
  • The folder for expandable files is practical as it provides a very useful and consistent space to keep important documents while keeping them in order.
  • Once the folder has been expanded, it can hold a maximum of 150 to 200 pages.

8. Expandable accordion file with cover for storing and organizing files

Forget your messy files, with this expandable folder you can protect all your documents in one place practically and safely.

It is perfect for business, for documents and schoolwork, for important office information and for old valuable documents that need to be stored and kept in good condition.

Additional characteristics:

  • It has 24 individual compartments so you can distribute and classify the different roles.
  • Made with non-radioactive and non-toxic polypropylene material.
  • It has a multifunction handle to make it easy and convenient to transport anywhere.
  • You can store large documents up to A4 size and smaller documents such as letter sizes, photos, brochures, newsletters, invoices, among others.
  • The total capacity of the folder once expanded is 3000 sheets of paper.
  • The expandable file folder with cover comes with multiple color labels to help identify compartments.

9. Folding storage cabinet with sliding cover

Versatile and modern option to keep your documents organized. The non-slip cover that is part of the structure of the organizer keeps the flap free of the area to access documents and files quickly and conveniently.

Additional characteristics:

  • The expandable folder is embossed black and the pockets are transparent to view stored documents.
  • The drop-down design at the bottom of the folder allows you to increase its capacity and keep it fixed and stable on any desk.
  • The folder includes self-adhesive labels in white to be able to customize them and keep the compartments identified according to your convenience.
  • The inside of the folder consists of 13 pockets to keep the files divided by section.
  • It has an elastic closure for comfort.
  • Its construction is resistant to shocks, breakage, wear, and moisture so the documents will be well protected.
  • The folder comes with the following dimensions: 1 inch x 9 inches x 13 inches.

10. Accordion file type organizer folder with multiple layers.

The decorative type design that comes with the folder inspired by the colors of the rainbow allows you to archive and organize the documents in a summary way by dates, name or as it is more convenient according to your needs.

Additional characteristics:

  • The folder comes in black and the 24 pockets are multicolored.
  • 45 inches long x 13.38 inches wide x expansion at convenience.
  • Letter size, A4 size, and smaller documents can be stored.
  • Made with 700D polyester material and ultra-resistant polypropylene, shock, and deformation-resistant.
  • Its construction is resistant and ecological, which offers a safe product for the environment.
  • Its structure is ergonomic to be easy to handle and take anywhere.
  • Grids come with the letters of the alphabet to help sort documents.

To learn a little about the terminology and types of file folders, it is advisable to review the following article:

Frequent questions:

1. What aspects should be considered when selecting accordion files and folders?

The main thing to consider is the number of documents that you want to store and organize because depending on this you can select few or many pockets per folder.

It is also important to consider whether you want to transport the documents or keep them stored in an office since there are portable options that are very comfortable for transport and other options to keep them fixed on a surface.

2. Is the size of the accordion files and folders important?

Yes, this depends on the size of the sheets of paper to be stored. Some folders come in A4 size to store documents of that size and smaller; On the other hand, some options come only in letter size and are limited to storing documents of that size only.

Quick Video on Accordion Folders

To keep the documents organized

Accordion file folder is an indispensable tool for students, teachers, accountants, administrators and all those who work with numerous documents. Its use will bring greater control and protection to all your roles and better organization in your work.

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