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12 Best Lunch Box For Middle School Kids [Grade 6-8]

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Students in grades 6 through 8 are no longer children and begin to become teenagers with totally different tastes and preferences than when they were younger. The school lunch box that they usually choose for their return to classes are more focused on their favorite colors and a little more focused on their usefulness.

In which activities do middle school students require the use of the school lunch box?

Middle school students are very active and dynamic and for reasons of time and practicality need to store and transport their meals, lunches, snacks, and drinks from one place to another throughout the day. Here are some of the main activities in which they need it:

  • On their school day, be it half shift or full shift.
  • Upon leaving school and attending their extracurricular tasks.
  • At the end of their school day to go to study with classmates to another specific place.
  • On a day of camping or walking.


1. Classic frozen lunch box

Created with an innovative cooling system, it includes a freezing gel located on the walls of the cooling lunch box so you don’t have to consider spending money on gel packs or ice packs to keep the food cold.

You can freeze the lunch box overnight (approximately 12 hours) and later you will notice that the walls of the lunch box will be completely frozen and ready to keep the food fresh like fruits, vegetables, cheeses, drinks and any other. Perfect for those people who must maintain strict diets.

 Additional characteristics:

  • The product comes with the following approximate dimensions: 10 x 4.2 x 8.2 inches.
  • The product weighs approximately 1.55 pounds.
  • Variety of reasons to choose: black, traditional camouflage, blue camouflage, chambray dot, carbon camouflage, desert oasis, festive gem, wobbly stripes, poison, pink unicorn, astronaut, paper triangles, gray stripes, and dark blue buffalo.
  • Made with non-toxic polyester canvas and with PVC, BPA, phthalate, formaldehyde and lead-free materials.

2. Perfect size insulated lunch boxes

The ecological approach that provides security and confidence at your children’s lunchtime. Save money with this beautiful reusable option. It offers varied fascinating impressions with a fun and bold look so that the children attend at ease in their return to classes and lunchtime is a magical and pleasant moment for them.

Its insulation ensures that food and meals maintain their ideal temperature offering quality, flavor, and freshness when consumed. Its manufacturing material is of high quality which offers a high-quality product, durable, easy to clean and perform maintenance to ensure proper hygiene all the time.

Additional characteristics:

  • Big dots aqua, big fish, blue camouflage, dinosaurs, digital camouflage, dinosaur land, game on, gray tweed, green camouflage, heroes, monsters, robots, sharks, surf hut, wild animals, under construction, out of this world, trains, trucks, and airplanes, are the reasons to choose.
  • Ecological option thanks to BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free materials.
  • The approximate measurements of the product are 7 x 3.2 x 9.8 inches.
  • The product weighs approximately 6.4 ounces.

3. Small hooked lunch boxes

Practical portable lunch box to carry in your hand and to hook in any place thanks to its strong buckle fastens clips that allow you to grab bags, backpacks, strollers or any other convenient place. It has a soft PEVA lining with thick foam to help keep the temperature inside it cold or hot.

Its size is perfect because it is small but enough to properly organize the food that you want to transport and store. It has a main compartment that includes a mesh bag with hook-shaped closure, an external pocket with front zip and an easily accessible back pocket.

Additional characteristics:

  • The approximate measurements of the package are 10.2 x 7.5 x 4.3 inches.
  • The product weighs approximately 0.55 pounds.
  • They can be easily and conveniently hooked in the backpack or anywhere else.
  • Its internal seams are welded which prevents possible leaks of the flexible lining.
  • Available colors: armed green, gray, green, black, pink and orange.

4. Waterproof thermal lunch boxes

You can rely on this lunch box because it is resistant to dirt and water thanks to its waterproof material that makes it reusable, durable and easy to clean. Its nylon handles and Oxford fabric are interwoven by dense and strong seams that ensure an extremely durable lunch box and excellent quality.

Its function is to preserve the temperature of food while it is stored and transported from one place to another. Its main compartment offers enough space to protect the necessary food, it includes an inner mesh pocket, a quick-access front pocket, a back pocket for additional accessories and a side pocket with water or drink bottle mesh.

Additional characteristics:

  • The package measures are 10.6 x 8.1 x 4.3 inches approximately.
  • The product weighs approximately 9.6 ounces.
  • Made with oxford fabric on the outside, non-toxic.

5. Thermal insulated lunch bag

Design without zippers, its closure is with adjustable lock, it has a wide opening in its main compartment for easy handling. The compartment for storing meals is quite spacious so you can organize your food safely quickly and easily.

It can contain fruits, snacks, juice boxes and good-sized containers without any problem. It has an outer pocket to place the phone, wallet or any other device or accessory for which you need to have quick access.

Additional characteristics:

  • The product measures approximately 9 x 6 x 14 inches.
  • Its weight is approximately 12.8 ounces.
  • 4 colors available to choose from: navy blue, gray, black and pink-brown.
  • Includes an adjustable shoulder strap for outdoor wear and comfort.

6. Mini fridge school lunch box

Its isolation helps considerably to retain the hot or cold temperatures of food throughout the day and thus maintain healthy food with the desired flavor and freshness. Its compact and lightweight design can house containers with good-sized food, snacks, and juice boxes.

It includes a pocket on the front to store a snack or dessert and at the bottom, it has a mesh bag. Its construction based on top quality fabric makes the lunch box a durable and easy to perform maintenance product so that it remains clean and with the hygiene conditions necessary to store and transport food and meals at any time and place.

Additional characteristics:

  • The product has the following approximate dimensions: 10.6 x 7.7 x 4.3 inches.
  • Made of 600D polyester, PEVA lining and free of PVC, BPA, and Phthalate.
  • Weighs approximately 5.6 ounces.
  • Reasons to select: black, square blue camouflage, silver, metallic pink, gray with red, rectangular blue camouflage, blue unicorn, cars, red, stars with blue background, square butterfly cartoon, rectangular butterfly cartoon, digital camouflage, dolphin, gray lattice, red lattice, sharks, mermaids, outer space, color alphabet, small hearts, purple unicorn, airplanes.

7. Expandable sports lunch bag

The expandable lunch bag is versatile and functional as you are looking for it, for children, it is easy to open, close and manipulate thanks to the zipper straps that have 2 easy-to-grab tracks. It includes an option to identify the school lunch bag with the child’s name on the back which will allow it to be easily located from the others.

Its interior is thermal which will allow to preserve food and meals at an ideal temperature, it has a 100% leak-proof coating, it makes it possible to protect ice, water, drinks or food to cool or heat without problems thanks to its thermally padded insulation high density.

Additional characteristics:

  • The approximate dimensions of the package are 12.3 x 8.9 x 1.9 inches.
  • Its weight is approximately 12 ounces.
  • 4 different designs to select: baseball with blue, basketball with yellow and orange, football with green and football with green.
  • Made with honeycomb polyester, certified PVC, Phthalate, Lead, and BPA free.
  • It has an adjustable shoulder strap.

8. Lunch boxes for students

This lunch box guarantees your food in perfect condition thanks to its insulation and padding with high-end 5 mm PE foam and high-quality aluminum foil, which will allow the food to remain cold, hot and fresh. The materials used for its construction guarantee a highly resistant and durable product.

Its structure consists of a main zippered compartment with enough space to store and organize your food, snacks and drinks and a zippered pocket on the front with insulation also for storing accessories such as keys, headphones, telephone or any other item.

Additional characteristics:

  • 4 different designs: black, purple, pink and starry.
  • The lunch box measures are approximately 8.5 x 6 x 7.5 inches.
  • Its weight is approximately 6.4 ounces.
  • Made with 600D polyester material and pearl cotton.
  • Includes adjustable shoulder strap if required.

9. Double floor lunch box

Double floor in the same lunch box which means double storage capacity, the lunch box has two completely separate sections to store different foods; for example, you can store cold foods in one section while in the other section you use it for hot foods.

The lid has a double zipper, the lunch box has enough space for fruits, thermos, bags of chips, snacks, cookies, water bottles, and any other beverage. It can be carefully washed by hand with mild soap and water, then let it dry outdoors, do not use a dryer.

Additional characteristics:

  • Various colors to choose from: blue, dark gray, dark red, pink, pink with flowers and purple.
  • The lunch box has the following approximate dimensions: 9.1 x 7.1 x 7.5 inches.
  • 8 ounces is the approximate weight of the item.
  • Made with durable fabric and eco-friendly PEVA lining, which makes it durable and water-resistant.
  • It has a top handle to grip it with the hand and a shoulder strap.

10. Insulated lunch bag

It has a large main compartment capable of holding any container of food, fruits, vegetables, juice boxes, soda cans, water bottles and any other food that you want to keep. You can keep meals and snacks at the desired temperature for up to 4 hours thanks to its leak-proof thermal insulation.

Its design is completely ergonomic, it has an upper handle for easy, practical and safe transport by hand, additionally, it includes an adjustable strap to carry the lunch bag by the shoulder to offer greater comfort. Its soft-grip handle and all reinforced seams of the lunch bag guarantee a product of high durability and comfort.

Additional characteristics:

  • Blue, gray, green and pink are the 4 colors available.
  • The following are approximate package dimensions: 11 x 7.9 x 4.5 inches.
  • Made with the washable cloth that can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • It has an approximate weight of 12 ounces.

11. Storage cooler

Its design offers a two-way zip for easy use and handling. It has a 3-layer insulation material that makes it scratch resistant. Its softness and shock resistance is due to the 5 mm thick pearl cotton that it has in the middle of the body.

The ability to maintain adequate temperatures and fresh food for approximately 6 hours is due to the aluminum film it possesses to ensure adequate thermal insulation inside the lunch box.

Additional characteristics:

  • The following are approximate dimensions of the lunch box: 24 x 14 x 17 centimeters.
  • Made with Oxford cloth.

12. Double layer portable lunch bag

Its main function is to isolate food, lunch and any type of food to protect, protect and transport them guaranteeing their ideal temperature until the moment of consumption. It can also be used as a mobile refrigerator for drinks, juices, dairy products, fruits, medicines, vaccines, among others.

Additional characteristics:

  • 4 colors available: red, pink, orange and blue.
  • The capacity of up to 7 cans of 330 ml each.
  • Made with canvas material.
  • Do not machine wash, squeeze or tumble dry, just clean with a damp towel 6 and let dry in the open air.

If you want to know some healthy ideas to prepare your lunch boxes you can check: Visit

Frequent questions:

1. Do middle school students often skip the use of the school lunch box?

Very little, the majority always contemplate acquiring one in every return to classes since there are relatively economic options.

2. The larger the size of the lunch box, will it be better?

Not necessarily, what they want is a comfort when carrying and adequate storage capacity at the same time, the lunch box will not be the only item that the student will carry so the most correct thing is to select an optimal size that suits the needs of each one.


To select the best

Many options exist and at considerable prices, so middle school students do not have excuses to choose the right school lunch box for their new school year. The correct thing is to acquire all the necessary articles and supplies so that your return to classes is perfect.


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